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Yvette Grimes
The International Landscape Photographer of the Year winners will leave you breathless… via @TheWorldPost
Taylor Swift sings "Smelly Cat" with Lisa Kudrow at her LA show and it's glorious… via @HuffPostEnt
These roads in the U.K. could recharge your electric car as you drive (via @CityLab)… via @HuffPostBiz
Interesting theory. This new #GameOfThrones theory changes everything… via @HuffPostEnt
How Alison Parker & Adam Ward should be remembered instead of the horrific video [via New York Daily News]
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Tudor window found at Elsyng Palace
Cat paw prints found on Roman roof tiles
Royal Canadian Mint's new $20 coin has northern lights, raven - Yahoo News Canada… via @YahooCanadaNews
A more specialized option: Police look to bear arms with less-lethal weapons #less-lethal #weapons.
Amy Schumer Sent a Horrifying (Glorious?) Prank Sext From Katie Couric’s Phone… via @vulture
The strange saga of George Washington’s bedpan via @SmithsonianMag
Bad Lip Reading takes on the first Republican debate and it may be the best thing ever
Donald Trump has jury duty tomorrow. Well, that's one angry man - now they just need 11 more.
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John Oliver opens a can of whoop-ass on ‘prosperity gospel’ Christian TV preachers — and it’s beautiful…
What the "ideal" woman's body looks like in 18 countries… via @HuffPostWomen
Donald Trump talks like a 4th grader: linguistic analysis…
These Uncanny Valley robots will really creep you out (Wired UK)…
Incredible time-lapse storm footage shows the power of a wet microburst… via @HuffPostScience
Millions of "shade balls" protect LA's water during drought… via @HuffPostScience
This Guy Got Photobombed by the International Space Station
WATCH: Activity of entire central nervous system captured on film for first time…
These 8 skeletons in Donald Trump's closet reveal a life-long dedication to being the biggest jerk possible…
You won't see Hillary Clinton in the same light ever again… via @dailykos
Their Boat Was Sinking Quickly, But Then This Little Girl Did Something That Will Blow Your Mind… via @BoredomTherapy
Health officials warn that you could die playing GOP debate drinking games: 'It's just a formula for disaster'…
Let's play Republican Debate Bingo. Downloadable card.…
Hillary Clinton paid $57.5 million in taxes in 8 years. She wants rich people to pay more.… via @voxdotcom
‘Cyborg’ offers to drop to 140 pounds to fight Ronda Rousey
Google Doodle today celebrates the first installed traffic light, August 5, 1914.
6 things to say to conservatives buying the anti-Planned Parent Hood lies.
Here’s How the Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works via @business
Watch Elizabeth Warren's Senate speech in defense of Planned Parenthood via @TIMEPolitics
Lady Bug & Princess Leia meet Moo the barn cat via @YouTube
Beloved hitchhiking robot that traveled through Canada destroyed by ‘a**hole’ Philadelphia vandals…
Bra business: Hong Kong protests after arrest for 'breast assault' via @YahooNewsDigest.
The 20 funniest tweets from women this week… via @HuffPostWomen
I'm seriously starting to think Donald Trump is involved in some sort of dare.
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Aerial photographer travels globe shooting landscapes and seascapes | via @Telegraph…
Hackers turn pro-Confederate Facebook group into celebration of Obama, Islam and LGBT rights…
Understanding How and Why Cats Communicate In the Manner In Which They Do:… via @LaughingSquid
Part Two of ‘Distroy’, A Series of Creepy Graphite Drawings Portraying Popular Cartoon Characters
Here's Our Tally of Donald Trump's Wealth via @bpolitics
Inside the manipulative world of film color correction… by @aisneed via @FastCoDesign
The Addams Family's Living Room Was ... PINK!?…
Planned Parenthood hoax shows why it’s important not to let right wingers neg journalists…

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