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Guantanamo defense lawyer resigns, says U.S. case is 'stacked'
Android security mystery – ‘fake’ cellphone towers found in U.S.
Former Pharr police officer indicted on child sexual assault… #StateViolence via @ChiefElk
#China: Village anti-Corruption protest in Cixi Zhejiang yesterday. A Grandma was beaten by the cops | via @leungfaye
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ICYMI @DenverPolice slammed Buddhist Nun 2 the ground during the #DayofRage protest #OpFerguson #Ferguson
No media covering #HongKong's uprising and the fearless protesters taking to the streets? Don't make us tango. - #Anonymous.
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Protesters in Chicago march for killing of Roshad McIntosh by @Chicago_Police via @alexwroblewski #JusticeForRoshad
4chan spawns an open source, encrypted Skype alternative, but can you trust it?
Full chatlogs between Sabu & Hyrriiya: via @dellcam
Pirate Bay founder Anakata set for trial in Denmark after rendition by Sweden from Cambodia…|sva…
Reminder: ex-cops start bodycam company, profit greatly off of bodycam "solution" to cop violence h/t @OLAASM
Since 6pm (CST) yesterday US police have shot and killed at least three people (Reno, Texas, Oklahoma). See previous 3 tweets. #FTP
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Muscogee (Creek) Nation Light Horse officer shot a man dead who was driving the wrong way on I-40… via @occbaystreet
Claude, TX: A police officer shot and killed an arrestee during booking last night… via @occbaystreet
Reno Police shot and killed an allegedly armed robbery suspect in front of a casino last night…
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How to use your Android phone privately & anonymously:… (well, at least to the extent possible given Google's fuckery)
UK police serve Bytemark with production order for Bristol Indymedia information…
Google's Play store gives privacy app the boot (for the second time in two years) #FuckGoogle…
Anonymous declares cyberwar on Pakistan over protester deaths
.@jdakwar Después de Ferguson, la ONU le pide a Estados Unidos que Tome Medidas en Cuestión de Discriminación Racial
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Video from saturday's protest about @DenverPolice murder of Ryan Ronquillo (at a funeral) /solidarity with #Ferguson
Several dozen people gathered at start of #JusticeForRoshad march. March to police station to begin shortly. #Roshad
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Report from #Roshad's community: a boy was run over / beat up by #CPD, left for dead in an alley on Saturday. His mother will speak today.
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Gentle reminder that Jeremy has been short on funds. PLEASE don't just RT, donate! Even $5 will help:… #FreeJeremy
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Darren Wilson's backers still haven't answered some basic accountability questions about the $433,000 they've raised:…
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.@JuiceRapNews does it again. MSMBS World News Headlies: ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine and more...…
#Ferguson "separating people of color from a spirit of revolutionary community-building and anticapitalist politics."…
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Here's another picture of protesters on I 270,stopping traffic in protest #ferguson #MichaelBrown via @JimDalrympleII
Protesters in #Ferguson are now blocking the highway!!! - #activistworldnewsnow live on via @UnToldCarlisle
As in, what if we put body cameras on every police officer, and then departments link those cameras up to facial-recognition technology?
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Has anyone explored the implications of police bodycams in light of the fact that we've spent the past year scrutinizing other surveillance?
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Israel's military preventing palestinian fishermen from fishing, surely this is a form of stealth pesc-jihad…
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Google has too much power, and it doesn't want you to have privacy apps for your Android phones.
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"No Mo #Cuomo" music video made by students against "Governor 1%" @NYGovCuomo…
Anarchists Against The Wall! - solidarity with Palestine in Cardiff yesterday at NATO fence. @WalesAnarchists
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March for Mike Brown #Ferguson in Portland Live Now - #activistworldnewsnow live on via @UnToldCarlisle
Organizers say today's planned protest involving halting highway traffic has been postponed at the request of the Brown family. #Ferguson
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Israel seizes most West Bank land in 30 years to build Jewish-only settlements
Breaking: Multiple Tweeps from #Islamabad reporting that govt ordered another attack at protesters at 3am tonight
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1000s of protesters filing in for #NATO summit in the Welsh city of Newport… via @PopResistance
Our latest episode is here! RAP NEWS 27: MSMBS World News HEADLIES: feat. #ISIS, #Gaza, #Ukraine, and more...…
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