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Obama's latest drone attack manages to only kill 3 innocent people
Excerpt re: The #LudlowMassacre taken from Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States":
For those of you too stoned to read, here's a short video explaining the #LudlowMassacre (happened 100yrs ago today)…
#LudlowMassacre: 100 years ago today, men women & children were killed by the US gov't for demanding workers' rights…
"Smoke weed every day" - Jesus Christ
History, motherfucker, do you speak it?
1st @nytimes article about Ludlow Massacre began “Somebody blundered…” then called for more troops to repress workers
Worth noting that after the Ludlow Massacre 100 years ago, @nytimes was calling for more gov't violence against union
@itjustaintez @YourAnonNews. I believe Monsanto recently purchased Blackwater.
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@YourAnonNews For the last 30 years people have been brainwashed into thinking unions are bad. Now look at the mess we're in.
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@YourAnonNews @vanbadham AND 4 May 1970 Kent State University Ohio US National Guard killed 4 students & wounded 9 others, one paralysed
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@YourAnonNews now instead corporations have their own private armies.
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Enjoying your weekend? Thank unions! 100 yrs ago #Ludlow Massacre happened, where govt killed striking miners & their families @YourAnonNews
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Today is a very important day in US labor history. Did you learn about the Ludlow Massacre in school? Probably not...
@YourAnonNews a majority of those killed were women and children in the mining camp unawares of the danger.
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"At dusk, the Guard moved down from the hills with torches, set fire to the tents, and the families fled into the hills..."
100yrs ago, National Guard (paid by the Rockefellers) gunned down men, women & children to protect mining interests
Today marks 100 yrs since Colorado's Ludlow massacre, when the National Guard killed striking miners & their families
.@GM waited years to recall ~335,000 Saturn Ions for power steering failures despite thousands of consumer complaints
LAPD kept surveillance system secret from public #poltwt
Very excited that I'll be doing one of my first events for "No Place to Hide" with Noam Chomsky, May 15, in Boston…
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Arkansas ex-cop killed while trying to set anti-corruption blogger’s hot dog cart on fire #poltwt