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Pee-Wee OG Jr.
@TrillC0sby_ @Scrobey23 @TyCraneGotEm @Ronnie2K @DavidsonRozo nigga it's almost 2015 & you still on the PS3? bruhh
Our Generation Gone Have A Lot Of Single Mothafuckas 😂😂
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& if i smoke this blunt girl im gon forget you
American Horror Stories
Fuck @NBA2K @Ronnie2K @2K we goin back to @NBALIVE_15 @EASPORTSNBA bitches yall fucking up big time!!!!
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Bloods & Crips can unite, but I still don't get a text back.
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.@USATODAY scores #NBA2K15 a 9/10 saying, “NBA 2K15 is a meaningful step forward for the franchise."…
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@2KSupport I digitally pre-ordered & downloaded 2k but my bonus isn't working.
I love to laugh and make people laugh! I think I'm funny! Laughing makes everything feel better. It's good for your heart!!
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I wanna watch Dracula
Lyrical rap cool n all but when I'm at a party I know females not twerking to no damn immortal technique nigga, put on some Travis Porter.
My haircut only about $15 and you talking about 300 dollar weave. Go sit in the chair and get a lineup
A nigga got an Amber Alert the other day & just continued playing 2k.
Ppl be sayin "so & so downgraded from their ex" like the relationship is all about looks. If they're happier now then they actually upgraded
It'll take me 20 haircuts to get to the price of ya 300 dollar weave but by the time I get to 20, I'm sure you'll be on ya 10th weave smh
hoes can take a dick but not a compliment
@Themontana_ We are filming Iggy Azalea's new video and they picked u you to be in it. Go here @CastingYouNow
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But them titties look 18 so they 18 to me idc RT "@MiraIIas: Both of these girls are 13...
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Dark skin girls who wear red lipstick be looking like a xbox 360 that has the ring of death.
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Let a black girl get a hold of them and it's over.
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Macklemore & Iggy Azalea are trash
Just about anything is a relationship goal
I gotta be there when North West asks her mom who Ray J is
LMAOOOO RT "@DFkinLopes: Your shoe size 18 too? RT "@nicolesimonee: An 18 year old bad bitch, get on my level 😎😌💃✌”
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Brownskin, Lightskin, Darkskin ,Yellow bone, man all you bitches is BLACK!
Niggas wake up and tweet "Man good morning yall its time to grind and get this money" Then get ready for the morning shift at McDonald's.
Niggas swear they rap but then you ask them to freestyle and they talking about "Bro my throat sore I got u next week"
Females say they like smart guys but then they date that one nigga in ya class who failed a open book test
If a nigga say "I'm about to pull up" you might as well put a movie on cause he gon be "pulling up" for about an hour.
Sunday twitter boring bc everybody either in church or sad bc they team lost
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I can turn down some good pussy any day, when I have a great woman everyday ....
So many scary films I wanna see but I'm too scared 😂😫
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@nathaliebalfe people be ignorant af nowadays smh
If they not yours get out of your feelings.
@Tiny_Danca_Chik if you think you that funny make a nigga laugh then..
@WolfgangHunter what you mean "tf"? lol you heard me
If you was born after 96 You a fuck nigga..