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Lewis Brindley
Also new on team double dragon i help Sips get an item in world of warcraft…
Just finished editing tonight's double dragon video in which Sips quests for a new off-hand weapon - thumbnail suggestions pls
Some info about the Double Dragon Free Donut Promotion…
so @Sips_ made a channel trailer and i edited up a shortish wow video we recorded today, it's us killing the headless horseman thumbnail plz
so it turns out dragon shirts aren't as cool as I thought…
i thought i once knew a guy who wore these long sleeved button up shirts with dragons embroidered on them, but apparently i imagined it… yeah it was shorter than i thought but here you go
i also updated the channel art thanks for the help everyone
I done the new video, will get the last bit done tomorrow…
It's the Blasted Lands pre-quests can someone make a thumbnail, also accepting more fanart to improve the banner/icon use #doubledragon
I'm in the office at the weekend quickly gluing together tonights video
Build micro-adventures for this awesome modpack and there's a good chance we'll play it :)…
@Sips_ So I hear you wanted a channel icon for that channel with @YogscastLewis so here u go ya big babby
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i'm launching a new youtube channel and also playing dota2 on pyrions stream
@lomadia why did you have to show him the retweet feature?!
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@YogscastLewis and like the avatar? I dunno I'm throwing ideas about now, and not actually finalizing them.
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@YogscastLewis Description: 'Game videos from a guy who has a dirt fetish and a guy who cant use twitter' #Doubledragon
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@YogscastLewis #doubledragon CHANNEL DESCRIP': A fantastic guy and a man who likes gin team together to add a little dragon into your world.
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Okay I'm back lets look at this stuff you've made tweet me and include #doubledragon i'll retweet good stuff and get this video sorted
i also need a thumbnail for me and sips doing UBRS in wow and a description for the channel
I will get some food while this terrible wow video renders and then put some of your art up
i was just watching this back and I can't believe how hilariously bad simon is with a ps4 controller…
me and sips played some wow on wednesday so i'll glue it together tonight and put it out if i can
ok who wants to help me make my new youtube channel with sips? i made this but i need channel art and a channel icon
Hannah just logged into the new wow patch to her druid flying above stormwind, but since they removed flight form she just fell to her death
I made a post about creating new channels…
team double dragon it is then
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Sips really likes YOGSCAST Gameboys but i'm not convinced
coming soon 50 new channels with every combination of yogscast members
if sips and me were to make a channel can you come up with a better name than "sips and lewis"
There's a new patch for wow today, turps left this on my desk and now I'm waiting like a kid on Christmas morning.