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Lewis Brindley
Hannah just logged into the new wow patch to her druid flying above stormwind, but since they removed flight form she just fell to her death
I made a post about creating new channels…
team double dragon it is then
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Sips really likes YOGSCAST Gameboys but i'm not convinced
coming soon 50 new channels with every combination of yogscast members
if sips and me were to make a channel can you come up with a better name than "sips and lewis"
There's a new patch for wow today, turps left this on my desk and now I'm waiting like a kid on Christmas morning.
describe @twirlyswirly and I in two words. You know, like Flux Buddies or Cheat Police. All I got is 'Noob Wizards'.
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Btw that wasn't a poop it's a torch I fixed it with superglue, huge thanks to Emma Thompson for making these :)
Thinking about making a new channel to post extra stuff like hole diggers extra or random stuff with @Sips_, what should i call it?
Some lovely models of Simon holding a pig and me holding a poop
Decided to have a short break from Hole Diggers, should be one more after tonight's episode then new things!…
We made a new channel where we're going to put kid-friendly stuff. Minecraft sponsored the launch!
Duncan: 'it's raining but I can't put my hood up because I look ridiculous'
Duncan actually wears this hat when recording pixelmon
@YogscastLewis can I send my birthday back? I lost the receipt.
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hey @lomadia I realise it's not really the right time but in case i forget later I think you should see this…
@Sips_ @YogscastLewis That ride was so slow I saw a kid throw his ice cream at the Disney staff when he got off.
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So @Sips_ went to Disney and got whiplash from one of the rides. I thought it was some epic ride but apparently it was Goofys Flight School
Gyrocopter pilot Turps wearing his new steampunk sleeping goggles
He managed to make a Robit out of it but has no idea if this was the original plan
Duncan bought custom Lego 2 weeks ago when drunk and has absolutely no idea what it's supposed to be
Tune in for another evening of losing at dota!
I added some of our favourite games to a Steam curator list! Check it out:
Heading to i52 this weekend! Hope to see you all there! Post your questions for the Q&As here:…
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Stream has been live for only one game, and already raised over £600!
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Live TTT for the next hour or so!
Sneak preview of @lomadia and myself playing PT. I've got a good feeling about this one.
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Can you help me make episodes of YogLabs? Apply for YogJobs:… or e-mail
Here's a copy of my latest e-mail to Yogventures backers!…
Duncan's trying his hand at origami although there's still some way to go
Turps made a statement about what YogDiscovery is and how it is good for everyone!…
Sips talks about what he does every day and answers a question seriously for like the first time ever:…
Just a normal morning e-mail here at YogTowers, although it is a lot noisier out there than usual. #yogscastseagull
Duncan is getting set for his yearly trip to Glastonbury, lets hope the weather holds out for him! <3 @YogscastLalna
A few packs of Yogscast playing cards with custom art from @Teutronz are still available here:…
This video is not as exciting as the title might suggest.
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