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Lewis Brindley
Heading to i52 this weekend! Hope to see you all there! Post your questions for the Q&As here:…
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Stream has been live for only one game, and already raised over £600!
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Live TTT for the next hour or so!
Sneak preview of @lomadia and myself playing PT. I've got a good feeling about this one.
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Can you help me make episodes of YogLabs? Apply for YogJobs:… or e-mail
Here's a copy of my latest e-mail to Yogventures backers!…
Duncan's trying his hand at origami although there's still some way to go
Turps made a statement about what YogDiscovery is and how it is good for everyone!…
Sips talks about what he does every day and answers a question seriously for like the first time ever:…
Just a normal morning e-mail here at YogTowers, although it is a lot noisier out there than usual. #yogscastseagull
Duncan is getting set for his yearly trip to Glastonbury, lets hope the weather holds out for him! <3 @YogscastLalna
A few packs of Yogscast playing cards with custom art from @Teutronz are still available here:…
This video is not as exciting as the title might suggest.
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back in the UK, hurray!!! Great E3 but nothing like your own bed and computer :)
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Being in the office alone is great. Nothing feels so freeing like naked cartwheeling down the hallway. ... I should go home.
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Having lunch with the wonderful @JesseCox who is testing some next gen tech at E3
To balance, I feel I should share pictures of the other guys
Loving meeting people and seeing stuff at E3! Here's another picture of turps
Loving the war hammer models at LACMA
We made it to LA here's a picture of turps
Turps getting ready to shoot yogs on tour! We're off to America today!
Bought a new pair of sunglasses for E3 and will prob lose them before I even get to America
Really enjoying Pandora we played a 6 player game and the first ep should go out this weekend if all goes to plan!
More JaffaQuest tonight and tomorrow! I edited them so apologies if things are broken/terrible. Also we recorded some Goat Sim
Thinking about the next civ game with @YogscastLalna any suggestions?
Just a normal everyday e-mail chain here at YogTowers
If you're in the UK we've got a spare Dragonborn statue to give away :)…
Here's what Duncan's castle looks like in the new mod pack, it's entirely made of ovens... an unfortunate bug
Tinkering with the server and not sure about this one. Baked Bean Fart in all it's glory!
Looks like Hannah Kim and Dunc are more popular than Hat Films, Martyn and Dave, it's close though…
Nursing a hangover after a terrific night with the @humble guys! It's the last day of #GDC so tweet at me if we've missed something awesome
Getting some late night food with @JesseCox to help console him after some rough time with the ladies after humble party