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Lewis Brindley
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Here's what Duncan's castle looks like in the new mod pack, it's entirely made of ovens... an unfortunate bug
Tinkering with the server and not sure about this one. Baked Bean Fart in all it's glory!
Looks like Hannah Kim and Dunc are more popular than Hat Films, Martyn and Dave, it's close though…
Nursing a hangover after a terrific night with the @humble guys! It's the last day of #GDC so tweet at me if we've missed something awesome
Getting some late night food with @JesseCox to help console him after some rough time with the ladies after humble party
awesome drinks with @rjkeith, @The_T and the rest of the yogscast guys. Fine gentlemen.. they should do funny videos or something
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Streaming some dotes with Pyrion, Zylus and Duncan:
Hey we're doing panels and signing at a con at the end of March, it's the first one we've been to in like 2 years!
Meet the Yogscast and get your exclusive t-shirt, bag and poster only at Rezzed!
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Here's a picture from when I changed over from our old scheduling spreadsheet, it's frozen in time on Jan 5th:
Comments and donations are back up at - we got a new spreadsheet for messages so donate now and be at the front!
You guys donated a shitload for charity though so cheers for that, hope the stream wasn't too terrible
Problems with computer, modpack, sound, connection not to mention our own ineptitude, we're lucky the building didn't set on fire
Man I'm so dead after last nights stream
The next time you're thinking of reading the comments, do a Google image search for "fluffy puppies" instead.
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New wow expansion leak courtesy of egoslam on reddit: @SimonHoneydew @Sips_ PS have a good flight to blizzcon
Thanks to all for sending birthday wishes! Helped a lot as I sat in dentists for 4 hours with swollen face after having wisdom teeth out <3
Quebe comments on Sips's willingness to die IRL in a fire in order to win RFTW - the best guy…
Loving @Sips_ Skyblock series - it's gonna be short lived though... Any other good stuff like this out there?