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Lewis Brindley
Heading to i52 this weekend! Hope to see you all there! Post your questions for the Q&As here:…
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Stream has been live for only one game, and already raised over £600!
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Live TTT for the next hour or so!
Sneak preview of @lomadia and myself playing PT. I've got a good feeling about this one.
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Can you help me make episodes of YogLabs? Apply for YogJobs:… or e-mail
Here's a copy of my latest e-mail to Yogventures backers!…
Duncan's trying his hand at origami although there's still some way to go
Turps made a statement about what YogDiscovery is and how it is good for everyone!…
Sips talks about what he does every day and answers a question seriously for like the first time ever:…
Just a normal morning e-mail here at YogTowers, although it is a lot noisier out there than usual. #yogscastseagull
Duncan is getting set for his yearly trip to Glastonbury, lets hope the weather holds out for him! <3 @YogscastLalna
A few packs of Yogscast playing cards with custom art from @Teutronz are still available here:…
This video is not as exciting as the title might suggest.
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back in the UK, hurray!!! Great E3 but nothing like your own bed and computer :)
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Being in the office alone is great. Nothing feels so freeing like naked cartwheeling down the hallway. ... I should go home.
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Having lunch with the wonderful @JesseCox who is testing some next gen tech at E3
To balance, I feel I should share pictures of the other guys
Loving meeting people and seeing stuff at E3! Here's another picture of turps