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Shad Moss (MR 106)
What did yall think of today's #UltimateFreestyleFriday?
It's Friday! @RaeSremmurd is guest hosting with @KeshiaChante ! Plus Another UFF battle!! @106andpark starts now!! @smoss #106AndPark #UFF
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.@RaeSremmurd is just having a little rest before we TURN ALL THE WAY UP! You watching?!?!?!?! #106andPark
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1 more hour to go until @xceldakid and @ANUBIS810 GET BIZZZY for #UFF. You ready?
It's Friday y'all... So you know what that means... Another dope battle is goin down on…
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RT Yall ready for another #UltimateFreestyleFriday battle today 5pm est TUNE IN!
We got @RaeSremmurd in the house tonight + it's Ultimate Freestyle Friday! Yepppppp --->
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RT Season 3 of #UltimateFreestyleFriday returns today at 5pm only on BET. WE OWN FRIDAY's! #BATTLERAP #106andPark
Last week we broke records on BET w/ #ultimatefreestylefriday season 3! Now we back AGAIN! Today is Friday so get ready for another HOT battle. Tune into BET at 5pm. Bringing battle rap into your homes RAW & UNCUT! #URL
β€œ@2Bdimples: β€œ@smoss: Do you all control your cable box w/ your i phone too?” Sure do...but sometimes it won't work πŸ˜’β€ probably got metro
Get at me. Reporting live from the couch
β€œ@ogbabyeesh: @smoss for what movie ?” Filming CSI CYBER
β€œ@BowwowInsane: @smoss Make sure you get some rest for that tonorrow!” I have to take two naps tomorrow
Got night shoots tomorrow... Anyone who acts dreads this. Thats a 2:30pm -5:30am work day on set tomorrow. All worth it! Lets get it..
Do you all control your cable box w/ your i phone too?
They ask me, how i didn't go crazy or go to jail or get caught up in this industry as a younster i tell them the secret is #1 knowing whats important. #2 you must have big homies to teach you the game so you will know the game. #3 put in your life what they taught mixed with what you will learn on y
β€œ@_FamousBoyATL24 celebrate your birthday with bow throw a big ass bday party..” year before last I spent it with him 😍now I have him 4eva❀️
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The @Tillys holiday party was off the hook last night! Big S/O to the crew & managers for supporting #AYC!
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You can easily succeed by watching the ones who failed. Because those who failed, taught us how not to make the mistakes they made.
I even watch the scenes I'm not in. Came to set early. Theres always room to learn more. Im dedicated to my craft. I love the art of acting. It brings me peace. Acting is my life. ... #CSICYBER
RT Give my bros & Cast Mates @charley_koontz & @vanderjames a follow. Keep up w/ us #CSICYBER
Just finished some ADR for #CSICYBER & I am REALLY getting excited! It's really coming together. Can't wait for yall to see. It'll be fun!
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It's not work when it's your passion. It's your life. #NDIvodka
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Keep a stash at the west coast crib...
Keep a stash at the west coast crib.
β€œ@LilShortyLBW: What's poppin @smoss wyd” watching south park
β€œ@RajaManUtd: @smoss U gat Insomnia for really...” I dont know if i do
Would be no where without the PEOPLE #sincethebraids
β€œ@devin_janae23: @smoss do you EVER sleep?!” When my body tell me to. It can be random times.
β€œ@__Kiayanaaaaaa: @smoss - go To Bed !” NEVER WILL I DO SUCH A THING
β€œ@ohheyyitsbri: @smoss the west coast isn't sleep yet!!!! πŸ™Œβ€ exactly thats why im out here now
β€œ@FancyMelika: @smoss Erica must be missinq u right now...!” Both ways
β€œ@LbgMoney: What's up big bro @smoss how this movie, tv life, CSI treating ya my brutha? You good??” Too good
Yall sleeping and im on set working... All this resting gotta stop! Whats your determination like
9pm where im at, and twitter is just dead! I mean yall really be sleeping huh? Maybe im not built for this. I thought we was pose to talk ha
RT 8:50pm we blowing stuff up on set tonight! #CSICYBER πŸŽ₯
Keep up with who's in the #UFF lead right here --> and don't miss a new battle THIS FRI!
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