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Taylor Davidson
US State Dept. Fights Terrorist Recruitment Using Graphic Video
The chance of Scottish independence this September?
Electing Psychopaths Just Makes Them Worse – #tlot
Bail Money for Kory, Janie, & Joseph by Pab Lo #tlot
Elizabeth Warren’s War on Students
Resistance Against Enclosure; Internet as Global Commons « Blog #tlot
Smarter Red-Baiters, Please!
Kissinger Doesn’t Have One, Either
My week on twitter: 31 Mentions, 54.6K Mention Reach, 54 Replies, 285 Retweets, 352K Retweet Reach. via
Center for a Stateless Society » Does Freedom Require Empire? #tlot
Como as privatizações criaram novas estatais no Brasil
What’s the Best Tax Haven for American Citizens? #tlot
What are you good at smelling?
Center for a Stateless Society » A Rand Paul Presidency would be a Disaster for Liberty and Libertarianism #tlot
Cop Caught Driving Drunk At 100 MPH In A Car Filled With Drugs #tlot
Koppl on Confidence and Crises
Never reason from a wage change #economics
The Pol Antràs manuscript on *Global Production* #Economics
What’s the Best Tax Haven for American Citizens?
Adam Kokesh gets no jail time on drug, gun convictions #tlot
Should Twitter algorithmically curate the timeline?
Bringing an End to National Education Reforms
In Search of the Perfect Night
Böhm-Bawerk: Austrian Economist Who Said “No” to Big Government :: The Mises Economics Blog: The... #tlot
Does Freedom Require Empire?
Once Upon A Time, There Was Due Process #tlot
A Rand Paul Presidency would be a Disaster for Liberty and Libertarianism
The Benjamin R. Tucker Distinguished Research Scholar in Anarchist Economic Theory #OddsampEnds
Off-Broadway Show Mocks Central Banks #Blog
Interview with a former Auschwitz prison guard
Does sterlingisation make sense for Scotland? Or would a separate currency be better? #tlot
Four More Years, Four More California Debates
Political Governance and Natural Boundaries
The Fight for Scholarship Tax Credits in Florida #tlot
Elections and the Technocratic Ideology
Two Foundational Elements of Statelessness
IRS says it has lost emails from 5 more employees #tlot
Are Republicans Going Soft on Obamacare? #tlot
Andrew Hemingway Victorious In Last Debate Before NH Primary
Judge Richard Posner’s gay marriage opinion is witty, moral, and brilliant. (AUDIO.) #tlot
Anti-Interventionism and Its Discontents by Justin Raimondo -- #tlot
The dangers of “cooperation” in a Malthusian world
To the Extent America Has an Infrastructure Crisis, that’s an Argument for Decentralization rather than a Bigger...
The Nixon Pardon: Incentives Matter in Politics Too #economics