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.@katie Couric checks out the new #StarWars-style invention that could change lives:
In what could be a breakthrough for Kiev, Ukrainian forces enter the rebel-held city of Lubansk:
Pro-Russia rebels shoot down Ukrainian fighter jet: Pilot parachutes out and is rescued
RT update from ABC: Highway patrol captain: 7 arrests made during engagement with protesters in Ferguson; 1 civilian shot during unrest.
Tear gas and smoke canisters were fired toward protesters resisting curfew in Ferguson, police say (photo: AFP)
RT from the AP: Police in Ferguson confirm they fired tear gas canisters on protesters defying a curfew:
Police in Ferguson say only smoke, not tear gas, was used to disperse crowd, but some protesters disagreed:
RT from AP: VIDEO: About 200 defiant protesters remain shortly after police began enforcing curfew in Ferguson:
One person is dead and another hurt after a small plane crashes in Northern California:
RT from AP: After warning, police fire smoke canisters into crowd of protesters in Ferguson as curfew takes effect:
RT from AP: AP's @DavidALieb reports police have fired smoke into protesters in Ferguson after curfew takes effect
RT from CNN: Police in Ferguson, MO fire tear gas into crowd of demonstrators violating curfew
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declares state of emergency in Ferguson as tension over curfew there escalates:
RT from AP: About 200 protesters in Ferguson mingle, chant, taunt police with some shouting they won't abide curfew:
Twitter co-founder @jack joins social media chorus from #Ferguson: Follow his updates:
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Hundreds of protesters in #Ferguson take to the streets hours ahead of planned curfew:
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Democrats select math teacher Amanda Curtis to replace John Walsh in Montana Senate race:
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MORE U.S. military airstrikes near Iraq’s Mosul Dam destroy armored carriers and vehicles:
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BREAKING U.S. military: Fighters, drone aircraft strike militants near Irbil and Mosul Dam in Iraq @AP
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Frank Gore, just about the last back standing from the 2005 draft, has one goal left:
#Ferguson citizens continue to interrupt Gov. Nixon with questions about the #mikebrown death investigation: "We want justice!"
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Capt. Ron Johnson says #Ferguson curfew will not be enforced with armored tanks.
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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declares a state of emergency in Ferguson and is implementing a curfew.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry vows to fight indictment against him, calling it an 'outrageous' abuse of power: