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#Pisces does not even have to know you to know what you are feeling inside.
#Aquarius aren't jealous but once you cross them, best believe they'll keep you on check!
You'll never know when a #Capricorn is hurting inside unless they flat-out tell you, "I'm hurt."
If a #Sagittarius opens up to you, consider yourself blessed.
#Scorpio's don't like wearing pants.
#Libra can never stick to a hobby. They want to do and try everything.
#Virgo's in love will give you anything you want so ask for it. If they have it, you got it.
#Leo gets irritated by people who copy them.
Don't suffocate a #Gemini, give them trust and enough space and they won't go anywhere.
#Taurus people are very hard on themselves, so hard that they start blaming themselves.
#Aries are crazy jealous and possessive over their significant others.
#Pisces is always at war with themselves.
#Aquarius kisses speak volumes without saying a word.
#Capricorn's usually can't be bargained with once their mind is made up.... stubborn bastards.
Although a #Sagittarius loves the finer things in life, they can also appreciate and cherish the little things.
It takes a lot to piss a #Scorpio off. When it happens, revenge is inevitable and usually legendary.
#Libra's can see beauty in anything.
#Virgo's are valued, victorious, variegated, volatile, versatile, vigilant, vivid, vital and so much more!
I am a #Leo because I don't give up.
#WhatMeansTheWorldToYou #Cancer Knowing my friends are always there when I need them the most.
#Gemini loves to talk out everything going on in their head.
If a #Taurus is having a bad day, it's usually tough to turn it around.
An #Aries is a family person and will take care of his/hers.
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#Pisces love passionate kisses and a loving embrace.
#Aquarius kisses are like m&m's. They will melt in your mouth.
#Capricorn's have trouble trusting others.
#Sagittarius are heavy thinkers, and can sometimes over-analyze things.
#Scorpio's cry, just not in front of you.
#Libra's aren't usually in relationships due to their free spirit.
#WhatMeansTheWorldTo #Virgo completing our goals no matter how many obstacles get in our way.
I am a #Leo because I lead, not follow.
#Cancer signs only feel secure when they have money in their pocket.
You will piss a #Gemini off if you don't have good communication skills.
You will never find someone more forgiving than a #Taurus.
Being in a relationship with an #Aries you'll be protected and taken care of.
#Pisces are often harsh and reactive, but its only because they really care about you.