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#Pisces give without asking.
An #Aquarius has a strong need to be different from the crowd.
#Capricorn does not get impressed by much.
#Sagittarius gets tired of bullshit real fast.
The #Scorpio is so secretive you may never find out who they really are.
#Libra's emotional heart drives them.
#Virgo blossoms when left alone with a smart, beautiful lover.
#Leo's are always ready for action. Unless they just ate. Then they need a few minutes.
#Cancer is sometimes unsure of what to feel.
#Gemini women make perfect trophy wives.
#Taurus's are fierce lovers, and even more fierce friends.
#Aries are usually the life of the party.
#Pisces is confident but not cocky.
#Aquarius have been described as "humanitarians", doing what is best for everybody rather than just themselves; selfless.
#Capricorn will be liked by some but hated by other because of their ambitious drive and quest for power.
If you want to put a #Sagittarius in a bad mood, criticize them on how they live their life. That will piss them off.
#Scorpio's deep passion but guarded personality makes them difficult to read and understand.
#Libra is not into being forced.
Though #Virgo seems shy and introverted, get them alone and you will see they are amazing thinkers.
A #Leo's self-expression and creativity comes from their inner childlike wonder and inspiration.
#Cancer's get things done through the power of their emotional commitment.
#Gemini make the best lovers.
#Taurus: Calm, Loyal & Practical.
#Aries put themselves first. You're second.
#Aquarius people are usually different, unique and defy stereotypes.
#Capricorn's get bored with people easily so find a way to keep em intrigued.
#Sagittarius will hardly be in a bad mood, but if they are in a bad mood, you better leave their sight!
The #Scorpio has a guarded heart.
#Libra gets turned off when you rush things.
#Virgo may appear shy but they are actually just watching and analyzing you.
A #Leo female can be mad and act like a hurricane only later to be act like an innocent little kitten.
Watch out! One thing to remember about #Cancer's is that even the cutest of crabs still have claws.
#Gemini's are curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active.
A #Taurus may be quick to anger, but will seek forgiveness if he/she feels that he/she has gone too far.
If you got a hard-on for an #Aries dont play games with them. They dont like being fucked with.
Xstrology Daily LoveScopes Wednesday October 22, 2014
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#Pisces play games, but play to win.
#Aquarius hates show off's so braggers beware.
#Capricorn's have a very dirty mind.