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Stephen Robinson
eBay spreads Christmas magic across Britain in it’s latest viral video… #ebaychristmas
eBay spreads Christmas magic across Britain in it’s latest viral video… #ebaychristmas
I just backed Next Keyboard - The Perfect Keyboard for iPhone on @kickstarter
Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S has the most lifelike screen yet -
If you care that the new Annie is black you need to get a grip.
Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S has the most lifelike screen yet
Favourite tracks on #PinkPrint: Only, Four Door Aventador, Win Again, Big Daddy, Truffle Butter.
Good to see Nicki Minaj going back to her rap roots on #PinkPrint, and not those horrible dance tracks like Starships.
Fire! - Four Door Aventador by Nicki Minaj…
So glad these guys moved on from silly deathcore with Sempiternal and now this great track. #NowPlaying
I hope the Pinkprint is more rap Nicki than dance pop Nicki. Anyone listened to it?
Eric Garner’s killer claims he applied no pressure. Medical examiner: “death was due to compression of the neck”. Think I believe the expert
Congressional staffers walk out to protest the grand jury decisions in the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner
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If you think racism is a thing of the past you’ve obviously never been racially attacked.
If torture produces 100% accurate intel, every time, it is still unethical, immoral, and criminal. Move on.
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"Does torture work?" as a question needs to be put in the bin with "Is slavery commercially feasible?" & "Can genocide help overpopulation?"
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Here’s the explosive new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road…
Just watched Fargo. An odd, funny, bloody, and entertaining crime movie. Recommend it.
The #TortureReport only strengthens the fact that the U.S. Government are a terrorist organisation.
CIA leadership refused to punish officer who literally killed a detainee during torture session.
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Really loved St. Vincent. Such a great feel good movie. BiII Murray is fantastic. #stvincent
I'm at @Empire_Cinemas for St. Vincent in Robin Park, Wigan
🍔🍟 (@ The Courtyard Cafe @courtyardwiganan in
I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but @pushinghoops has some of the best Kanye tweets of all time:…
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Here is the first teaser poster for #SPECTRE. Coming 6th November 2015.
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Police officer stands in the middle of "die in" protests at NYC's Grand Central
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The fact that Eric Garner's murderer was not indicted shows body cams don't matter. Police get away with murder even when it's videotaped
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Cops get away with murder YET AGAIN - Grand Jury Clears NYPD Officer Of Charges In Eric Garner Chokehold…
Sometimes young boys on Facebook send me rape threats, so I've started telling their mothers.
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iZettle allows small businesses to grow by allowing mobile payments #12hourstore
How your business can learn from the best
How your business can learn from the best -
My new pocket organiser by @LouisVuitton 😁 finally. Been dying for one of
Can’t stop watching the Star Wars trailer.
iZettle makes small businesses shine in Britain’s greatest shopping street
If you’re fighting over a television you don’t deserve a place on this planet. #blackfriday