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Paul Bell
Lazy bloody journalists - Anger at air show's fake fire stunt | The Sun |News #sallyb #b17…
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18 years ago 2day I woke 2the news Diana PofW had died, she would be so proud how her boys have grown up & exceeded her every expectations
Spitfire #MH434 & Mustang together at #Dunsfold perfect synchro pair!
Vulcan arrival at Dunsfold just set off a load of car alarms. Awesome! #TwitterVforce
When you're stuck between saving your segway, your camera, and yourself, then you spot the world's fastest man
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Vulcan bomber currently over market Deeping & banking round almost a wing over! #TwitterVforce
And just when we thought the smear campaign on the UK airshow industry wouldn't get any worse... We saw @TheSun's disgusting front page. 👎🏼
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Vulcan circling Shoreham unknown if she will fly over atm because of the Hunter crash. #twitterVforce #ShorehamAirShow
#Hunter crashed at #ShorehamAirShow she came out of a loop & into a low pass & strait into the ground. Pilot didn't get out.
Hunter just gone down at Shoreham & not looking good as bits flew everywhere. Dave hill flying. #shorehamairshow
What a sight to wake up to this morning & what a fantastic day here too, gr8 weather & packed! @shorehamairshow
Off to Shoreham air show, hopefully meet one or two of you there
Sgt Jim Vaughan in lead plane, never returned & he stumbled upon a lone BF 109 flown by Wolgang Tonne a 122 kill Ace
Latest Pic GUARDIAN ANGEL A true story of WW2 Heres how I created the pic of the BF109 & B17…
I'm offering buy one get one free on graphic design until 8 Aug. Ill be a year older then & far grumpier/less generous. Get it while you can
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Milky Way & iridium flare over the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the San Juan Islands, WA state.
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Audrey Hepburn. Photograph by Jack Cardiff, 1956.
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Dont mistake other peoples kindness for Kindness.. They want something
Monument for Lancaster R5748 at school in Rottevalle, NL shot down 73 yrs ago today…
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8 hours in & all I have so far is the outline of a B-17 & have painted in the tail section. This is gonna be a long slog painting #Ballache
A much deserved coffee 2 keep me going & this B17 American bombers taking far longer then I thought it would to paint, may finish by morning
Flashbacks: Another Day in Paradise… @xintense They will never be forgotten, thank you for what you did.
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And the last modern art pic for a while as switching back to my normal pics & doing a B17 next. This is the Harrier
Another more modern art, still sticking with the traditional pics but just got an urge for something…
Typhoon vs Typhoon Different for me & more modern art but fancied doing something different.
A bit of everything flies over my house!
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Looking for partners for Masato Beanie homeless campaign email starts November 1st google Masato Homeless for background
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This poxy damn Hayfevers got me so bad today I cant look at the screen for more then a couple mins a time #FML #NoPaintingToday
#BattleOfBritain #Aircraft The Bf109E had a better climb rate and was 40mph faster in level flight than the Hurricane Mk 1
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#PTSDchat please share and educate the world - if we were psychopaths we wouldn't have a brain injury from trauma
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#BattleOfBritain #Aircraft 100 octane aviation fuel gave an extra 30mph increase in speed through the use of an Emergency Boost Override
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Falklands: The Islanders War (Full Documentary) via @YouTube
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#BattleOfBritain One single German raid on 19 December 1940 killed nearly 3,000 civilians
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School in Saudi Arabia fined $25,000. Rainbows on its building “emblems of homosexuality".…
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A more modern art feel to this pic, matching the Lightning I did. Its a Typhoon with a Typhoon flying out of the eye
Heres a link showing how I created the BF109 pic I posted. 8hrs in2mins, not got time2full edit. TURN UP THE VOLUME!…
The mighty BF109, a formidable foe & tested us to the limits during the dark days of the Battle of Britain 75yrs ago
14 Jul 40 BBC: "Oh, boy! I’ve never seen anything so good as this.The R.A.F. have really got these boys… #BOB75
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Play @RAFBF Lottery & you cld win up to £10,000 & support our RAF families at the same time…
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Current mood: Seeking inspiration. The next month I want to Mosquito & as promised (Downed Warbirds) a BF 109.
Mexican P-47D over the Philippines, 1945.
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I think abs are for Guys that dont have the confidence to wear great T-shirts at the pool or beach.. #JustSaying
30 years ago today was Live Aid.. Can you remember where and what you were doing that day?...
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