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Pod may be based on zerobin, but it is much different. Fixed the security vulnerabilities mentioned in the audit at…
Pod is up and ready for faggotry.
I'm a kitten hear me meow
A new pastebin, Pod, is coming soon.
Night Twatter, time for much-needed sleep. 😴😲
So this was easily the most hectic police encounter I've had. Past "swattings" were only 1-3 officers, but apparently this was different.
Yay for being swatted, not a great picture but police four cars outside my house right now.
URG this is a beautiful chiptune
Go fuck your elf. <-- OMG NICE MEME
Stop stealing my avatar cunts srslee
DiversityGames enjoys ratting players on and threatening them regularly. Enjoy. -->
I have a new XMPP identity. --> <-- More:
Buuuut for now I'm off to sleep. Yay for two 3-page papers due in 5 days and not starting one of them yet!
Got a brand new installation of Kubuntu, customized it a lot, and I'm loving it. Screenies to come tomorrow, it's pretty sexy.
Welp. I guess this is our buddy @EnlightArts aka eduargaming1 aka the Fraud God.
Add this desperate script kiddy on Skype, he's ratting players of to get their Minecraft passwords: eduargaming1
In yet another incident, police time was wasted. Does your e-peen grow when you waste the police department's time with a false bomb threat?
Well I slept better tonight than I have in the 4 days before tonight
My English professor is allowing us to write a summary and response to this video, will be a lot of fun:…
Yes please pizza me while I'm hungry I agree with this idea is pretty much dead, but I can imagine there are a few accounts living still.
>buy booter from hf >suddenly #TangoDown entire countries >ddos police cars when they come to arrest you
Ubuntu is big hacker OS am I cool now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>buys hacking book >reads 4 pages > defaced >sheeiit
Accidentally put windows on my server, lost all my files. is gone for now, should be back soonish
That feel when the only swattings in my city are at my house. #feelingspecial
I photoshopped the picture of the girl at minecon "dedotated wam" to a jamaican guy saying "dedotated jam"
And now my proxy detection is detecting iPhones on cellular data to be proxies. Maybe it's just Verizon, but maybe not.
Might as well turn this project into an Apache module. Only problem is the port scanning. Lots of sysadmins will be upset for little reason.
But then when you say "yes smuggle this for me pls" they run away and you never see them again. If that makes any sense.
By "strangely", I mean it's like walking up to someone, then they yell to you "HEY {NAME} CAN I SMUGGLE SOMETHING ACROSS THE WORLD FOR YOU?"
Server was mistaking home IPs as proxies... So I checked up on it, and people like to open random ports and react strangely to a port scan 😫
Someone want to buy 50 Minecraft alts for $5?
Construction is a bitch
Just had a big breakfast @ @IHOP, really liked it. Off to downtown #chicago for a datacenter tour @Equinix
Verifying myself: I am xeru on sdIQ6Yxri9mI4HXfX9Hh5iYOpwNLzbn5vBh9 /…
"Well your dox you dropped on yourself was from your old address and im drunk so do we really want to get into this?" Probably my favorite.
Lol are you trying to take my server offline by getting all your IPs blocked?
So far 92 IP addresses are permanently banned for trying to dawg their way into my main server.
Wrote a new description of the measures I take to keep my servers secure 😎
" I like to pee on roads" my boyfriend.
Retweeted by Xeru
My new Skype username is "notxeru", I was spammed with over 900 contact requests tonight as I was clearing up the mess from the old attack.
My 'dox', published by myself:
Just now realized this in Snort. xeru@s3:~# sudo snort -D Spawning daemon child... My daemon child 30127 lives... Daemon parent exiting (0)
Minecraft session servers have been down for three hours now. This has to be a record.
Some people haven't a single clue how the world works, despite the many decades they've lived on it. Ignorance is bliss I guess.