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Install #Python plugin and build Python projects in #NetBeans 8.
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Just bought VPS from @digitalocean, lets see how it goes. Heard nothing but good about them so I suppose it's time I experienced firsthand.
API is down due to hosting issues, it'll be back soon.
Oh wait, yes we do need libraries for everything. Anything else would be too much work. Lazy people are the best kind of people. #oops
Seriously iOS devs, do you need libraries for EVERYTHING? I just saw a lib for HIDING ICONS. It'd take a few lines of code todo it yourself.
Got an e-mail saying "confirming Verizon Wireless account cancellation-- if you didn't order this go to {link}"... lol I flooded their logs.
I need to make more tutorials. It's been too long.
Huh, apparently it's my Twitterversary... three years since @Xerucide has been around. Damn. #Twitterversary
This UDP shell I just tested on myself just cut my internet cords and snapped my router in half
the fuck yer talkin' bout m8?
I will never, EVER, recover from this.
Just been ejected from WH Smiths for photographing my own book. On the upside it is #2 in the non-fiction charts...
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You a power-trip lookin' ass mofucka.
What are you listening to? Clev: Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. | That's an awesome song. Clev: It's not a song. It's the definition of surreal.
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A cat copying what? Clev: ME! | Yes. Clev: No! @cleverbot
Oh and final thought, shoutout to Omar for being a dumbass and hosting cards on a website hosted by my server... Moron. #subpoena
MP3 site will be hosted in NL & will leech's SSL cert (which I have yet to buy ofc) rather excited since mp3skull is slow as shit
Oh and I'm opening up my own MP3 site. Sorry not sorry feds
Not because I secretly want to move to Germany or anything... Wait, oops, not a secret anymore
Dedicating the next few weeks to getting a passable understanding of the German language. I aim to know my fifth language by next month.
Video gamers are DONE with this virtual reality headset now that Facebook owns it
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Enough deep thinking for me, I'm just depressed because I've lost like three pets in the past month