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Turn down for science
Rule 33: Lurk moar — it's never enough.
The reason I don't sleep is because I'm being used for sleep by someone else
New .onion for Pod: flypodsiculiveby.onion
Laid my hand down for one second and this happened
I'm too tired to fix anything right now, this cat is causing mayhem in my room.
Right now Pod is blocking access on first paste attempt, but it'll be fixed soon. For now just keep trying until it lets you I guess
Also some front-end beautification, cryptographical improvements, and overall improved performance. Pod is about to get sexy.
Coming soon to Pod: file reading, line numbering, MITM prevention, and [possibly] password-protected pastes. Give me a few days.
Gonna get a better Tor address, that one was only a combo of "fly" and "podso", this one will start with "podsofly" and will take a while.
Pod is now accessible through the Tor network. gw4flypodsoxcaaw.onion
I haven't even been on a computer in like 24 hours, let alone worked on Pod. Time to go hardcore.
>buying entire albums just for the "album only" tracks on iTunes Sometimes I feel like my money would be better in other people's hands...
Ram a cowbell up my rectum and write a national anthem for my feces with your meat-rod
Also reduced the paste data from 19MB to 11.9MB without removing a single paste.
Made some sneaky rate limiting. So now if you spam big pastes it'll look like it worked, but it didn't. Trying to clutter my hard drive. :(
Made some good progress in both the backend and frontend of Pod ( ), more to be done tomorrow.
My gear is better than your gear, I tell you hwat.
While I love Keybase, it's just not secure to put your private key on it. I love that it's optional to do so. Less points of entry for fags.
And now I can get some sleep [?] No more excitement for the night please
New public key: Do not trust old keys, potentially compromised
Verifying myself: I am xeru on ZhpWcL6ddI1_epyv-Pg7cYKH1Egtjz6RKPK0 /…
My PGP private key *may have been* compromised. Not leaving anything to chance, generating a new keypair.
MRW a kid threatens to "DDoS ur cpu and hack u"
Oh, you don't like my loud music? Well it just got louder. Enjoy cunt.
When your car says your average speed over the past 3 hours is higher than any speed limit in any state other than Texas and Nevada... Yay!
Pod may be based on zerobin, but it is much different. Fixed the security vulnerabilities mentioned in the audit at…
Pod is up and ready for faggotry.
I'm a kitten hear me meow
A new pastebin, Pod, is coming soon.
Night Twatter, time for much-needed sleep. 😴😲
So this was easily the most hectic police encounter I've had. Past "swattings" were only 1-3 officers, but apparently this was different.
Yay for being swatted, not a great picture but police four cars outside my house right now.
URG this is a beautiful chiptune
Go fuck your elf. <-- OMG NICE MEME
Stop stealing my avatar cunts srslee
DiversityGames enjoys ratting players on and threatening them regularly. Enjoy. -->
I have a new XMPP identity. --> <-- More:
Buuuut for now I'm off to sleep. Yay for two 3-page papers due in 5 days and not starting one of them yet!
Got a brand new installation of Kubuntu, customized it a lot, and I'm loving it. Screenies to come tomorrow, it's pretty sexy.
Welp. I guess this is our buddy @EnlightArts aka eduargaming1 aka the Fraud God.
Add this desperate script kiddy on Skype, he's ratting players of to get their Minecraft passwords: eduargaming1
In yet another incident, police time was wasted. Does your e-peen grow when you waste the police department's time with a false bomb threat?
Well I slept better tonight than I have in the 4 days before tonight