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Dylan (Xeru)
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They should call them e-blunts. "@Independent: 'Cannabis e-cigarettes' are coming to the UK"
@croftmouse not really - Santa spent an hour on Stack Overflow as he forgot to put "nice" in quotes.
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He's making a database, He's filtering twice SELECT * FROM customers WHERE behaviour = Nice Santa Clause is Coming to town.
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Fixed a pretty big denial of service vulnerability in - ZeroBin is still vulnerable, will post patch guide soon?
Inb4 I get called a racist police-lover for not supporting unnecessary actions taking place for months wasting everyone's time
I hate to say it, but these #protests are pretty pointless. You shut down major streets & intersections and expect police not to get angry..
The Samsung galaxy edge would annoy the shit out of me because it only has one side covered by the screen. Asymmetric phone is bad phone!
Yay SSH tunnels! Set Up SSH Tunneling on a Linux / Unix / BSD Server To Bypass NAT…
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Alright, #hosting companies are getting stupid. Here's my e-mail conversation with support: (Warning: FUNNY)…
Here's why your golden retriever is awesome, explained by science
Retweeted by Dylan (Xeru) will have an android app soon, cool fun stuff included
Illinois—again—moves to ban recording the police | Ars Technica < Anti-1st Amend legislation awaits gov's signature
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"@Bitcoin: Microsoft Adds Bitcoin Payments for Xbox Games and Mobile Content…" YES YES YES FINALLY YES!
‘Dark Web’ pedophiles to be hunted by new GCHQ-NCA police unit
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I'm considering switching completely from debian to @openSUSE...
Last tweet on the below matter for a while- not saying everything any government does is right, at all, but many do their best to protect us
Following up on last tweet, the same "twisting of words" people accuse the govt of takes place regularly when talking about govt actions...
The way I see, govts aren't usually as bad as depicted. Some degree of control has to be held to prevent criminals from endangering us.
Why can't governments work together more often? Looking back on the europol Tor takedown, lots of really disturbing sites disappeared.
Reverse-engineering the new “captchaless” ReCaptcha system -
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The POODLE flaw returns, this time hitting TLS security protocol - Computerworld…
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Rosati's on Milwaukee doesn't open until 11 wtf I'm not waiting 5 hours for pizza
it's impossible to apply for jobs when you want pizza this badly
somebody pizza me i'm hungry
Fuck it getting papa johns at 6 am
I feel like ordering pizza and it's 6 am
police the fuck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
BREAKING: Massive fire in downtown LA, 2 major freeways closed #DTLA
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A lot of these so-called "plugin devs" for Minecraft servers are actually worthless as real programmers. Kind of sad really.
Oprah allegedly going to play Sabu in upcoming Disney Michael Bay movie about Anonymous #LuLzSec / #AntiSec
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Ignore that last tweet, every time my username is updated wants me to tweet another verification ;)
Verifying myself: I am xeru on c-JR9b5Msn5R_B3xfU5VyAa5jmhVIqHujwWS /…
I finally finally finally got my @Xeru_ username back. Happy night! Now to wait for @xeru to become available ;)
Kids are going to be bummed tonight when they realize "Peter Pan" is a musical about the founding of a New England interstate bus line.
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