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Species and spaces, people and places - the Living Planet Report 2014 is out! #LPR2014
Solutions still in reach as world biodiversity suffers major decline
Want to travel to the Canary Islands? You could soon have views to oil platforms from the sunny beach…
Yesterday we celebrated the arteries of our planet & today it’s time to look inside. Happy #WorldHeartDay! @worldheartfed
Call to @JunckerEU on the need for clear, stable nature & climate mandates for grid investments #EPhearings2014
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Dear President of the Spanish government @marianorajoy: create a #WhaleSanctuary in the Canaries to keep cetaceans safe. RT
How many Earths worth of resources do we consume in the #EU? #LPR2014 report launch is tomorrow!
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Campaigner, writer, sustainability adviser & environmentalist @TonyJuniper will talk live @ #TEDxWWF!
Oil exploration in one of the most important European marine areas for #whales and #dolphins? We say no!…
A healthy planet needs healthy people - tomorrow is #WorldHeartDay - be active for a healthy heart @worldheartfed
Today we celebrate the arteries of our planet – Happy World #Rivers Day!
Oil threatens the Canary Islands, one of the natural wonders of our planet. Please RT & sign:…
George Marshall @climategeorge, co-founder of Climate Outreach Information Network, will talk live @ #TEDxWWF
We want a #WhaleSanctuary in the Canary Islands. Do you? RT to say YES & sign now:…
The home of 1/3 of the world's cetaceans should not be threatened by oil. Sign & RT if you agree…
WWF-Canon #PicoftheWeek: Black rhinos and lilac-breasted roller
The people of the Canary Islands want an oil-free future powered by renewables. Show them your support…
Dear President @marianorajoy: create a #WhaleSanctuary in the Canaries & keep cetaceans safe.
Are you against oil exploration in the marine paradise of the Canary Islands? Sign now…
What will the #Arctic look like in 45 years? Will there be any ice left?
Canary Islands: a marine paradise threatened by fossil fuels. Sign to support a #WhaleSanctuary…
Oil exploration threatens the extraordinary marine life of the Canary Islands. Please sign…
1/3 of the world's cetaceans have been spotted in the Canaries. RT to tell President @marianorajoy this is no place to look for oil
Oil platforms in the middle of a cetacean highway: it could happen soon in Spain. RT to say NO!
Don't miss the battlefield report about a community revolution in rural US by Helen Slottje @TeamSlottje. #TEDxWWF!
The Canary Islands are a paradise threatened by oil. Help their people say NO, please sign & RT…
World to governments: It's your turn to lead on climate change
RT to tell the world’s leaders at #Climate2014 to take action NOW. #seizeyourpower
.@LeoDiCaprio to UN #Climate2014 Summit: "Leaders of the world, I pretend for a living. But you do not." #seizeyourpower
Dear world leaders at the @UN #Climate2014 Summit: inaction is no longer an option. RT.
Today the world’s leaders are meeting at #Climate2014. We call for no more fossil fuel investment. #seizeyourpower
The #Climate2014 Summit is today: #seizeyourpower for a new, clean energy economy.
Sea ice in the #Arctic this year was the 6th lowest on record. We can’t let this trend continue! #climatechange
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The word for a group of rhinos is a CRASH! Let's crash together for #WorldRhinoDay today! #iam4rhinos
Happy #WorldRhinoDay! #iam4rhinos - are you? RT to say YES.
It's official: today, 310 000 people joined the #PeoplesClimate march in New York!
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From London to New York, @WWF's taking to the streets this weekend to call for #climate action! #PeoplesClimate
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#DidYouKnow a newborn baby rhino can weigh up to 40kgs? #iam4rhinos
Today we are joining the largest climate march ever to ask for change ahead of the UN’s #Climate2014 Summit.
People's Climate March to put leaders on notice - New York:  WWF workers and supporters are among those geari...
#DYK rhino horn has become an ill-conceived status symbol in Asian countries? RT to say no more - #iam4rhinos
Bursting the bubble of demand in Asia is a critical part of our rhino plan. Tomorrow is #WorldRhinoDay! #iam4rhinos
#DYK - the Sumatran rhino is the smallest rhino species and is believed to be the oldest living land mammal on Earth. #iam4rhinos
RT to raise awareness: demand for illegal rhino horn in Asia is a serious threat to our rhinos. #iam4rhinos
We work with communities because they play an important role in protecting rhino populations and promoting conservation. #iam4rhinos