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WWF-Canon #PicoftheWeek: Male orang-utan
The #GreatBarrierReef minus the “Great” threatens jobs & $6 billion annually. Coal ports the latest risk:
EU leaders out of touch with climate reality - (GLAND, Switzerland, 24 October 2014) -  Europe's new climate and e...
Time + alternative sources of income = helping the #ocean recover. RT & find out more:
#Photo story: Better choices at the #GreatBarrierReef Thank you @exposure!
Healthy #ocean = healthy #communities. RT to raise awareness.
Is the @UN still relevant? Join @WWF Exec Conservation Director @jpasztor in live @GuardianGDP chat today 1-3pm BST:
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Demand for #rhino horn drops 38% in #Vietnam after advertising campaigns via @mongabay
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RT. Sugarcane can have a bitter effect on the #GreatBarrierReef, but there are solutions:
+85%: marine fish stocks considered fully exploited or over-fished. Can communities in #Chile make a difference?
RT. Local #fishermen or large commercial enterprises: both rely on healthy #marine ecosystems.
#DYK “fish farming” provides about a third of all fish consumed? Learn more:
7 cars: the 1st is a decoy & the others are loaded with contraband. See #photo story to know what they’re moving:
Black market fish is estimated to cost $23 billion a year. #IUU costs us our #ocean. RT to raise awareness.
Happy #Reptile Awareness Day everyone!
WWF #volunteer: “The biggest threat is if we ourselves don’t take action to protect our environment.” RT if you agree.
RT and sign the petition to support the plan to protect the Great Bear Sea:
Alpine lifelines on the brink - Gland, Switzerland – Only one in ten Alpine rivers are healthy enough to maintain ...
Protect the #ocean and you’ll be rich. See this #photo story to find out how:
Would you take a toothbrush into the sea? Discover who does and RT!
There are no fences in the #sea – we must protect it. RT if you agree.
What’s the sea’s greatest treasure? Discover it yourself in this #photo story:
Enchanting mermaids, sea monsters, pirates and #food? Discover what we are talking about and RT:
#Photo stories: Everything is connected - land to #sea - and so must our solutions. RT if you agree.
#Photo story: Crafting a new kind of #marine sanctuary in Mozambique Thank you @exposure!
#Education is vital to understand the #ocean and keep it healthy: RT if you agree.
WWF Statement on the Convention on Biological Diversity COP-12
What you buy matters. Make your trip to the supermarket better for the environment: #palmoil
RT @WWFCanada: Oxygen. Courtesy of our healthy oceans. Sign the petition to protect the #GreatBearSea here:
WWF-Canon #PicoftheWeek: An African elephant
Movies and YouTube hits like WWF's Unseen spurring action on supply chain issues via @guardian
A thriller from WWF? That’s right! Don’t be the only one who hasn’t seen #unseen
#Green10 send letters to @JunckerEU & @MartinSchulz asking concrete changes to make #sustainability an EU priority
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Elephants. Tigers. Orangutans. Margarine. Deforestation. What do they all have in common? #Palmoil. RT
What’s been watched by more than 100,000 people and will blow your mind? #unseen
Jack Crawford was just an average guy. He was unaware. Are you? #unseen
Download a #WWFandDUAppsStudio #panda themed battery skin to save battery life!
RT. About 50% of supermarket items contain #palmoil. Some causing deforestation & wildlife loss. See the #unseen:
It’s the movie trailer everyone’s talking about. #unseen
Unsustainable #palmoil production is destroying some of our most important rainforests. Be a part of the solution:
Thank you to our speakers, audience, hosts and volunteers that made #TEDxWWF possible! We got inspired by all of you.
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RT. What you buy at the checkout matters. Unsustainable #palmoil is destroying forests. Take action:
"Look at power of youth. They all understand that living a planet 1.5 times is unsustainable. So, this is about acting now" #TEDxWWF
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“The future is now,” says HRH Princess Laurentien. Thank you everyone for a wonderful & inspiring #TEDxWWF!
Inspiring: “All of us have an immense capacity to influence people around us. Spread your conviction.” #TEDxWWF
.@climategeorge: In our behaviours there's no intention to cause harm. We dont intend to cause #climatechange even though we all do #TEDxWWF
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"You don't have to look for solutions outside. Listen to the people on the ground, they have all the solutions." Bunker Roy #TEDxWWF
#tedxwwf Bunker Roy and the Barefoot College - dropouts, washouts welcome. Redefining professionalism
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