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We need international governments to work together to disrupt illegal trade networks. #iam4rhinos . RT
WWF promotes the use of forensic tools in combating rhino crimes. #iam4rhinos
3 - the number of rhinos killed illegally every day. RT to raise awareness #iam4rhinos
Critical gaps need attention if wild tiger numbers are to double
Breaking criminal networks is an important part of our 5-point rhino plan. #iam4rhinos
#Didyouknow rhinos can live for 40 years? Let's keep it that way! RT if you agree. #iam4rhinos
WWF-Mozambique & @WWFSouthAfrica work together to combat wildlife crime, in particular poaching of elephant and rhino. #iam4rhinos
20,400 - the estimated number of white rhino left in the world #iam4rhinos
22 September is #WorldRhinoDay! Help us raise awareness about rhinos #iam4rhinos
Our world is changing & it’s up to us that it changes for the better - renewables are doable! #seizeyourpower
RT to ask our world leaders to think about our future AND present when they meet at #Climate2014 on 23 Sept.
IWC governments to decide on future of scientific whaling - Portoroz, Slovenia – The 89 member countries of ...
Pantanal: Threatened by deforestation, locals fight to save pristine wetlands
We’re urging the world’s leaders to think about the future ahead of the #Climate2014 Summit in NY on 23 Sept. #seizeyourpower
On 23 Sept world leaders will meet for the #Climate2014 Summit. RT to ask for investment in a new, clean energy economy.
The auction for the WWF shoes I wore for the start of the Vuelta ends today:…
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The time for world leaders and investors to act on #climatechange is NOW. #seizeyourpower #Climate2014
Have you heard of Palawan in the Philippines? Watch this beautiful video and #seizeyourpower.
The world is watching: we need world leaders to take action at the #Climate2014 Summit. #seizeyourpower
It’s no longer about the future – it’s about TODAY. #seizeyourpower #climate2014
WWF-Canon #PicoftheWeek: A "hotlips" flower.
Today is the day! World's biggest hackathon to fight climate change. #Hack4Good ->… Join @climateWWF, @WWF & @gklst!
From the sun to the wind: we need more investment in renewable energy. #seizeyourpower
RT if you love wildlife, landscapes… your family and friends. #Seizeyourpower, support renewable energy.
RT if you agree: we call for new investment in renewable energy. No more fossil fuels. #Seizeyourpower
#Climate2014: world leaders need to take stronger action to curb climate change. #seizeyourpower
More than a quarter of a million people say no to Don Sahong dam
What we need to do ≠ what we are doing. The #Climate2014 Summit is 23 Sept. #seizeyourpower
Thank you so much @Greenpeace for your RT and helping us to spread the word - renewables are doable! #seizeyourpower #Climate2014
#Seizeyourpower: we call on world leaders to invest in a new, clean energy economy. RT if you agree.
We need our leaders to swap coal and oil for wind and solar. Renewables are doable! #seizeyourpower #Climate2014
RT to ask the world’s leaders to invest in renewable energy. The @UN #Climate2014 Summit is 23 Sept.
#Climate2014: no more coal, oil and gas. We need a new, clean energy economy. #seizeyourpower
We are running out of time. Investment in renewable energy is the only way. #seizeyourpower #climate2014
Icons of nature are under threat from fossil fuels… and so are we. We need more renewable energy. #seizeyourpower
Are you willing to let greater irreversible changes in our climate & ecosystems happen? We are not! #seizeyourpower #climate2014
Icons of nature. Under threat. Discover how fossil fuels are killing us #seizeyourpower
Some river #dolphins swim upside down, some can’t see and in the #Amazon some are pink!
Together with our partners, we have just completed a survey of river #dolphins in the #Amazon.
We want a living #Amazon, do you? RT to say YES.
Follow us on to experience the Tapajos River #Dolphin Expedition through images today.
We have been working in the #Amazon for 40 years… find out more:
#Amazing: science unlocks secrets in snowy polar bear footprints. Go to
Kenya exports millions of fresh flowers per year. Watch this to see how local farmers are rewarded for #conservation:
The similarity between circular economy and water stewardship @guardian
Hey, have you heard… It’s Amazon Day today!
WWF-Canon Pic of the Week: Happy World Water Week!
What’s the connection between roses and #rhinos?? Find out:
Did you know… the Mekong River is the world’s largest inland fishery, providing #foodsecurity and jobs for 60 million people!