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And that's it for our Monday Night #RAW tweet-up! See y'all next week! Same Ambrose time. Same Ambrose channel.
It's main event time on #RAW! @JohnCena & @TheDeanAmbrose vs @RandyOrton & @KaneWWE! Who's closing out the show a winner?
#HULKAMANIA is about to run all kinds of wild on #RAW! Tune in now to hear from the immortal @WWE Hall of Famer!
There's some serious Twin Magic 2.0 going on right now. Is that @mikethemiz or @TheDamienSandow in the ring? #RAW
Don't you touch that flag Big Show or you are in big-- What did we tell you mister do not -- DO NOT PULL THAT -- Ohh you're in trouble. #RAW
#SlaterGator now has their own mascot. This is the greatest night in the history of our sport. #RAW
TIL: @TheDeanAmbrose is a total 90's kid with that green gak attack. #RAW #AmbroseLive
We were holding out for #AmbroseAlley, but we'll settle for #AmbroseLive. It's negotiation time, folks! #RAW
Hey @mikethemiz, wow, that was super intense. We think you might need this: #RAW
Give that man the Slammy for Most Creative Low Blow right NOW! Congratulations, @HEELZiggler! #RAW
LIVE NOW: The #TripleThreat for the @WWE Intercontinental Title. Watch it on @WWE #RAW on @USA_Network!
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And then @JohnCena rips off his mask to reveal OH MY GOD @TheDeanAmbrose! THE LUNATIC FRINGE IS HERE! #RAW
Currently placing bets on what @TheDeanAmbrose pops out of this week. Odds on the Bunny suit are looking good! #RAW
"None of us wanted to see John Cena win the title again." *Looks at cover of this years game* Now, hold on a minute @WWERollins.. #RAW
We're kicking off #RAW tonight in a way that's #StephforBusiness: @TripleH and @StephMcMahon! They look great! Really nice people. Awesome.
It's Monday night! Fire up the pizza rolls, we're going live with our #RAW tweet-up in just 30 minutes!
Tune in to @WWENetwork and catch part 2 of the #WWE2K15 Roster Reveal Special!
What was your favorite moment from the #WWE2K15 gameplay trailer? #FEELIT
See what @WWE Superstars had to say to those responding to the #WWE2K15 trailer in the #2KCommentTakeover!
Stay tuned to @WWEgames this coming week for coverage of our #WWE2K15 MyCareer Media Event!
And the award for creepiest moment of the #WWE2K15 goes to.. @WWEBrayWyatt, of course.
See what @WWE Superstars had to say to those responding to the #WWE2K15 trailer in the #2KCommentTakeover!
Stay tuned to @WWEgames this coming week for coverage of our #WWE2K15 MyCareer Media Event!
Last night, @iLikeSamiZayn and @WWENXT Champion, @WWENeville got their first look at themselves in #WWE2K15!
Which @WWE Superstar was the most intense in the #WWE2K15 trailer? How about @TheMarkHenry?
Hey Pharmit24, take it from @WWEAdamRose: don't be a lemon! #2KCommentTakeover #WWE2K15
This one looks familiar! Great thanks to @WWENXT for hosting us tonight at @FullSail. #WWE2K15
You all BOLIEVED, and now, the inspirational @TheBoDallas has joined the roster of #WWE2K15
The reigning @WWENXT Champion, @WWENeville, true-to-life in #WWE2K15
.@WWEPerformCtr Head Coach, @BillDeMott, takes the media on a tour of the state-of-the-art facility. #WWE2K15
The new generation of @WWEgames begins at the home of the new generation of #WWE: @WWEPerformCtr
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The King of Kings, @TripleH, welcomes members of the media to @WWEPerformCtr #WWE2K15
Pretty rad morning at @WWEgames Event at the PC this morning. Hung out with @AgentM, @notsam and lots of good people! #WWE2K15 @WWE
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The future Superstars of @WWE, putting on a demonstration for our media in attendance
The @WWEPerformCtr is packed with future @WWE Superstars this morning
We're at @WWEPerformCtr, gearing up for our #WWE2K15 MyCareer Media Event. Expect full coverage starting next week!
The Game, @TripleH, is bringing a whole new level of intensity to #WWE2K15. #FEELIT
Get "Lost in the Woods" with @2K Champion @XavierWoodsPhD, doing work in the #WWE2K15 trailer
For @HeymanHustle, the #2KCommentTakeover was just a day in the office. A loud, angry office.