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Okay! On that note, that's our #RAW tweet-up for the week. Thanks for joining us and good luck sleeping tonight!
Before you all even ask, no, we're not developing @WWEBrayWyatt Ballroom Dancing 2K15. #RAW #2spooky4us
Well, it's decided. As voted by the @WWEUniverse, @JohnCena will face all three members of the Wyatt family. You monsters. #RAW
"If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail." - @TheBoDallas, 2014 #RAW #BOlieve
The great thing about being Sin Cara is with that mask you can't see @RusevBUL coming to the ring. Where's Scooby when you need him!? #RAW
IT'S TIME.. Let's hear it, #RamPAIGErs! The NXT Women's and Divas Champion, @RealPaigeWWE is live on #RAW to take on @AksanaWWE!
And @TherealRVD advances to the finals of the Intercontinental tournament, thanks to an assist by @RealJackSwagger #RAW
Not like this, @RealJackSwagger.. Not like this! #RAW
We're not sure if you all heard the news but @HeymanHustle's client, @BrockLesnar, conquered the Undertaker's undefeated streak. #RAW
HOLLA.. IF YA HEAR.. Oh, it's @WWECesaro! And he's got a new theme song! What do y'all think? #RAW
To the @ReneeYoungWWE! And her guest is @JohnCena! Did you vote for just how many Wyatt's he'll face later? #RAW
The #EMMAlution is here, and her bubbles have finally arrived on #RAW! It's @EmmaWWE vs @mslayel!
And @WWEUsos pick up the win. Their reward? Getting knocked around by #RybAxel. Extreme Rules is just around the corner, though! #RAW
DID YOU KNOW: The Exotic Express comes equipped with wi-fi? You can tell when we're on it by how weird our tweets get. OOH. BUNNIES! #RAW
"You either adapt or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Darth Vader, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home #NailedIt #RAW
Perfect timing by The Shield because it's not like something totally awkward didn't just happen. #EvolutionvsShield Tell em', Dean-O!
Does.. Does anyone else think it's weird to see Randy wearing both a shirt AND pants? He should probably lose one WE MEAN UH HASHTAG RAW UH
Whose side are you on in the battle of #EvolutionvsShield? We're not choosing. Let's just say we want what's #BestForBusiness.
Fresh from main eventing #RAW last week (it's true!), @WWE3MB is bringing their World Tour to @WWELosMatadores!
We're not going to lie. @WWEBrayWyatt freaks us out, but if we get a chance we're taking that dude out to karaoke sometime. #RAW
"Free will does exist tonight, if you make the choice." All you have to do is.. #BOlieve. #RAW
Bad news Barrett don't have his stand tonight maybe it wasn't portable? #GameBoy #raw @WWE
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"If you're going to rise to the challenge, you have to be prepared to change. You just have to.. #BOlieve!" - @TheBoDallas, 2014
"It's flashing red!" Glad to know we're not the only ones who commentate #RAW like video games. #BadNewsBarrett with the OMG!
You know that beat down of @WWEDanielBryan was bad when #BadNewsBarrett comes out and his news feels surprisingly uplifting. #RAW