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ICYMI: #WWE2K15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has a new release date. For details:
#WWE2K15 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has a new release date of November 18, November 21 Internationally. Details:
#WWESuperCard is gearing up for a major update. Who's currently riding in your deck?
A true WWE Legend reflects upon their storied career. #WWE2K15 #FEELIT
#WWESuperCard will be offline for maintenance at 5PM PT tonight to prepare for next the next update. Details:
Out on the bayou, capturing a moment with @WWEBrayWyatt for the #WWE2K15 commercial. #FEELIT
A special message from @BookerT5x regarding #WWE2K15, SUCKAAAAAA!
Great thanks to @BookerT5x for joining us at #GameStopExpo. Now CAN. YOU. DIG. THAT?
Mr. Money in the Bank, @WWERollins, is hands-on with #WWE2K15 as fellow Authority member, @RandyOrton! #GameStopExpo
Headed to back to Cali today for @GameStop and @WWEgames. If you're near, come by and talk games and wrestling with me for a bit. 1-3pm.
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Here's what 25,000 @HulkHogan signatures look like, packed and ready for #WWE2K15 "HULKAMANIA" Edition!
25000 WWE2K15 cards officially done brother!!!!! Fried,dyed and laid to the side,brutal!! As Ron Simmons says DAMN HH
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Lots of love for #WWESuperCard. Who's looking forward to the next update?
C'mon folks, no excuses. Have you played #WWESuperCard yet!? It's FREE!
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And that's our #RAW tweet-up for this week! See y'all next time!
It's not an episode of #RAW without a great #DadJoke. Thanks, @JerryLawler!
It's main event time, folks! @RandyOrton takes on @WWERomanReigns. Who's starting the new #RAW season a winner?
We're sorry, but did that bunny just SUPERKICK @HeathSlaterOMRB? This is out of control. STOP THAT RABBIT! #RAW
Everything about this is amazing and nothing could be better. #ThankYouJerry #RAW
Who needs security when you have @StephMcMahon!? #StephForBusiness #RAW
"I have faith in #JerrySpringer to resolve this." Have.. Have you seen his show, King? It's about to go DOWN. #RAW
The last time a Jerry got between @BellaTwins they got wrecked. We've seen enough @jerryspringer to know to hide the chairs! #RAW
Let us get this straight.. Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze are about to be on #RAW? It's.. it's cool that we freak out. Right?
A personal, guided tour through the Hall of Fame by the curator itself? That.. That actually sounds quite pleasant. #RAW
Is it just us or is @WWESheamus vs @WWECesaro the Pokémon Red to @WWEAJLee vs @RealPaigeWWE's Pokémon Blue? #RAW
This all just got 2real4me #RAW
Let it go, @JohnCena. Can't hold it back anymore. That perfect champ is gone. HERE I STAND IN THE LIIIIIIIIIGHT OF DAAAAaaoohhh sorry. #RAW
How to beat @BrockLesnar at Night of Champions in one easy step:
And then @HeymanHustle proceeded to speak for the next two hours and it was super great and everyone was happy forever. #RAW
JBL: "I'm not your friend, BUDDY." Cole: "Well, I'm not your buddy, PAL." #RAW
Seeing @KaneWWE happy makes us happy, too. Maybe we were wrong about him. Good job, Kane! You did the thing to start the show! #RAW
"The only limits in a [#SteelCage] match like this is your imagination." - @JCLayfield, the Willy Wonka of sports entertainment. #RAW
It's the season premiere of Monday Night #RAW and we're kicking things off with a cage match! Creepy demon children not included. Yet.
We're coming in hot with tonight's #RAW tweet-up! The action starts in just 20 minutes ... that's when our pizza arrives.
#WWE2K15 "HULKAMANIA" Edition is rare, making its exclusive @OriginalFunko @HulkHogan figure even more desirable!
With more than 2.8 million downloads and over 375 million cards drafted, #WWESuperCard is a hit! @WWE
Who loves #WWESuperCard? @XavierWoodsPhD does. Check out our interview with the @2K Champ!
Pre-ordered your #WWE2K15 "HULKAMANIA" Edition? Check out the exclusive @OriginalFunko @HulkHogan figure!
We caught up with @XavierWoodsPhD, who's kind of a big deal, and talked about #WWESuperCard!
ICYMI: Check out the first episode of The Making of #WWE2K15!