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Dusty Rhodes
wwewrestling 198,075 followers
the cosmic is now open ! StarDust , he needs to meet Cody Rhodes !
Dream and Finn drive pics coming soon ! @WWEDustyRhodes this guy , get out of my truck !!!!!!! holy dog crapp
Great news @RealEdenWWE talent , hard work always pay's in the end . As one of her go to teachers very proud . DREAM
Me and my 4 bud's b knocking down ! Deer hunting in SO GA. now watching Payton playing with taking SF TO SHED !
yes I was in ALABAMA last night and got pibull dog shit on my boots , when they said witch way the go , they went wrong!
having a shot with Blackpool boy this morning :))))))
tweetie out to man D. Rucker on tour , Willie same , Kris too ! the life blood of my long road tours !
ok if you can make money off a podcast ok but we b talking big money big yard dogs ! not chump money, like good old !!
b down on # @ * man I don't no what these thing mean , and I don't no SFS , put them where etc. ? be clayzzzzzz
my man Robby Brookside on tour teaching him to deer hunt this year ! and update Finn wants his on car ! WTS !!!
good morning tweeeties ! jumping on Friday like a dog on a bone $$$$$$
Finn out !! Before one of our face becomes a krimmmman mask . #PC somebody help me !
Robby Brookside drive better then this guy !!!! @pc NOW HE'S SIGNING holy dog crap !!
Finn just touch my serial satellite radio on country music ! @pc now that to much , the key in radio don't work DAMMM
#NXT man teaching Finn to drive , my truck I must b clazzzz , he b killing me and my treauk he don't no SFS
"I hope I am sane by the time I am done" !!! you be getting up , and making DREAMS come true :)))))) @WWE
many of you dumb ass thank my birthday 12th oct. its the 11th all the time
all the rap masters in @rap world want me to due a album , bad wiskey , must talk to my man Snoop !!
I don't no what the 1m means I must have ass diled it , I am a spelling SOB
Cosmic birthday , stars in line , let the outlaws ride coolest old man in the room .
charlotte @pc class kicks ass last nite ! one can't sang the blues till they had them, her light now shines !
TMR AKA TMG #teamrhodes ceo of teamrhodes must stay on top of this
my outlaw ways run deep ! but the prince #unbelievable , if I smoked I would need a joint ! :)))
tattoooooooo ??? @teamrhodes the cosmic , holy moly not my youngest !
champion @WWE #NXT watching class last night it is a fact charlotte is the very best diva in WWE she gets it !!
Hello @Yankees we be done , hope you had your kids watch the last at bat from the DJ . Remember ! I seen it ! #2
proud of Titus #NXT steps up , big time !
#talking aboutheadlockranch @teamrhodes #world yes I was boss of boss's , king of kings and now a teacher of dreams
6 foot 8 corbin #NXTFullSail show stopper ! big star bound
The@wwe Russian with lana backed down at nxt taping THE AMERICAN DREAM !
Need to promonte my twitter on whatever, now , I calls out Russian no response #wwe , Lana @Talking to u !
the dream will kick your Russian Ass , that's it @WWEDustyRhodes and at my age still your Lana .
call somebody #class in rain delay from last nite @WWENXT storms never last do the baby ? #me rusev @WWEDustyRhodes
find me on the network #WWE I am the COMIC COWBOY not dreamdust ! get well bobby eaton b blessed my friend .
great #NightOfChampions very proud of the boys !!!! uso's great champs , great match to kick off show
GO BOY "S@WWE big night ! while the rest are in the back , be out front , the best ever fam. in all wrestling *cosmic
Jeter #Frank my way ! Timeless , greatness , and the Yankees .
champion @stardust should have 3 under belt already . hard work will pay off ,talent . HE GIVES A S ! PROUD
unreal @Goldust to watch him , is a art farm ,at his age, the old ones that try to comeback , no chance ! proud !
Brandi and Cody , be blessed 1year , love you both , be happy and best friends , Dad
they are set to be world tag champs #cosmicCowboy , @teamrhodes
talk about rice ! ? I can't, sorry , lets talk wrestling , #NXTTakeover it is going to be best yet . @WWENetwork
on sept. 11 our sweetie Teil has birthday , love you pop :))))) #teamrhodes !
#what just wondering @2k15 Dream ?????????
#browns how did this guy become a head coach ?????????
you ask , Ichiro a great baseball player , so yes I do no my Yankees !