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Dusty Rhodes
wwewrestling 193,043 followers
champion @stardust should have 3 under belt already . hard work will pay off ,talent . HE GIVES A S ! PROUD
unreal @Goldust to watch him , is a art farm ,at his age, the old ones that try to comeback , no chance ! proud !
Brandi and Cody , be blessed 1year , love you both , be happy and best friends , Dad
they are set to be world tag champs #cosmicCowboy , @teamrhodes
talk about rice ! ? I can't, sorry , lets talk wrestling , #NXTTakeover it is going to be best yet . @WWENetwork
on sept. 11 our sweetie Teil has birthday , love you pop :))))) #teamrhodes !
#what just wondering @2k15 Dream ?????????
#browns how did this guy become a head coach ?????????
you ask , Ichiro a great baseball player , so yes I do no my Yankees !
#pc do you thank b. saxton puts his VKM office when he goes to CT. ?
#pc dreams office , b. saxton comes in from road , puts his shit in my new office , and goes on to use my shit etc. ex student
#hippydog a real cool film company , update later today !! a teamrhodes company, your cosmic ride .
thanks for playing team , I will be back , remember without you I was nothing #TEAMRHODES LOVE YOU GUYS .
you guy's promo for wrestling ?
you shits I I mean in the !!!! movie's , you teamrhodes guys b funny !!!!!!
who is the best actor , don't count my man ROCK he is a real actor , so who in wwe #fun
# shield , no I thought roman first , who did you thank I was talking about @WWE and by the way , will ok , dean my man !
#witch bunnyman and the yellow cow @teamrhodes my mate's are tall teller's
dean ambrose movie before ------------? must be kidding !
we are all just commom men and women ! we need to act like it .
Good are bad , you stay with your team , that is my Yankees #baseball ! Let's finish !!!! #2 you the man
The yellow cow women #brookside also the women witch ? Stay tuned for update
Brookside #mate told me a tall tell today about the yellow cow women from England !
Ms Banks be so much talent ! #NXT can not being held down , @WWE big star bound , her teacher , ME !
Happy Birthday Michelle , I love you , @teamrhodes you be my best Bud !!
THE TRUTH ABOUT BUCK ROBLY @dreamscast , who took JCP 'S money ? was it Klondike NOOO ! BALLPARK up in flames
#THECOSMICCOWBOY WTF- Heath Slater , Titus !, ok lets find the key . @teamrhodes lets do it !!
I have a pod cast coming @WWE where I knock everyone , its called the TRUTH AS IT IS ! good stuff ?
#RAW Codys work as StarDust , with his bro. Goldust is the best on any tv!! @WWE , IT'S BIGGER THEN GUARDIANS
Doc coming for you ! Cosmic Cowboy , Starcade @LegendFest @nXt GREAT NIGHT ! Kids working hard TURN HIM LOSE! STARDUST @WWE
The Dusty Finish W. ! @WWE THE REAL STORY . The Dots thanks Pat :)))
Talking Flair #network , Race, Sully , etc. JCP the Cowboy , PC , not only the future , but brush w history !
Starcade the house of STARDUST ! @WWE @Goldust NUFF SAID
#freebird1 had chance to listen to his new cd , free bird knocks it out of park ! Southern rock lives ! @WWE get it !
#ASG May you stay forever young , with grace and pride forever young .
I thank their going for a tyy hold it he just made it after 9 hrs of bad tv !!! Who cares !!
blood STOP IT STOP it !! Match over ? No WTF
As the great Bonnzeenie said somebody get my gun ! Tv 0 Gun 1 :)
Murdoch watching a match want say who , @WWE anyway , how long will this bullshit go on ? #cup , NOOOOOOO
1 year magic at #PC thanks to , much to be proud of ! @nXt
RoadDog,Gunn #ThanksDream I gave up my shoot due to me being under weather to them , no thanks, Text etc !! WTF me in pain?
#country music , my buddy's The Champ and The Rock,:)) He stopped loving her today, Darius , The Hag, Willie , Kris:)
#TEAMRHODES We just be better, day in and day out ! Stars are Golden
You can't sing the blues if you never had them !
#sooner Tim Grant , can't believe he's the best ! HookHorns Tim :)) thanks Tim keeping me up write on y The ground
I never move in # I thank @WWE has me moneturd ! so I talk on twitter nothing happens , I don't say 1 tweet nothing
I am a spelling MF :))))) @pokadust