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Breaking: Afghan presidential rivals agree to power-sharing deal that appears to resolve election crisis
"Eleven Jinping." Newsreader in India fired over Xi Jinping blunder
How the suddenly beleaguered NFL unites Americans:
The original crowd sourcers: why bees and ants are so good at collective decisionmaking.
One person still using his BlackBerry? Richard Branson.
What teardowns of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus reveal about battery life, camera quality and more:
"How will the climate change over the next century under both natural and human influences?"
A baseball lawsuit claims minor-league players are paid less than required by law.
Bill Gates's net worth has swelled to $82 billion from $5 billion since he hired this man:
An inside look at the man who has quietly managed Bill Gates's investment empire for 20 years:
The study that set off alarm bells: Are U.S. soldiers dying from survivable wounds?
The science behind climate change - and what we still don't know:
Secret Service is coming under scrutiny after a man hopped the White House fence and made it through the front door.
A new report estimates student loan burdens will reduce US home sales by 8% this year
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The NFL began as a league of ruined men, crippling violence, innovation and exquisite teamwork. Sort of like America.
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Are U.S. soldiers dying from survivable wounds?
A rare look at some of Bill Gates's personal investments:
In last 10 wks, largest Dem super PACs have raised 4x as much as GOP ones, and have spent $60M to Republicans' $38M
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Fence-Jumper makes it into the White House, sparks security review via @jeffsparshott
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These cameras take photos with more vintage-style charm than you get from Instagram:
LED headlights. Turn signals. Blurring the line between car and bicycle:
Why big acts like Taylor Swift and One Direction play radio stations' concerts for peanuts:
$231.4 billion: Alibaba's market cap as of Friday's close. Alibaba's IPO, by the numbers: $BABA
Alibaba's IPO splash, more uncertainty for the U.K., and an Afrikaans craze. Here is today's front page:
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Working 9-to-420: Nearly 10% of Americans in a recent survey said they have gone to work high:
Alibaba's big debut, a less-United Kingdom, and a craze for Afrikaans. Take an early look at today's front page:
Busy day? Catch up on today's top stories:
"We're very far from the knowledge needed to make good climate policy," says former Obama scientist Steven Koonin:
How #Ferguson may have spurred a change to Facebook's news feed: $FB
NFL wants to implement new personal conduct policies for its employees by the Super Bowl:
End of very long Friday that stretched from Asia to US -- #Alibaba now valued at $231B, above Facebook, Amazon.
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Roger Goodell took questions but offered few answers. Jason Gay on the NFL commissioner's immaculate deflection.
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Report: The military has yet to fully adopt battlefield aid techniques that could help keep many wounded men alive.
Alibaba's IPO will make Yahoo about $5.1 billion richer. $YHOO $BABA
It's Friday. Almost time to slow down. Tune out. And read these 5 things that will benefit your brain:
You don't need to be sleep-deprived to get ahead. How an extra hour of sleep can increase your salary:
Alibaba shares surged 38% to $93.89 in market debut, making it one of the most valuable companies in the U.S. $BABA
Goodbye payola; hello showola: Why Taylor Swift and One Direction play radio stations' concerts for peanuts via @WSJ
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"If you have an iPhone 4S, you probably shouldn't bother updating it to the new iOS 8." $AAPL
Doctors say this study is the most extensive look into the actual causes of death in war:
George R.R. Martin places the weight of Westeros behind Democratic Sen. Tom Udall:
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced he is working to complete a new conduct policy for players and employees:
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How are penguins similar to humans? A look at the private lives of penguins:
Alibaba shares surge in trading debut. Scotland rejects independence. Long lines for iPhone 6. Today's top stories:
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