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Group of 14 financial firms, led by Goldman, buy instant-messaging company in a bid to change how traders communicate
Prosecutors look into possible leak from #Ferguson grand juror
Germany replaces China as the world's trade-surplus boogeyman
Get the latest on the protests in #HongKong on our new WeChat account. Add us using WeChat ID: TheWallStreetJournal
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Japanese firms are taking a page from the playbooks of Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg:
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Drag queens will now be able to use their stage names on Facebook: $FB
Editorial in Communist Party's flagship paper calls #HongKong protests a 'desecration of democracy and rule of law'
Chinese officials gave 10,000 pigeons' a full-body cavity search before releasing them in a ceremony
Protesters in #HongKong threaten to escalate actions if demands aren't met by midnight
What gear do medical workers treating patients with Ebola wear? @jasonbellini has #TheShortAnswer:
Protests in #HongKong put a brake on China National Day tourists via @WSJ (photo: Reuters)
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When should a Supreme Court justice sit out a case?
How well do you know India? Take our quiz to find out:
Lotte won long-awaited approval to open Korea's tallest skyscraper, but with strings attached.
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Drug companies race to create vaccines for deadly virus that has killed 8 million pigs in the U.S. since 2013:
Penn State is the second major U.S. university in a week to cut ties with the Confucius Institute program
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A timeline of Hong Kong's civil disobedience movement: #OccupyCentral
The disciplined behavior of Hong Kong's protesters sound familiar to many in Taiwan
India and U.S. agree to joint exploration of Mars. (Photo: Reuters)
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As protests grow in #HongKong, so do questions about whether spontaneity is right approach
Should more aggressive easing measures be used to spur China's slow economic activity? Economists weigh in:
Who is the person the protesters want out of office? @WSJ's profile of Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying
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#HongKong government seeks to wait out protesters, a strategy handed down from Beijing
More than 3,300 people have died from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, WHO says.
#HongKong protests add a new twist to the umbrella's history as a political symbol
How "Transparent," Amazon's new series, takes an uncommon look at transgender life:
It's getting increasingly difficult to figure out who is in charge of the HK protests -- read WSJ analysis here:
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An in-depth look at #HongKong's CEO Leung Chun-ying and the dilemma he faces as protests grow:
5 important news stories you may have missed today:
Twitter invests $10 million in new MIT research lab that will analyze tweets: $TWTR
Michigan's athletic director is under fire--but still has powerful friends:
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With lending tight in the Caribbean, several island nations are financing villa projects by selling citizenship
"Dear Mr. Spielberg: We think we've cracked the code. Please come do our Jaws movie," says @ThatKevinSmith.
The top-paying jobs for engineering majors vs. humanities majors:
The glass ceiling is getting thinner, with women making up 16.4% of the top 1% of earners. (fixed figure)
Share of women in the top 1% of earners: 1981-85: 3.2% 2008-12: 16.4% (fixes earlier tweet)
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"It's a mistake to go to bed too early." Advice from a sleep expert:
Twitter is giving every tweet ever made publicly to MIT, in the name of research. Including this one. by @yoreekoh
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"Agents often burn out after four or five years." What it's like to be in the Secret Service:
Secret Service Director Pierson was fired so fast she didn't even get a face-to-face meeting with the president.
A 5K dash where runners are chased by zombies and other reasons to try nerd-focused fitness
Facebook commands a greater percentage of digital ad dollars than it does Americans' digital time. $FB
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Breaking: Ebola patient in U.S. is thought to have traveled from Brussels to Dallas on United Airlines
Why do Republicans still struggle to talk to women?
5 reasons to ignore negative polling about Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts: by @JohnFeehery (AP photo)
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