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Alibaba's IPO goes public today. Here's what you need to know: $BABA
When Alibaba goes public today, it will be bigger than Amazon.…
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Separatists elsewhere celebrate the British ballot box even as Scotland votes 'no'
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A Syrian diplomat working in the embassy in the U.S. secretly helped opponents of the Assad regime get passports
Scotland has rejected independence from the United Kingdom. Now the process to devolve further powers begins #indyref
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The UK is now at risk of a prolonged period of political instability. My blog.
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"Eleven Jinping." Newsreader in India fired over Xi Jinping blunder
In Washington, Poroshenko secures more aid, but no weapons, despite plea that "one cannot win a war with blankets."
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Scotland has voted... to allow female members into one of the world's oldest golf clubs
58% of hiring managers say they've caught a lie on a resume:
The U.K. remains united: "There can be no doubt that many businesses will breathe a sigh of relief"
Here are today's Page One stories:
Sony dreams of profit with the Morpheus virtual-reality headset
Think you know a lot about China and India? As Xi visits New Delhi, test your knowledge here:
GlaxoSmithKline found guilty of bribery in China; fined $488.8 million
Up to 30% of workers sleep less than 6 hours a night during the week, up from 2% to 3% 50 years ago.
The world's top Internet firms, by market cap: 1. Google 2. Facebook 3. Alibaba
Time to reflect on Scotland's attractions. Not least, much more affordable houses than London
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Hyundai outbids Samsung for plot of land in Seoul's posh Gangnam district for $10 billion. Investors unimpressed
Quietly—almost imperceptibly—Samsung begins taking orders for the Galaxy Note 4 @LeeMinjeong83
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Scotland rejects independence, with 55% voting 'no' and 45% voting 'yes' #IndyRef
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After months of campaigning, Alex Salmond concedes defeat in Scottish Referendum:…
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In pictures: Scotland votes to remain in the U.K. #Indyref
Ryder Cup Preview: At Gleneagles, the other Scottish showdown
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British Pound rises as Scotland rejects independence in referendum #Indyref
Scotland votes 'no'. Here's what the market thinks:
Breaking: Scotland chief counting officer says majority of voters said no to independence
A reminder on who to follow if you are interested in the Scotland #IndyRef reaction:
Scotland has voted 'no' and will remain in the United Kingdom
Signs suggest Scotland likely to stay in the U.K.: (Photo: AFP/Getty)
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If you want to follow what WSJ reporters are saying about the Scotland vote and reaction, here's a Twitter list:
Here's your first take on what it all means for the markets. Update to follow shortly.… #indyref @WSJ @WSJeurope
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Breaking: BBC forecasts Scotland votes to remain part of U.K.
Early signs in #Indyref suggest Scotland likely to stay in U.K.
Japanese game makers enlist Google's help entering overseas markets
Read the first few pages of @janemarielynch's new anti-bullying book for children:
Chinese views on Scottish vote: 'If more people want to be independent, it's OK.'
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The U.S. is tracking threats that target the West by al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate
A filmmaker's home in Hong Kong or a farmhouse hideaway in Australia? Cast your vote here:
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Apple stores in Sydney report strong demand for Apple's latest iPhones
British pound rises sharply as polls suggest "no" vote ahead in #Scotland independence vote
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How would the small economy of Scotland fare? Charts on the economics:
Follow the results of the Scottish #indyref from each of the 32 electoral districts: