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WoW Facts
Intelligent people are more creative during the night. They experience high levels of mental stimulation, which makes it hard to sleep.
Early morning sex has been proven to be more effective than coffee.
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Good liars are better at noticing other people's lies.
Apple stores everything you say to Siri on its servers.
Feelings that come back are actually feelings that never left.
A great relationship is about 2 things: First, appreciating the similarities. Second, respecting the differences.
Studies show that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments.
Your shoes are much more important than you think. People draw many conclusions about a person based on what shoes they're wearing.
The best friendships tend to be those in which you can be openly weird and or sarcastic without that person taken offense.
Only two people alive know the Coca-Cola recipe, and they aren't allowed to travel on the same plane in case it crashes.
The person you care about the most is usually the person who you'll allow to hurt you the most.
Every relationship has ups and downs, you should never expect perfection from somebody.
Missing someone causes insomnia like symptoms. The frustration of being without that person keeps you awake at night.
Shy people tend to be more modest, which is considered an attractive trait by many.
The last person on your mind before you close your eyes at night is either the reason for your happiness or pain.
85% of people say “I’m tired” when they’re really just upset.
452 people die from falling off their beds every year.
Emotional stress and frustration causes you to express things you don’t mean to those you care about the most.
Too much stress literally causes the human brain to freeze and shut down temporarily.
76% of the richest people on Earth were high school and college dropouts.
Psychologists have proven that we tend to overestimate ourselves -- We are not as nice as we think we are.
If you still feel tired after a good night's sleep, you're probably dehydrated.
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According to surveys, love starts when people don't need it and ends when they need it the most.
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76% of people keep things to themselves to avoid being judged by others.
Marijuana usage prior to sex for both the male and the female has been known to increase sexual pleasure.
People will claim to miss you and yet they don't even make an effort to text, call or see you.
When you go to bed, half of the time you’re not really sleeping… you’re usually lying there replaying memories in your head.
Lying to yourself about how you truly feel is heavily linked to depression. Not accepting the truth is what makes things harder.
If you still feel tired after a good night's sleep, you're probably dehydrated. Drink some water after you wake up.
Love has nothing to do with your heart, it's all chemical reactions inside of your brain.
Cuddling kills depression, relieves anxiety, and strengthens your immune system.
Only after 8 years of inventing a telephone, in 1884, the first prank call was made.
Children who grow up in stressful environments with strict parents are more likely to develop the habit of over thinking as adults.
If you put headphones into your nostrils and open your mouth, it forms instant speakers.
90% people skip the first slice of bread, just because it's ugly.
When Ashton Kutcher was 13, he almost committed suicide by jumping off hotel balcony so that he could donate his heart to his dying brother.
Samuel L. Jackson had the phrase "Bad Motherf*cker" engraved on the lightsaber he used in Star Wars.
No matter how hard you try; you can never remember how your dream started.
Too much homework can cause stress, depression, and even lower grades.
Our memories aren't that reliable. What we remember is usually altered by our emotions and other thoughts at that time.
If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.
Physical touch makes you healthier. Studies show that massages, hugs, and hand-holding reduces stress and boosts the immune system.
85% of the time, the people who are always trying to cheer others up are unhappy themselves.
Your true friends can see the hurt in your eyes when everyone else is fooled by your smile.
Never chase love, affection or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having.