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WoW Facts
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Celebrities Without Makeup 😱 You won't even recognize Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence 🙈
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Inspiring story about a pitbull rescued by police officers.
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To prevent someone from giving you a fake number, read the number they give you incorrectly. If its real, they'll correct you.
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The filling in Oreo cookies was originally made of pork fat.
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These buns of steel are in Trentham gardens in Stoke, England
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Would you hang this really creative (aka weird) clock on your wall
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There is a man who, due to auto-brewery syndrome, will get drunk from eating bread.
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Cockroaches feel exactly the same way about us as we do about them. If a person touches them, they run away and hide, then wash themselves.
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Adolf Hitler almost drowned in a river when he was 4 years old but was saved by a local priest.
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Once you dislike someone, 90% of the things they do tend to annoy you
College students finally have an answer to outrageous textbook costs - sp
When someone sees you at your worst and still thinks you look your best, we suggest, that's someone worth keeping
The act of cuddling has positive effects on women, strengthening their immune system.
You are not as nice as you think you are, as studies in psychology have proved that we tend to overestimate ourselves!
It has been scientifically proven that your body can stay alive for many months only on water and beer.
Staying up all night will cause your body to burn an extra 161 calories.
Daydreaming literally helps the mind maintain focus on the things in which we want the most
Enjoy life today, because yesterday is gone - And tomorrow is never promised.
Before you fall asleep, you begin to imagine everything that you'd like to happen in your life
While ignoring a phone call, the phone always seems to ring a bit longer than usual
Psychologists have found that sending and receiving text messages can actually boost your mood when you're feeling lonely.
People who are generally ''too nice" are often the ones to get hurt the most and or taken for granted.
Before you assume, try asking first
We are by nature more happy when kept busy, however, we're programmed to be lazy