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Jonathan Ross
Had a great time being Guest Announcer on #TakeawayOnTour tonigh! Thanks guys!
A friend's 14 year old sister has gone missing in the Ealing area. Please spread the word. #AliceGross
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Morning! If you'd like to come say hi to me and Bryan Hitch we are back at Forbidden Planet next month!…
Need to work on ideas for Radio 2 tomorrow but sick in bed with gastro-enteritis. Will be fist-bumping rather then shaking hands with guests
I've twisted my ankle a little. I need someone to carry me like Baby Voldemort.
Might sound a bit random, but I've come to the conclusion that anything that can kill from a distance, even a small one, is a very bad thing
My beloved wife and daughter just got home from the Back to the Future #secretcinema and they had the best time!!
photo of me taken on my phone by @wossy with my shirt matching the ceiling lights hahaha
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Just upgraded my old rather beat up Piaggio MP3 for this new model. Shirt is optional…
Thanks to everyone who tweeted me re my ( brief) radio 2 return. Really nice of you. Onwards!
Well done to our BFI Film Academy on placing 3rd out of 750 Education projects in the #NLAwards! Thanks for voting!
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I don't know why I'm tweeting this, but I'm watching Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting on BBC 1 in tears. RIP Chief.
Just saw #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy. For the third time this week. So much fun !
The first time Morrissey ever appeared on one of my shows! Over twenty years ago!!…
Robin Wiliams on fine form. What a devastating loss.
Robin Williams is gone. I loved him. Incredibly talented performer. Wonderfully sweet and generous person. Heartbreaking news. So sad.
My fave Swamp Thing piece . Just gorgeous.
For Swamp Thing fans. From the vault...
OK, so, I don't like to brag, but I think I managed to cheer Morrissey up a little today. I will sleep well tonight.
3 of our dogs licked a dead frog in the garden today . I've been clearing up after them ever since ...
Am watching The Bourne Supremacy, again, on ITV2. Not complaining, but don't they have any other films?
Went to the premiere of #Expendables3. Sylvester Stallone pretended to fire arrows at me like Rambo, 1 of the greatest moments of my life
Just watched "You've Got Mail" again. Man that's a GREAT movie.
Oh, if you're in Brightonh have a lovely #BrightonPride ! My daughter is out there somewhere, swigging gin....
The new Morrissey album is super.
Good morning! 幸せなパンツの日 It's a real thing, apparently.
@wossy please RT? Guide dog Tess is still missing!… could be anywhere in UK."
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Don't like or share this unless you know why this is funny.
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I am appearing onstage at #IFFA2014 tonight in LA. Here's the tux they hired for me. Think I'll wear my own
Last day of #SDCC2014 ! Got breakfast with some of the best writers in the biz, then off to LA to help out at #IFFA2014 Strange life I lead
Hi! Your VOTE could mean £500,000 to help @centrepointuk end youth homelessness. Vote in the Google #ImpactChallenge…
#sdcc 1st purchase. Gotta love Elephantmen.
Just arrived in San Diego for Comic Con. Hell Yeeaaahhhh!!!!!! Time to buy some crap.
This is an actual thing. The Corona-Rita. God Bless America.
Diagon Alley! If you remember the number for the Ministry if Magic, give them a call...@UniversalORL #diagonalley
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Going to be fun! @BFI: Take one giant leap into #BFISciFi: Days of Fear and Wonder! Watch the exclusive trailer here:
Hello Twitter! Just took this pic of a lovely bug in Florida. Anyone know what it is?
I dig this Brighton artist @StrangeCaseCo at or at ArtRepublic"
@wossy Please Retweet & pledge today to save my tv+movie Collectable shop in Huddersfield…
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