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Blogging 101 returns! And meet Blogging U.'s newest challenge, Photography 101:
Need feedback on your latest post? Not sure about your new theme? Come join us at the Community Pool:
At what age did you realize you weren't immortal? How did you react? Today's @postaday prompt is Finite Creatures:
Blunt but loving, Kurt Vonnegut's writing advice helps us put one word in front of another:
Fourth Wall, today's @postaday prompt, invites you to imagine living for a day inside your favorite movie:
Who needs straight paths? For today's @postaday prompt, give a stranger the most fun, detour-filled directions:
In this week's @postaday photo challenge, bend light with our topic, "Refraction":
In this week's @postaday photo challenge, bend light with our topic, "Refraction":
In today's @postaday prompt, Reverse Shot, we ask you to retell an early memory, but from another person's POV:
Last call to join the next round of Blogging 201!
Our new free theme, Penscratch, makes for a pleasant reading and writing experience.
We all want people to follow our blogs. But what is a follower actually supposed to do? The art of following a blog:
What does #inequality mean to you? Today's @postaday prompt is inspired by @blogactionday12, taking place today:
Fun with widgets — a how-to for non-designers on creating a custom image widget for your blog:
Interview: Simon Rich on Guilt, Humor Writing, and Being the Worst Person Ever
Take your blog to the next level with Blogging 201, a free course focused on traffic, growth, and branding:
In today's @postaday prompt, Avant Garde, we wonder if your tastes or views have ever been ahead of the game:
Next #Longreads Exclusive coming tomorrow, from Rebecca Solnit and @Orion_Magazine. Read them all here:
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Musicians mash up and reinterpret, and so can writers -- this week's writing challenge is about genre blending:
From Australia to Perú -- tour the world courtesy of @wordpressdotcom photographers:
What's messier right now: your bedroom or your computer's desktop? Today's @postaday prompt is Sweeping Motions:
Our new partnership with Google brings the power of Google Apps right into your dashboard:
Blogging 201 starts next Monday - did you register yet?
This week's @postaday Community Pool is open! Advice? Feedback? Blogging tips? You've come to the right place:
We're excited to be part of #bsw14 in Florence, Italy. @Folletto opened the conference schedule with a great talk!
You've been granted one extra hour per day. What do you do with it? Today's @postaday prompt is Twenty-Five Seven:
In this post from the @postaday archives, we take a look at post formats and how they can enhance your content:
In today's @postaday prompt, Reader's Block, we ask about the longest you've ever gone without reading a book:
In today's @postaday prompt, Counting Voices, we wonder how many people are required for a good conversation:
Take us on a flight of fancy! For the Weekly Photo Challenge, show us something dreamy:
New user setting up a blog? Veteran blogger rebuilding your online home? 10 themes for you:
Have you ever used a word without knowing its real meaning? Our @postaday prompt today is Dictionary, Shmictionary:
#Writing101 touched on short-form -- today's let's head to the other end of the spectrum:
Let your content sing with Harmonic, a new free theme designed by Tammie Lister
How do you choose featured images that complement your posts? Here are five tips:
It's time for another free-write. Ten minutes, no edits, no pauses. Ready, Set, Done is today's @postaday prompt:
Longreads' Best of WordPress, Vol. 6 #longreads
Clear cruft, excise clutter! Toward Clarity: Three Tips for Better Writing
There are coffee, car, and music snobs. Today's @postaday prompt, Upturned Noses, asks which type of snob you are:
Time to venture outside the boundaries of #blogging101 into a community-run event:
In today's #writing101 exercise, we want you to give you point of view a push:
This week, consider the unreliable narrator — a classic storytelling device — in a post:
In today's @postaday prompt, One-Way Street, you're a time traveler forced to choose between past and future:
Ready for a new blogging challenge? Registration is open for Blogging 201, and the fun starts on Monday, October 20!
In today's @postaday prompt, In Transit, we ask how you feel about spaces like airports and train stations:
"A word after a word after a word is power." Words of #writing inspiration from @MargaretAtwood: