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Wong Fu Productions
What's going on here? A: Ted is praying to the miniature golf gods for a hole in one. B: Ted dropped a…
"WFWeekends" are back! New ep just released. Come watch us MELT on the golf course for you! (mini golf, but still)
Who's ready to make it a WFWeekend??
So proud of @kihonglee & his maze running skillz. Here's a look at our fav WF vids before #TheMazeRunner!… Go watch!
Were happy that you're happy. Mark your calendars for next week!
We're excited to be bringing WFWeekends back.. next week!!
Oh yes, we saw your commentsss. Check out the Director's Commentary to "After Us" for some insight into the proj!…
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We've been in and out of town, but work on editing our movie…
U wanted tank tops so we made a LIMITED edition. Get urs at & pair them w/ @tccharton glasses!
A moment many of us know, a path many of us have or will experience. Grateful for the amazing support…
Grateful for the amazing support of our short "After Us"! Also for @heybvp @kevjumba & music of @aprilnhem @deekhoo
@wongfupro new video really got to me.. I literally saw myself like this 8 months ago. Thank you so much for this 😌
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So @wongfupro's short "After Us" showed up in my sub box last night and I basically ended my summer with a good cry. Totally appropriate.
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It's great to see that altho a sad subj, our new short #AfterUs is leaving ppl w/ hope. That's the main goal. Watch:
Reassurement that I extremely needed. Thanks @wongfupro. "After Us":
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just watched @wongfupro's new short, #AfterUs. was not prepared for this, but it was great. this hit home. ohthefeels. #wongfuproductions.
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Inhale... here we go… This is us at Wong Fu giving you guys a big HUG cause.. we know. Trust us. We know <3
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Our new short, #AfterUs. For all those who've been or are going through a difficult breakup. You're not alone. RT
Uploading "After Us". Pretty large file, slow internet. A few hours. Can't wait to share!
"After Us", our new short, will be released tomorrow, late afternoon PST. Looking forward to sharing with you.
Our last real WFW was over a yr ago! We miss "seeing" y'all. Time to bring it back. Look out for the return in Sept!
How about #TuningInToWongFuTuesdays? Lol #titwft? Wanna try? Screen cap any WF vid you're watching…
SUPER exciting @ our office! So much chatter&energy! Life making vids is so fun&crazy 😜
Editing of the movie has begun. This is where the film comes to life, cut by cut.
Talk about making it happen! @TIME goes behind-the-scenes on @Indiegogo alum @wongfupro's 1st feature film! #wrapped
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Did you see the trailer for our new short, #AfterUs? It's actually been awhile since we've made something like this
Oops just passed midnight, but def needed to take a post to wish our good friend Kenson @rikognition a…
Trailer for our new short #AfterUs ft @heybvp @kevjumba. Exploring the path to recovery after a tough breakup. RT!
Congrats to @kevjumba @HarryShumJr @justinchon! Spread the word! Revenge of the Green Dragons! Looks crazy intense
Trailer for new short tmrw. Shot months ago but had to stop for the movie. Excited to finally share #NOTthemovie lol
#tbs to last week at @pbpla Plate by Plate benefit event. Trying amazing food from various…
Ok.. For real this time. We're done-done! Two extra days of reshoots for the movie last week and now…
What an honor! @TIME did a feature about our first movie! Thanks to everyone that helped us create this! @TIMECulture
"No one likes Wong Fu"?? Who wrote these lyrics?! lol Glad to help @JLin7 in his new vid! but rly #dontgohollywood ;P
Congrats to Emil for winning our San Diego Comic-Con raffle for the first ever Giant Awkward Panda!
Excited to bring back "ISA!" Gameshow! New faces & games, same fun on @ISATVofficial Trailer:
What do you think of our new hair styles? Pretty cool, kno what I'm saiyan?? ..😝 We're all at…
This is the best pic for this occasion lol. We'd like to take a moment to wish our very own…
Look who came by our @wongfupro booth to hangout! Mr. #BigHero6 himself ryankpotter. In case y'all…
We're here at Comic-Con for our @wongfupro booth! Come say hi and grab some freebies. We're in the…
@wongfupro You guys are a real production team now ㅠ__ㅠ not that you never were, but more like you guys have grown so much! So proud of you♡
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Couldn't sleep last night so I watched EVERY @wongfupro short ever made since "Yellow Fever". The evolution is outstanding. #WongFu4Lyfe
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