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Wong Fu Productions
Did you see the "new" short on our channel?… "Wong Fu Presents" is our way to share cool films & artists w/ you!
No, it's not our movie yet.. But it's just as special! Last year we released the first ever Wong Fu…
WF making an EDM music vid? @kenloi track? @kinagrannis on the vocals?? This is gonna be epic! And YOU pick the beat!
Baby Awkward Giraffe prototype. Sneak peek :) It has an adjustable neck just like its bi...
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Secret proj revealed! It's been over 2 yrs since we made a music video. Guess which artist we're returning for?
Watching @wongfupro on Youtube before I sleep is a ritual to me #makesmyday
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New WFWeekend ft @AnnaAkana trying to teach us.. Pole Dancing?! (sadly not as sexy as you think lol) Watch:… RT
This week's ep of WFW really raised the bar.. Or at least put it on the side...... Coming in a couple hrs!
Next week we're starting something new. Here & there we're going to share another dir's short film that we love & think you'll love too
Thank u for being our audience/supporters/friends. We're always creating, knowing we can share w/ u. And that in itself is a huge privilege.
Leave it to @tedfu for the highlight of our latest WFW ep. He lost the competition, but won in the way…
Have you made it a WFWeekend yet? This week we play Puzzle Fighter! no, not a vid game or new app..…
New Wong Fu Weekends! Phil, Ted, and Wes find their missing piece! Does that puzzle you? Check out the episode here!
Wow, great job @ISATVofficial on your new series w/ @MorganLynzi. Interviewing @Realtaeyang?! Check it out!
Working with friends to make awesome stuff is a really incredible feeling. Thank you for letting us share the product of our work w/ you. =)
This photo is actually more of a big deal that it seems ;). Can anyone guess what's inside? #1stcut #veryrough
Hey! It's Friday. Good to see you again =) New WFWeekends!
Did you see our latest vid? with @JLin7 @KingBach @MeganBatoon @JoannaSotomura Twitter Q&A about the vid! GO!
Out of the whole 3-day shoot, this was the hardest shot to get! Haha. Did you see our new video with…
New vid ft @JLin7 & @KingBach! Check out Jeremy's new #Lindorsements deals lol! RT (Which was your fav commericial?)
So this happened last week. On the set of #RushHour4 haha jk #worldscolliding Excited to share this…
@wongfupro's finally catching upon After Us and realising I'm also eating ice cream out of the tub... No fair
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What's going on here? A: Ted is praying to the miniature golf gods for a hole in one. B: Ted dropped a…
"WFWeekends" are back! New ep just released. Come watch us MELT on the golf course for you! (mini golf, but still)
Who's ready to make it a WFWeekend??
So proud of @kihonglee & his maze running skillz. Here's a look at our fav WF vids before #TheMazeRunner!… Go watch!
Were happy that you're happy. Mark your calendars for next week!
We're excited to be bringing WFWeekends back.. next week!!
Oh yes, we saw your commentsss. Check out the Director's Commentary to "After Us" for some insight into the proj!…
Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We've been in and out of town, but work on editing our movie…
U wanted tank tops so we made a LIMITED edition. Get urs at & pair them w/ @tccharton glasses!
A moment many of us know, a path many of us have or will experience. Grateful for the amazing support…
Grateful for the amazing support of our short "After Us"! Also for @heybvp @kevjumba & music of @aprilnhem @deekhoo
@wongfupro new video really got to me.. I literally saw myself like this 8 months ago. Thank you so much for this 😌
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So @wongfupro's short "After Us" showed up in my sub box last night and I basically ended my summer with a good cry. Totally appropriate.
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It's great to see that altho a sad subj, our new short #AfterUs is leaving ppl w/ hope. That's the main goal. Watch:
Reassurement that I extremely needed. Thanks @wongfupro. "After Us":
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