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Wolfgang Gartner
thanks Bmore/DC for an awesome show at #MDBP / mad decent block party. tomorrow we do it again in Norfolk VA
lol. “we are having a water issue and all the bathrooms in terminal 7 are out of order. please go to terminals 6 or 8 for a restroom.” -LAX
pun intended? RT "@UberFacts Being taller may lengthen your life."
the one who starts the trend rarely gets the credit. it goes to the one who copies the trend at the right time and does the best job.
super strategic surgical sound tip for the day - 100% quantization with 5% random / unquantization = sounds almost human. (if u play it in).
French Montana would be a really weird place though. . . . . people selling baguettes smoking cigarettes riding horses n stuff.
i always thought French Montana sounded like it should be a French province of Montana, like French Polynesia or French Guinea.
Flashback throwback whatever hashtag last weekend at Global Dance Festival Redrocks...
finally got these pictures that we took at @GlobalDanceFest last weekend up for those of you who give a shhhhhhhhh…
sometimes captain obvious just has to chime in real quick, he's so obvious, but sometimes that's needed.
every artist goes through changes. the longer the career, the more changes. the type of changes depend on the type of artist. (cpt. obvious)
currently going through approx 1,800 unread emails. most of which is spam. and trying to find the legit ones. I SHAKE MY FIST AT YOU, SPAM
Tricks & hype never last forever, due to these things 'eventually' running out of steam.. Truth x passion is real, therefore it's: infinite.
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has anybody ever seen a studio with a lap pool or a full indoor pool in the same room? I don't think it exists. This is my new life goal.
eventually I'd like to be balling so hard that that tweet would read "I'm going to spend the day swimming in the studio." that'd be rad.
happy Wednesday fellow users. i plan to spend the day swimming and in the studio. and how about your lovely selves?
i was once asked to make an "anthem" for a festival but that idea just seemed a little weird so i declined.
or how about songs for every holiday? Hey guys, this is the official President's Day anthem! And all the DJs would play it on Pres Day.
i'm gonna start making songs for every day of the week and call them "official anthems." HEY EVERYBODY THIS IS THE OFFICIAL THURSDAY ANTHEM!
My #sponsored #GLApacked for a day trip to visit my fam in SLO. See more of these at
everybody Wang Chung tonight? anybody? bueller? I gotta start using newer references. not everybody’s an 80′s baby.
another airport announcement throwback a couple yrs ago at LAX: “passengers Wang and Chung to the podium please.” that was my favorite.
I swear to dog they just called “passenger Jose Cuervo to the podium please” at the airport right now