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Wolfgang Gartner
just a bit ago @northcoastfest ….. the totem poles were on a whole other level tonight. :)
thank you Chicago / North Coast Music Festival. perfect end to the weekend.
yesterday @ Made In America LA
LA I’m playing Made In America in like an hour or so, tonight! not Sunday like it says on a few old flyers circulating. come out.
Labor Day festival wknd!
helllllll no. RT “@iamnotRICK: @wolfganggartner are you gonna get on the mic and yell to make sure we know you’re playing it?”
gonna play my new single for the first time evAr today @ Electric Zoo. been too long since I’ve said that! see yous there.
gangster cat says: "what the fuck you say?? say that shit again and see what happens bitch"
Flunkerdoodled hashtag viral attempt not catching on very quickly; #FLUNKERDOODLED
got matched with your sister on Eharmony; #FLUNKERDOODLED hit every red light home; #FLUNKERDOODLED too much Tapatio; #FLUNKERDOODLED
delayed flights; #FLUNKERDOODLED stuck in traffic on the 405; #FLUNKERDOODLED forgot your watch in the gym locker; #FLUNKERDOODLED
shoutout to the kid who just recognized me in my car and tried to follow me to my house. good effort. got to play Gran Turismo in real life.
LOL! DJ's posting pics in front of their "private jets" are so lame. It's just a small rental plane with your logosticker on it ;-)
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This was at my show at @XSlasvegas on Sunday. It was a prett awesome sight to behold.
remember when everybody used to post Instagram pictures of their lunch? that was annoying.
cat likes to sleep on my A/D converter because the analog is so warm.
photo bombed last night @XSLasVegas by Dip-low and uhhhh... Nick Memetti?
as of 2014 I’m pretty sure this is not “America’s #1 Selling Hash” anymore…
as of 2014 I'm pretty sure this is not "America's #1 Selling Hash" anymore...
i never had road rage, and then I moved to LA, and now there's an "incident" like once a week.
man i almost just assaulted somebody in a parking lot, totally their fault for provoking me. said the person with really bad road rage. <<
the radio just needs to play Snap and Robin S again. it’s an easy remedy.
did DJ Mustard just remake Snap “rhythm is a dancer” and Robin S “Show Me Love” for rap songs both in one year? yes, yes he did. wtf.
#DJFanAwareness - not the fans like the people, but the kind with blades. or that Dyson one. DJs need more fans. help prevent DJ overheating
as I was planning where on stage to vomit from drinking water too fast to rehydrate, I realized I wasn’t gonna make it for “one more tune!”
ABQ - I am currently wringing out my shirt. I wanted to play one more song but I overheated at the end and almost passed out. u guys r rowdy
ABQ! it’s been years. I’m back. tonight will be fun. see you soon.
is it just me or does this guy in the Trivago commercials on TV look like he’s about to come through the screen and molest you?
#TBT working with the wonderful jocelyn brown back in the day. Believe was created in this session.
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eventually after enough times doing that you'll be your own pro mastering engineer (or close to it).
music makers - if you're not confident with your mastering, pay a pro mastering engineer to do it, then learn from how they master your song
(that will be my quarterly tweet about roomba for Q3 2014)
this roomba has been on the same auto-start schedule for like a year but it still scares the living shit out of me when I hear it turn on.
when i check my twitter every day now i feel like i'm reading the Wall Street Journal. it's trippy out there!…
changing directions now from my tweets about remedies for sweaty hands and feet into a more musical / less medical lane. starting next one.
"palmoplantar hipohidrosis" excessive sweating of the palms and soles of feet. once again Wolfgang Gartner MD and google have solved it.
i've had super clammy palms and feet since i was like 15, always thought i was just a sweaty nerd, turns out it's this totally fixable thing
no, it hasn't been going on the whole time, i've been listening. so why is everybody talking about their J's now? Nike endorsements? hmm
why is everybody suddenly rapping about J's / Jordans? this befuddles me. has this been going on the whole time and I'm just noticing?
everybody knows you can’t smoke on an airplane by now. that icon could really be put to another good use. no vaping? no sex in bathrooms?
I totally hit this button like at least 45 times during my set tonight
thanks Bmore/DC for an awesome show at #MDBP / mad decent block party. tomorrow we do it again in Norfolk VA
lol. “we are having a water issue and all the bathrooms in terminal 7 are out of order. please go to terminals 6 or 8 for a restroom.” -LAX
pun intended? RT "@UberFacts Being taller may lengthen your life."
the one who starts the trend rarely gets the credit. it goes to the one who copies the trend at the right time and does the best job.