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Wolfgang Gartner
UNHOLY lyric video premiere & interview on now: UNHOLY comes out tomorrow on iTunes but you can preorder now 🙏
Heres the premiere of the lyric video for UNHOLY & an interview. It's out 2morrow on @iTunes but you can preorder now
Halloween Night in New York at @pachanyc.
My new single UNHOLY is available for preorder on iTunes today.
My new single UNHOLY is available for preorder on iTunes today.
SoundCloud took down the 90's mix I posted earlier, but here it is. Download link is in the description!…
everything you hear comes out of here
at a super formal Catholic wedding right now feeling way out of place and Unholy.
Im calling into @sxmElectro at 8pm PST/11pm EST to chat with @kramerbpm & premiere #UNHOLY for the 1st time in it's full uninterrupted form
I wrote on Facebook explaining what's been going on and the reason for this 'blackout'. Happy to bring you #UNHOLY
this is what the lull before the storm looks like
boots and cats and boots and cats all day erry day twenny four seven
Pictures from Vegas at @XSlasvegas and Albuquerque at @elreytht are up here:
i just listened to my Pandora station for the first time.
Pics from @MIAFestival in Los Angeles are up here:
Pictures from Chicago at @northcoastfest are up here:
just a bit ago @northcoastfest ….. the totem poles were on a whole other level tonight. :)
thank you Chicago / North Coast Music Festival. perfect end to the weekend.
yesterday @ Made In America LA
LA I’m playing Made In America in like an hour or so, tonight! not Sunday like it says on a few old flyers circulating. come out.
Labor Day festival wknd!
helllllll no. RT “@iamnotRICK: @wolfganggartner are you gonna get on the mic and yell to make sure we know you’re playing it?”
gonna play my new single for the first time evAr today @ Electric Zoo. been too long since I’ve said that! see yous there.
gangster cat says: "what the fuck you say?? say that shit again and see what happens bitch"
Flunkerdoodled hashtag viral attempt not catching on very quickly; #FLUNKERDOODLED
got matched with your sister on Eharmony; #FLUNKERDOODLED hit every red light home; #FLUNKERDOODLED too much Tapatio; #FLUNKERDOODLED
delayed flights; #FLUNKERDOODLED stuck in traffic on the 405; #FLUNKERDOODLED forgot your watch in the gym locker; #FLUNKERDOODLED
shoutout to the kid who just recognized me in my car and tried to follow me to my house. good effort. got to play Gran Turismo in real life.
LOL! DJ's posting pics in front of their "private jets" are so lame. It's just a small rental plane with your logosticker on it ;-)
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This was at my show at @XSlasvegas on Sunday. It was a prett awesome sight to behold.
remember when everybody used to post Instagram pictures of their lunch? that was annoying.
cat likes to sleep on my A/D converter because the analog is so warm.
photo bombed last night @XSLasVegas by Dip-low and uhhhh... Nick Memetti?
as of 2014 I’m pretty sure this is not “America’s #1 Selling Hash” anymore…