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Wolf Blitzer
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Rolling along here on a busy Wednesday.. up next "Wolf" with, who else? @wolfblitzer !!
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Why wasn't UK involved in airstrikes? @wolfblitzer asked the British Foreign Secretary:
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I'm anchoring #SitRoom today from @UN which gets ready for world leaders at General Assembly. 5-7PM ET @CNN
I'll feature some of the strong remarks by @EmWatson at the @UN #HeforShe conference that I hosted. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I'm anchoring today from @UN where there's so much action this week. Tony Blair joins me live. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
. @wolfblitzer emceed this powerful UN gender equality event. Make sure to watch @EmWatson's speech:…
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Good to meet @EmWatson at @UN #HeforShe conference. Excellent Goodwill Ambassador and very good cause.
@marieharf @cnnadam @wolfblitzer Easy. Folo @vplus because he's the fastest on #Twitter in DC. And 1 day, @VioletSterling will run things.
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You would be wise to follow @vplus who is very smart. You will learn. Do it now.
So in 1 day watched @EmWatson @RealKiefer @wolfblitzer @meghanmarkle & others all speak for gender equality. I love the #UN. #HeForShe
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Doesn't look like I'm going to beat @cnnadam to 10,000 followers. retweet this. And follow. @wolfblitzer I need a RT Hail Mary!!
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Important discussion at @UN tonight w/@RealKiefer, Ban Ki-moon, & @wolfblitzer on how all men can stand up for women
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She asked @nfl Commissioner #Goodell some tough questions. @Rachel__Nichols joins me live. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Is there a split b/w President Obama & the military brass? I'll ask @PentagonPresSec John Kirby who joins me live. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
It's been another lively week in politics. @DanaBashCNN & Candy @crowleyCNN join me live to discuss. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
W/ #Scotland voting to stay in UK, @camanpour joins me live from London to assess the fallout. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
Former Defense Secretary William Cohen joins me live to discuss #ISIS strategy. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
Lots to discuss today w/ @HouseForeign Affairs Chair @RepEdRoyce & @RepJerryNadler who join me live. #Wolf 1PM ET
I've invited @HouseForeign Affairs Chair @RepEdRoyce to join me live fresh from his hearing w/ Sec/State Kerry on #ISIS 5-7PM ET #SitRoom
Ukraine's President @poroshenko comes from Congress & White House to #SitRoom to join me live for an exclusive interview. 5-7PM ET
I've invited Rep @TGowdySC & @SenDanCoats to join me today 1PM ET #Wolf @CNN
So where does #Iran & its nuclear program fit into President Obama's anti-ISIS strategy? @dubo1968 joins me 1PM ET #Wolf @CNN
Good news. @GloriaBorger & @ananavarro join me today 1PM ET to assess President Obama's selling of his #ISIS strategy. 1PM ET @CNN
CNN BREAKING-Kurdish official tells @wolfblitzer there could be refferendum to secede from Iraq if new govt fails to unite country
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And @barbarastarrcnn has latest US military moves against #ISIS & @PamelaBrownCNN has new info on threats to homeland. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
Our reporters @jimsciutto @MKosinskiCNN @BrianToddCNN @amcoren are standing by w/ the latest on #ISIS threat. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I've invited Fuad Hussein, chief of staff to Kurdish President, to join me live today in #SitRoom to discuss #ISIS threat. 5-7PM ET @CNN
Senator @timkaine has strong views on the need for Congress to authorize military force against #ISIS in Syria & Iraq. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
The Chair of House Intelligence Committee @RepMikeRogers also joins me in #SitRoom to discuss the #ISIS threat to US. 5-7PM ET
White House @PressSec Josh Earnest joins me live in #SitRoom to discuss the President's #ISIS strategy. 5-7PM ET
The latest on the US options to defeat #ISIS w/ reports from @DanaBashCNN & @evanperez coming up #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
I've invited @SenatorRisch @GregoryMeeks @McCaulPressShop to join me live during 1PM ET hour to discuss #ISIS threat. #Wolf @CNN
I'm so proud of my Washington @Nationals Just what we needed. Good work. #Natitude
I'll talk live w/ Vermont's @SenSanders in #SitRoom on several subjects including his pondering whether to run for President. 5-7PM ET
Lots of news on the emerging US military strategy to fight #ISIS today. Full coverage coming up. #Wolf 1PM ET
There's new information on why Michael Brown's body was left on a street in Ferguson for 4 hours. We'll get reaction. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
We'll check in w/ @jimsciutto @MKosinskiCNN @BrianToddCNN @NicRobertsonCNN for the latest on #ISIS developments. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
There are developments in US war against #ISIS so I've invited State Dept Deputy Spokeswoman @marieharf to join me. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
I'll join @wolfblitzer on #SitRoom at 5:45p ET to discuss my interview w/ Matthew Miller, American who got 6 yrs hard labor in #NorthKorea
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Worth recalling 2008 Iowa Caucuses results: Obama 37.6%, Edwards 29.7%, Clinton 29.5%, Bill Richardson 2.1%, Biden 0.9%
For the first time in nearly 7 years, @HillaryClinton is back in Iowa. I'll discuss w/ @GloriaBorger & Mark @PrestonCNN today. #Wolf 1PM ET