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Wolf Blitzer
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Coming up 5PM ET, my interview w/ @SenRandPaul from Ferguson, Missouri where he met w/ African-American leaders. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to this claim from Dallas Ebola patient's family: @wolfblitzer
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It's a critical moment in the US-led war against #ISIS We'll have the latest from @jimsciutto @PhilBlackCNN @ghoshworld #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
We should know in a few hours whether North Korea's Kim Jung Un shows up at a major event. @BrianToddCNN reports. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
We'll get the latest on #Ebola w/ reports from @Rene_MarshCNN at Dulles Airport outside DC & @NimaCNN in Liberia. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
ICYMI: Homeland Secretary tells @wolfblitzer: ISIS hasn't crossed border into U.S. VIDEO:… cc @Rep_Hunter
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Is #KimJongUn's younger sister in charge of #NorthKorea while he's absent? My story, 5:40p ET on #Sitroom.
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W/ less than a month until the mid-term elections, what role will President Obama play? @GloriaBorger joins me. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
Major #ISIS developments. @arwaCNN @tomforemancnn & @JeffreyGoldberg join me at top of hour. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
So what's going on in North Korea? @BrianToddCNN reports on the latest developments. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
I've invited Kurdistan's Deputy Prime Minister @qubadjt Qubad Talabani to join me to discuss the #ISIS war on Kurds. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
We're following #Ebola developments w/ reports from @elizcohencnn in Dallas @Rene_MarshCNN in DC & @NimaCNN in Liberia. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
Where's North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and why has he been missing for a month? @BrianToddCNN
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Are you ready for some baseball? Some Washington @Nationals baseball? I am. #Natitude
@wolfblitzer @Nationals still could end up being at game 5! Would be electric.
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Really nice Washington @Nationals win. We needed it. I still believe. #Natitude
We'll have a report from @brikeilarcnn who's in Arkansas covering @billclinton campaigning there. @CNN #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
Our @PamelaBrownCNN reports on 19-year-old American arrested in Chicago for planning to support #ISIS terrorists. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
State Dept Deputy Spokeswoman @marieharf joining me in #SitRoom today to discuss #ISIS & more. 5-7PM ET @CNN
Clearly #ISIS moving despite US-led airstrikes. @jimsciutto @eliselabottcnn @BrianToddCNN @barbarastarrcnn report. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
We'll have details of FBI's arrest of a 19-year-old at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on charges of attempting to join #ISIS 1PM ET #Wolf @CNN
I'm so happy my @buffalobills won. What an amazing field goal. Good work all around. We needed it.
I'm totally bummed. But we can still come back. Won't be easy. #Natitude
Still alive. Let's hope. #Natitude
I feel it's crunch time. #Natitude
My first 14th inning stretch - go Nats!!!! @ Washington Nationals Ball Park
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This crowd at nationals Park is both freezing and hungry. There seems to be no food left anywhere
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It feels like almost everyone in DC is watching @Nationals right now -- and they should be. #Natitude
It's now time for my Washington @Nationals to finally break the fast ball. #Natitude
THANK YOU @wolfblitzer (I swear guys) and your beautiful wife. I'm either eating this or hanging it on my wall
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The latest on #Ebola scare w/ @drsanjaygupta @elizcohencnn @Rene_MarshCNN & Dr. Anthony Fauci of @NIH #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Ebola is here, now what? Ask questions w/ #EbolaQandA & @CNN's experts will reply w/answers
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“Pierson’s resignation is a matter of national security..I am pleased she is stepping down"-More from Rep Chaffetz 5p
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Gen. John Allen, the man tasked with destroying ISIS, sat down with @eliselabottcnn. Watch 5pE
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I've asked @DanaBashCNN & @GloriaBorger to join me in #SitRoom today. They're doing important political reporting. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
There are new anti-ISIS developments. @barbarastarrcnn @jimsciutto @eliselabottcnn & @PentagonPresSec John Kirby join me. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
Full coverage of Secret Service resignation w/ @JimAcostaCNN @BrianToddCNN @PamelaBrownCNN @JeffreyToobin Watch #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I'll speak live w/ @jasoninthehouse Chaffetz on the resignation of Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
The #SecretService blunders. New information coming into #SitRoom w/ reports from @PamelaBrownCNN @BrianToddCNN 5-7PM ET @CNN
Is #ISIS advancing in #Syria & #Iraq despite US/Saudi/UAE air strikes? @jimsciutto @barbarastarrcnn report in #SitRioom 5-7PM ET @CNN
President Obama's senior adviser Dan @pfeiffer44 joins me live in #SitRoom to discuss #ISIS, #SecretService & more. 5-7PM ET @CNN
To our @CNN & @cnni viewers in the US & around the world, there's lots of major news coming up at the top of hour. #WOLF
We're getting new information on the Oklahoma beheading. @PamelaBrownCNN reports in #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
The @SAISObserver has launched its new website. Read the latest stories via
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W/ 5 weeks til mid-term elections, @JohnKingCNN @GloriaBorger @RyanLizza assess how #ISIS war could play out politically. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET