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Wolf Blitzer
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Had pleasure meeting 1 of most hardworking, energetic journalists - @wolfblitzer and his 'wolf pack' in @CNNSitRoom
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ICYMI: CNN's Wolf Blitzer popped into @Mes_Que & hung out w/ the co-owners & @kyleroge. We had cameras:… #forourcity
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Hard to believe I was an usher at @NorthParkTheatr in #Buffalo many years ago. It's been renovated.
I'm filling in again tonight for @andersoncooper at the top of the hour. We're watching #Ferguson developments. @AC360 8PM ET @CNN
I'll discuss the next steps in #Iraq w/ Rep @TulsiGabbard who served there. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
#AC360 begins w/ the latest in #Ferguson: MO Governor says state troopers in charge of security. @wolfblitzer has the latest.
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I'm filling in for @andersoncooper at the top of the hour. We're watching the protests in #Ferguson @AC360 @CNN
We'll have special live @CNN coverage of President @BarackObama statement on #Iraq & #Ferguson at 12:15PM ET.
Lots to discuss w/ State Dept deputy spokeswoman @marieharf who joins me live in #SitRoom today. #Iraq #Israel #Gaza 5-7PM ET @CNN @cnni
Good news. Bobby @ghoshworld of @qz joins me live today during 1PM ET hour to discuss #Iraq rescue options. #Wolf @CNN @cnni
We'll set the scene for the @BarackObama @HillaryClinton "hug" later tonight. @GloriaBorger joins me live. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN @cnni
Will the Israel-Hamas cease-fire be extended? @sayahcnn joins me live from Cairo during 1PM ET hour. @CNN @cnni
I've invited @akhedery - a former senior adviser to US ambassadors in #Iraq - to join me live today during 1PM ET hour. #Wolf @CNN @cnni
US considering military options to save #Iraq minorities. @barbarastarrcnn @npwcnn @amcoren @BrianToddCNN report. #Wolf 1PM ET
W/ another 130 military "advisers" now deployed, the number of US active duty military personnel in #Iraq is approaching 1,000.
I'll discuss the Robin Williams legacy w/ James Lipton who joins me live today in #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Minutes away from going live on @CNN w/ @wolfblitzer. Latest from #Ukraine as "humanitarian convoy" from #Russia nears border. #Wolf
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