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Wolf Blitzer
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@Raptors: President and GM Masai Ujiri offers perspective on the Danny Ferry situation.” Very good article.
Nat'l Security Adviser @AmbassadorRice joins me in my #SitRoom to discuss President Obama's new #ISIS strategy. 5-7PM ET
Reaction to the President's new #ISIS strategy from @RepKinzinger & @SenBillNelson coming up. #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
We'll assess this new phase in the war against #ISIS w/ @DanaBashCNN @GloriaBorger & Jane Harman from @TheWilsonCenter #Wolf 1PM ET @CNN
Following my 10PM ET special on the president's speech, @donlemon & @AlisynCamerota pick up over coverage on @CNNTonight 11PM-1AM
I'll join @andersoncooper at 9PM ET around the president's speech & then anchor a special @CNNTonight hour at 10PM ET.
What do you want me to ask @SenTedCruz when he joins me live in #SitRoom to discuss the emerging war against #ISIS? 5-7PM ET
Our newest @CNN contributor, former White House press secretary Jay Carney, joins me live to discuss the #ISIS speech. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
I'll discuss the #ISIS threat w/ @RepEdRoyce Chair of @HouseForeign Affairs Committee. #Wolf 1PM ET
We're previewing the big speech tonight w/ @MKosinksiCNN at White House; @eliselabottcnn in Baghdad; @DanaBashCNN @GloriaBorger #Wolf 1PM ET
So what does @SenTedCruz want to hear from President @BarackObama tonight? The Texas Senator joins me live. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I've asked @donlemon @Rachel__Nichols & @JeffreyToobin to join me to discuss latest fallout from Ray Rice case. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Following her dinner w/ President Obama last night, former Congresswoman Jane Harman of Wilson Center joins me live today. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
The latest on US #ISIS strategy w/ reports from @jimsciutto @MKosinkiCNN @BrianToddCNN @PamelaBrownCNN @tomforemancnn #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
How much of a threat does #ISIS really poses to US? @CruickshankPaul joins me live in #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Always good to welcome @NickKristof of @nytimes I'll ask him what he wants to hear from President Obama tomorrow. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
The top Republican on Senate Foreign Relations Committee @SenBobCorker joins me live today to assess the #ISIS threat. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
We're looking ahead to the President's big #ISIS speech w/ State Dept deputy spokeswoman @marieharf who joins me live #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
Thanks to @brikeilarcnn for doing such a great job filling in for me yesterday. I'm back today. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
W/ the President poised to detail his #ISIS strategy, @RepAdamSchiff of House Intelligence Committee joins me live. #Wolf 1PM ET
I've invited @brianstelter to join me today during 1PM ET to discuss the media & the Ray Rice case. #Wolf
We're looking ahead to the President's big #ISIS speech w/ @MKosinskiCNN @DanaBashCNN @GloriaBorger @BrianToddCNN @amcoren #Wolf 1PM ET
the debut ep of Hambycast, a new CNN digital series: Tailgating with Rick Perry at the South Carolina/Texas A&M game
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Our @jimsciutto interviewed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on #ISIS and #Ukraine. His report coming up in #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I've invited @juliaioffe to join me live in #SitRoom today to discuss what's behind Putin's moves in Ukraine. @CNN 5-7PM ET
Are terrorists plotting an attack on the anniversary of 9/11 next week? @RepPeteKing & Rep @Call_Me_Dutch Ruppersberger in #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
US Deputy Nat'l Security Adviser Antony Blinken joins me in #SitRoom to discuss how the US will "degrade & destroy" #ISIS. 5-7PM ET @CNN
President @BarackObama now delivering a major national security speech. I hope you're watching @CNN now.
Worth remembering: Before journalists Steven Sotloff & James Foley were beheaded, Daniel Pearl was beheaded by al-Qaeda in 2002.
How's #ISIS doing in Iraq? @amcoren joins me live from Irbil w/ the latest. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Two American journalists have now been beheaded by #ISIS in Syria. @tomforemancnn will compare the videotapes. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I've asked @willripleyCNN to take us inside North Korea to describe his extraordinary interview w/ 3 captive Americans. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
The pressure on President @BarackObama to deal w/ #ISIS in Syria is enormous. @JohnKingCNN & @GloriaBorger join me #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
I'll get reaction to the Steven Sotloff murder from State Dept deputy spokeswoman @marieharf who joins me live in #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
House Homeland Security Chair Michael @McCaulPressShop joins me live to discuss #ISIS threat in US. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Will Steven Sotloff murder lead to US airstrikes against #ISIS in Syria? @jimsciutto @eliselabottcnn @BrianToddCNN report #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
I'll speak live w/ @RepEdRoyce & @RepEliotEngel of @HouseForeign Affairs Committee during 1PM ET hour. #Wolf @CNN
I'll follow up w/ @willripleyCNN on his extraordinary interview w/ the 3 imprisoned Americans in North Korea. #Wolf 1PM ET
President @BarackObama has lots to ponder at the NATO summit. @MKosinskiCNN @jimsciutto @GloriaBorger @eliselabottcnn join me. #Wolf 1PM ET
Dan Green ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Late booking alert...White House @PressSec Josh Earnest will talk live to @wolfblitzer in the 6 p.m. ET hour of CNN #SitRoom.
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WH: Earnest briefing moved to 4:10pm after POTUS statement.
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House Intelligence Chair @RepMikeRogers joins me live today to discuss #Iraq #Syria & Americans joining #ISIS 5-7PM ET #SitRoom @CNN
I've invited @statedeptspox @jrpsaki to join me live today to discuss #ISIS threat to US. What would you ask her? #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
Talking foreign policy & security w/@wolfblitzer on @CNN earlier today...Thanks so much for having me.
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So how did Douglas McCain wind up dead w/ #ISIS in #Syria ? @PamelaBrownCNN reports from San Diego. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET
I've invited @OS26 Oubai Shahbander who works with moderate #Syria opposition to discuss #ISIS threat. #SitRoom 5-7PM ET @CNN
What are the US military options in #Iraq & #Syria ? Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen George Joulwan joins me #SitRoom 5-7PM ET