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Wired UK
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Tim Cook tells Apple's climate-skeptic shareholders where to shove it: by @duncangeere
'Ninjabot' emulates the attack of the mantis shrimp: by @duncangeere
Game characters are better when they gossip and lie: by @olivia_solon
Bioshock Infinite DLC pinches Thief-esque 1998 mode by @philippawarr
Potent pheromone-packing goats make for louche lady killers: by @NicholasTufnell
Watch out for this Netflix 'tech support' scam by @liatclark
These geriatric sterile flies have sex appeal by @liatclark
The days of abusive microtransactions might be numbered: by @philippawarr
Warner Bros hoping for blockbuster with Minecraft movie: by @philippawarr
Jawbone founder launches 'opinion network', State by @olivia_solon
Deep sea exosuit helps with bioluminescent fish research
How to model gossip in video games: by @olivia_solon
Humans, drone ships are coming to take your jobs
The next big thing? News, according to Marc Andreessen
"People are very, very reactionary about anything that has a slight hint of sexism" - founder of BroApp:
A video game protagonist that finally made me feel human
If you've always wondered about a goat's "central reproductive axis", read on: by @NicholasTufnell
This Netflix phishing scam even took the professionals by surprise by @liatclark
If you type in "horse", State suggests "tall, cute, want, scary, fast, beautiful, funny, loyal, necessary"...
Making ageing sterile flies sexy to save cattle by @liatclark
'Misleading' free-to-play apps prompt meeting with Apple and Google: by @philippawarr
Minecraft is making the leap to Hollywood: by @philippawarr
How to dress for a date with a bioluminescent fish
Game characters are better when they gossip and lie: by @olivia_solon
BroApp, the latest sexist app to troll the interwebs: by @liatclark