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An inert grenade inside a stuffed penguin?! The TSA's Instagram is terrifying and awesome:
These 13 purr-fect gifts for felines are the cat's pajamas (cat's pajamas sold separately)
(1/3) Magnified Plankton Looks Just Like Outer Space // Sitting in Marine Biology 101 during her first year at the University of South Carolina, Julia Bennett was peering through a microscope at a slide of squirming diatom plankton when wonder struck. “They look like something constructed for a scie
(2/3) So began Bennett’s fascination with capturing the least charismatic—but most critical—of ocean creatures under a magnification 40-100 times their normal size. “If you change the angle of the light in the microscope, that does amazing things,” she said. “The live samples naturally have these in
(3/3) For her series Into the Umbra, Bennett collected samples while studying abroad in Brisbane, Australia. She captured specimens with a lens specifically designed for microscopes, sometimes illuminating slides with LED lights from above. She was delighted to find that when photographed through a
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Finally, 3-D printed parts that help your kids play with their food
30 years of wonderful Criterion covers, collected in one book
Happy holidays! Let's all take a moment to give thanks for this tiny horse mask for squirrels
Sony's new full-frame camera has a crazy stabilization system and a reasonable price
These 13 purr-fect gifts for felines are the cat's pyjamas (cat's pyjamas sold separately)
This tiny shape-shifting apartment transforms into a five-room home
The TSA's Instagram feed is awesome and terrifying. Here's the proof
The baffling and beautiful wormhole between branches of math
These mind-bending dioramas will distort your perception of reality
What if our money were designed to celebrate science instead of presidents?
Artist Erin O’Keefe explores multiple dimensions in a two-dimensional plane in her series The Flatness. She builds small, tabletop dioramas out of an 8×11 printed picture, printed out Photoshop gradients, and painted plywood. O’Keefe shoots the still life in such a way that the included photograph
How the world's first computer was rescued from the scrap heap
Why the violence in "Mockingjay" is actually good for teens
For his master’s thesis, American designer Travis Purrington gave US currency a top-to-bottom, front-to-back overhaul reimagined to celebrate science instead of presidents. The $50 note has a labyrinthine drawing of a circuit board; flip it over, and there’s an astronaut’s helmet, reflecting a view
This tea kettle alternative is cooler, cleaner, and more eco-friendly
This electric concept car could finally convince Americans to buy Mitsubishis
The baffling and beautiful wormhole between branches of math
Behind the scenes with WIRED editor in chief @sdadich and Christopher Nolan. Nolan is the special guest editor of our December issue, out now. (📷 @danwintersphoto)
Review: The 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S looks like a Porsche 911 and has oodles of torque.