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These college hackers taught Siri to unlock your Tesla
The new "Google" for the dark web makes buying dope and guns pretty easy
On this 4.20, an in-depth look at how Silicon Valley is cashing in on cannabis
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Stop buying your gadgets. Rent them!
How one patient's bizarre hallucination points to how the brain identifies places
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Inside the Galapagos Islands' Giant Tortoise rehab effort
Of all the many spaceflight concepts NASA has studied, the most enormous was the Solar Power Satellite fleet. Go to for a visual introduction to SPS systems. (📷 @NASA)
How a fleet of 6-mile-long solar panels in space could have provided U.S. energy needs
An open source graffiti drone and the transformative effect machines might have on art
A new exoplanet that could be Earth's cousin (or something like that)
Incredible article from @WIRED @mat on marijuana going legal and high tech in the states. Defo worth a read
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Stunning photos reveal mankind's uneasy relationship with water
Invasion of the high-tech vaporizers: This is the Special Edition Magic Flight Reddit Pineapple Laser Launch Box. From the product site: "The Pineapple logo is a popular icon within the r/trees community on Reddit. As an extension of our love for Reddit and the love and enthusiasm that they share wi
Seven rules the FCC should impose to make the Comcast-Time Warner merger less awful
With Project Ara, Google reinvents the cellphone as we know it
It's time to encrypt the entire Internet
Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in on cannabis
Surviving the SV gold rush: a WIRED Extra by Gideon Lewis-Kraus for iPad Kindle
A conversation with a neuroscientist who has spent 20 years studying the brains of psychopaths
CDC releases annual report of foodborne illnesses, and the news isn't great
The new "Google" for the dark web makes buying dope and guns pretty easy