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This fake log jams your phone so you'll shut up and enjoy nature
Twitter's audacious plan to infiltrate all of your apps from @mat
WIRED․com editor @markmcc’s Faster, Higher, Stronger examines the science of superathletes…
This app solves math problems just by looking at them
A Bluetooth speaker for people who hate Bluetooth speakers
The Society of Biology recently announced the winners and shortlisted entries of its third annual photography contest. The theme for this year’s contest was “Home, Habitat, and Shelter.” This one is Lukas Gawenda’s “Bisons on Grand Prismatic Spring.” (📷 Lukas Gawenda, courtesy of the Society of Bio
Robert Cabagnot’s “A Shelter Designed by Nature” (📷 Robert Cabagnot, courtesy of the Society of Biology)
Krasimir Matarov’s “Spider Like from Another World.” Visit and to see more of the best biology photos of the year. (📷 Krasimir Matarov, courtesy of the Society of Biology)
Letter From the Editor: @sdadich on confronting a new breed of Internet horror
.@WIRED's new interactive cover is a @Disney animation lover's dream: by @JMaCabre
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Gmail's new app "Inbox" is your personal e-mail assistant
How building a black hole for "Interstellar" led to an amazing scientific discovery
The web has enabled a new breed of terrorism, but that doesn't mean we are helpless before it.
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Surprise: Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin pretty well
China's largest smartphone maker vows to move online services oversees
Washington D.C.'s elevated park makes NYC's High Line look tiny.…
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Our seven favorite designs for Marvel vehicles
You can fold up this urban bike with a kick of your leg
Just in time for Happy Hour: @WIRED's interactive Disney cover:…
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Forget cheetah blades. This prosthetic socket is a real breakthrough:
The black hole in "Interstellar" is made of science. (A story by me.)…
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WIRED's binge-watching guide to "Boardwalk Empire"
The scientist who thought that birds migrate to the moon
Dyson's new humidifier also kills bacteria
How everything from sizzling fajitas to the Super Bowl manipulates you with sound
First look: Android Lollipop and the new Nexus devices
Garmin's Vivosmart is part smartwatch, part fitness tracker... and all awesome. Our review:
Listen to the evolution of Apple's iconic startup sound for the Mac
From @RollingStone, how @femfreq weathered a misogynist backlash to become pop culture's most valuable critic
This elevated pedestrian park space makes NYC's High Line look tiny
This mega Disney party on the cover of @WIRED is everything!
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The only thing we have to fear is Ebola fear itself
“Birds can fly to the moon” was once a serious scientific theory.
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This fake log jams your phone so you'll shut up and enjoy nature
The big picture from Twitter Flight today? It's suddenly in an entirely new business as a mobile services provider…
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Twitter's audacious plan to infiltrate all of your apps
Google is re-imagining email with Inbox. Here's what it is… tip @Techmeme
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Nintendo's new 3DS XL isn't a huge upgrade, but it will be eventually
VIDEO: Our November cover is a gatefold! WIRED 22.11: How the Team That Built Pixar Brought the Magic Back to Disney. The cover features #EdCatmull #JohnLasseter #MickeyMouse #Pooh #Tink #Elsa #Anna #Kristoff #Olaf #Rapunzel #FlynnRider #Pascal #Hiro #GoGoTomago #Baymax #WreckItRalph #FixItFelix #Va
This startup wants to remake computer security for the cloud age
The most beautiful products for unwinding after your work is done
Why Google wants to get its hands on mystery company "Magic Leap"
American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn't Exist | WIRED…
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I’ve rounded up some of the #Ebolanoia events at Wired (with nods to stories by @tarahaelle and @dropeik).…
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Confronting a new breed of internet horror
How building a black hole for "Interstellar" led to an amazing scientific discovery
This is how you use a full-body mouse
A revolutionary tablet recognizes sign language and translates it into text
This fire-safety nightlight proves how a good smart home device can be a simple one
Pixar's gurus have brought the magic back to Disney Animation, and "Big Hero 6" proves it