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5.3 million years of sea level change on one cliff face
Scientists discover a new exoplanet that could be Earth's cousin (or something like that)
The new "Google" for the dark web makes buying dope and guns pretty easy
This robotic Wi-Fi telescope is the coolest app-cessory in the galaxy
A conversation with a neuroscientist who has spent 20 years studying the brains of psychopaths
Jaw-dropping photos depict mankind's troubled relationship with water
Meet the writer behind the comic book that finally got sex right
#TBT: Here's the July 1998 issue of WIRED (6.07). MEGA: The Art of the Big #huge #gigantic #enormous
It's time to encrypt the entire Internet
Surviving the SV gold rush: a WIRED Extra by Gideon Lewis-Kraus for iTunes Kindle
Evolution has devised a way for this frog to stay frozen alive
CDC releases annual report of foodborne illnesses, and the news isn't great
" X-Men" director Bryan Singer accused of sexually abusing an underage boy
Game Boy Advance games are so good on Wii U that you forget you're playing something designed for a 2.9 inch screen is nominated for a Webby for best web magazine! Vote for us in the People's Voice Awards!
The Miata celebrates 25 years with an anniversary model
Bandwidth costs skyrocket after Heartbleed bug
A group of college hackers teach Siri to unlock your Tesla
Space Photo of the Day: star + nebula = cosmic bling
Google hasn't figured out how to make its mobile ads valuable enough. Why not shoot for moon in the meantime?
Your iPhone is the center console in Volvo's new cars
Meet the inventors of a 3-D printer for hyper-complicated candy and cakes
See 5.3 million years of sea level change on one cliff face
ANGRY NERD RANT Evil twins in pop culture. It takes more than a fake goatee to create a compelling doppelganger.
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