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The multimillion dollar quest to find out why we are so fat
Last month, Goodyear launched a new blimp—and it can do a lot more than cruise over the Super Bowl. This dirigible incorporates some of the innovations that airship makers have been promising for a decade: a combination of speed and fuel efficiency that should make lighter-than-air crafts the future
Step inside the magical room where the best headphones in the world are made
Can I use my iPhone's NFC to pay for my Uber?
These 3-D printed skeleton keys can pick high-security locks in seconds
From teachers to confusion in the classroom, common misconceptions about learning:
Today's lunch carriers are built for more discerning appetites
See the most mind-blowing space photos for August:
It's a giant stingray vs. the Quetzalcoatlus in the latest Absurd Creature Tournament matchup
Parrot’s Jumping Sumo minidrone is basically a pint-sized RC car, but cooler. It has two foam-rimmed wheels and a rear plastic tripod that helps send the bot flying up to 2.5 feet in the air. There's also an onboard camera that streams HD video and snaps stills. See more of the gadgets and gear we c
The man behind the most iconic portraits of skaters, punks, and rappers
“This is a time when people really fucking cared,” @glenefriedman iconic photos @WIRED
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We picked 13 affordable cars to take back to school
This new Oculus game lets you defuse a bomb with friends
Glen E. Friedman is responsible for many of the most iconic portraits of hip-hop, punk, and skating legends taken in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The best of these photos has been compiled in a new anthology called My Rules. Here’s Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay in 1985. See Friedman’s shots of Ice-T, Henry Rolli
Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, photographed by Glen E. Friedman, circa 1994. Friedman has long had a close relationship with Fugazi and even released a book of his photographs of the band a few years ago. (📷 Glen E. Friedman)
With a tilting 3-inch touchscreen, this camera is totally selfie-friendly
Hackers build a Skype that's not controlled by Microsoft
An interactive ceiling that undulates as you pass under
MIT and Marriott are testing a matchmaking table fed by data from LinkedIn
Kids can color the walls with their feet at this absurdist crayon exhibit
This high-tech frozen yogurt comes in edible packaging
How much does it cost to make all the ice for the Ice Bucket Challenge?
This is how movies synchronize the brains of an audience
Stunning photos of Sri Lanka's iconic stilt fisherman after the tsunami
How to use the Internet of Things to fight slumlords
Every time you buy something, this app invests a few pennies on Wall Street
How movies manipulate your brain to keep you entertained
This guy is launching 12 startups in 12 months
Renowned cryptographer, coder, & bitcoin pioneer, Hal Finney, is cryonically freezing his body to see the future
The multimillion-dollar scientific quest to find out what is making us so fat
Why do fingernails grow way faster than toenails?
Cops and hackers could abuse California's new phone kill-switch law. Here's how:
These aren't futuristic homes for people. They're luxury condos for bees.
Yup, GoPro now has an official dog harness
The science of Sriracha's fiery deliciousness: What's inside your favorite hot sauce?
Scientists devise a technique for switching bad memories into good in the brains of mice
How exactly do they pull off the vertigo effect in movies?
The Jero is a modern take on a traditional yurt that's super light and compact enough to fit in a typical car. More at (📷 Trakke)
10 billion reasons why Snapchat can't afford to screw up its advertising
What India can teach Silicon Valley about its gender problem
All the gadgets and gear we couldn't get enough of this month
This man was born with his brain hemispheres disconnected -- and it barely affected him at all
America's CTO steps down -- but he's not done rebooting the government
How do you package a $3-million Bugatti Veyron? (Hint: very carefully)
Turns out wolves' yawns are contagious, too
Renowned cryptographer, coder, & bitcoin pioneer, Hal Finney, is cryonically freezing his body to see the future
This man is on a mission to turn NYC into a tech magnet
Why Uber's biggest danger is its business model -- not bad PR
Game|Life Podcast: Nintendo announcements, Nintendo leaks!