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The riveting world of black-out-inducing airplane racing
Google’s Street View app pairs with this 360-degree camera
Stormtroopers have pretty busy schedules, what with doing the Emperor’s bidding and getting shot by blaster rifles all the time. But they do have a little time to themselves each day, and Jorge Pérez Higuera shows us just how they spend it in his series The Other Side. There they are, washing dishes
Meet the adrenaline-crazed cliff jumpers of Instagram. They one-up each other diving headlong from rocks, bridges, and bluffs around the country. They jump from as high as 100 feet, always posting vertigo-inducing pics and videos online. More at (📷 Tim Kemple | @timkemple)
4K Blu-ray players are here—now we just need actual content
NYC is enlisting tech types to help fix its Uber problem
The story (and tech) behind that awesome Star Wars BB-8 toy
Garmin’s new dash cam can help you avoid crashes
Why are cases of shoulder injuries from vaccines increasing?
Hipster Barbie Is So Much Better at Instagram Than You @tayloremrey Photo: @socalitybarbie
Retweeted by WIRED
The man who coined ‘form follows function’ was born today
Samsung’s Gear S2 Classic may be the first great smartwatch
This kitchen gear will make you rethink microwave cooking
Meet Socality Barbie. She takes pensive selfies in exotic locales. She's living #authentic.
A smart home divided cannot stand. This hub can help.
A living typeface that actually grows in a Petri dish
"Could I be any more authentic?!" Hipster Barbie is so much better at Instagram than you
The riveting world of black-out-inducing airplane racing
Don’t be fooled by its size: This adorable little drone means business
Review: The Moto X is a model for how smartphones should be
This awesome, hand-drawn map captures the frenetic energy of London
WIRED binge-watching guide to 'The Americans'
Google's new logo is trying really, really hard to look friendly
Acer’s little modular PC snaps together like Legos
These new thin, foldable ThinkPads have, like, a gazillion ports

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