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Silicon Valley New Year's resolutions #chartgeist #WIRED #WIRED2301 #2015 #newyearsresolutions
Silicon Valley New Year's resolutions #chartgeist
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Life at the microscopic scale can be beautiful, strange, intriguing, frightening and gross. The winning photos and videos from this year’s Olympus BioScapes competition span the whole range. Here's a winning photo of a green coneheaded planthopper nymph. It was taken by Igor Siwanowicz of the Howard
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The Rosetta mission releases incredible new photos of the comet
The crazy plan to bring 6-wheeled cars to F1
(1/3) Metagramme takes 36 or 64 of your most recent Instagram photos and combines them into a single image. The result is a colorful, crazy digital amalgam that is part photography and part abstract art.
(2/3) Metagramme can pull from hashtags too, just in case you ever wondered what a blend of photos of #sharks looks like. (It looks like this.)