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Hedgehog Trader
S&P Ups Greece Credit Rating, Still ‘Junk’…
Egyptian Teenager Creates Next-Generation Quantum Space Propulsion System…
Watch HUI here - HUI:GLD reversing higher could set up a good day trade.
.@HedgehogTrader Rob McEwen: a lot of investors will be surprised that GDXJ has outperformed S&P this year. $MUX…
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American shakedown: Police won't charge you, but they'll grab your money…
This week's stock and broad market pullback will set up a huge upside run in due time. If your stops are tripped, keep that powder ready.
Seeking Alpha, I love seeing articles about 'overvalued equities' ... it makes me sure an up-turn is on its way. Sincerely, Contrarian
Very good time to buy $PALL Palladium ETF for long-term #prediction
The Fox has many tricks- the Hedgehog just one, but his is best of all. - Archilochus.
"@FinanceTrends: "Why do most traders lose money? Because they'd rather lose money than admit they're wrong." - Marty Schwartz. $SPY"
"@TedDixon: While US manufacturers now experiencing lower fuel prices, Canadian manufacturers not as much due in part to higher $USDCAD
Damn- Martoma should have followed us into $PLUG at 70 cents and scored a 10-bagger
SAC's Martoma gets 9 years prison for record insider trading scheme…
Right now, our private clients are focused on an exciting sector unrelated to mining. It handed us some multi-baggers this year.
Sorry our gold forecast from Friday didn't work out - not yet anyway. That is why you always trade with stops.
A tiny, fast-growing alt energy stock we hold in our microcap advisory High Roller looks ready to soar! Join us
An extremely exciting energy company we added in HHT Newsletter is up 12% today! Join us!
Another measure to watch on the miners is $HUI:GLD ratio. It has yanked way back and is 1.5% above support.
Also watching $WEAT which has had the crap kicked out of it after failing to break above $13.10.
Another way to look at miners is $DUST - which is looking quite overbought.
It may take 2-3 days for gold and silver stocks to find their bearings. @pvitha
Hi Pranil, I agree. GDX's 200 dma support is holding and we should see miners bounce and start to generate some momentum. @pvitha
$GDX just hit 200 dma
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As mentioned last week, gold, silver and mining stocks will move up this week! #Prediction
$MDL.V up 9.09% last week -- enjoyed reading their last news release and reviewing David Shaw's impressive resume -…
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DNA tests ‘prove’ that Jack the Ripper was a Polish immigrant named Aaron Kosminski…
Fidelity did a study and found that the best performing accounts were accounts where people forgot they had accounts!…
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McDonald's Is Quietly Copying Chipotle's Strategy… $MCD
The share of total wealth owned by the bottom 90% declined from 33% in 1989 to 25% in 2013.
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Map Shows All The Devices In The World Connected To The Internet…
A Florida Home on Private Peninsula Will List for $60 Million…
Quantum Stealth Camouflage is a Hi-Tech Invisibility Cloak…
This teen's brilliant device solves two of our biggest problems in one swoop
Yes, after this big wash-out next week may offer a nice pop. @theoilfan1989
Keep stops tight - if there's a reset/correction in broad mkt it will recharge the bull & you'll be able to get some great entries.
So far, I'm liking my prediction of miners up next week after this week's dip.
There's often a final seasonal trend of weakness into early to mid September before a big ramp up. $SPY
Since @SBarlow_ROB got me thinking about it, I updated my Canadian real house price index chart back to 1956
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Australia/India to sign uranium deal as nuclear pact agreed…
Yes, good call David! Still waiting for a good entry. Maybe next week, especially if the shellacking continues Friday. @D_ENGEL000
PM stocks and $GDX are down but our microcap advisory High Roller has a +10% gainer today! Join us