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Hedgehog Trader
'Mad Money' should be re-named Blockheads ... @alexdgn
haha :) I love that I'm in good company! @alexdgn
Hedge Funds Are Having Their Most Miserable Start To The Year Since 2008…
Steve Cohen Personally Made $2.3B In 2013 Despite Having To Shut Down SAC Capital
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Would you resort to THIS to save money on rent?
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NIghtmarish...BBC News - Report: One fifth of China's soil contaminated…
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This 50-Year Chart Of Horses And Mules Teaches Us Something Very Important About Disruptive Technolo -…
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So true! RT: @FrankTrades @TrendsPicker CNBC can be OK with the sound off
Lang & the rest of his CNBC riffraff were squealing in terror last week! No surprise market shot up; NEVER listen to them #CNBC @aztecs99
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A Canadian battery maker is in Apr 9 Morning INK. Wonder if @HedgehogTrader still likes alternatives? He's been ahead of the curve so far!
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Someone's dept had to take the fall for hair and makeup. @rblotnicky
Bob Lang does 0 seconds of research and blocks me. Sounds about right for CNBC's research budget! Throw more cows! @rblotnicky
Who can say - perhaps people are on the John more and need something mindless to watch? RT: @TrendsPicker why do people watch CNBC ?
CNBC's experts do the wrong thing every time. Euphoria before a crash, panic before a rally! Every time. Nice research you did! @aztecs99
Bob Lang blocks me, so now you've got CNBC's light entertainment ignoring people who actually have something to contribute - shocker! :)
I pointed out a bearish Cramer was a great contrarian indicator on gold and silver: silver soared 20% two weeks later. @aztecs99
Sorry, I hadn't noted your direction affiliation. :) Cramer blocked me after I schooled him on gold/silver a few years ago. @aztecs99
I loved that oldtime ad! Good memories :) @1CDeM
Ah, the dulcet tones of Herve Villechaize! :) @1CDeM