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Wil Wheaton
That time I got to hang out with Pinky and The Brain at #RCCC (@yakkopinky @MAURICELAMARCHE)
Wheaton needs food... BADLY.
Hey Portland! @AnneWheaton & I are at @RoseCityCC Signing at @EspionageMakeup booth #615 TODAY 1-4pm & Sun 11am-2pm.
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Congressional debate over #Iraq war: 1991: months 2003: 3 weeks 2014: hours #WarPowersShrug
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I just found this on my computer that @pixievision took last year of our Marlowe pup. DAT FACE.
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Ugh. Donnie's ashes all over Walter and The Dude, I mean. #WheatonWhenTheTweetFailed
When Walter's ashes blow all over Donnie and The Dude.
I will always be San Fernando Valley for life, but boy do I love Portland.
I guess it's appropriate to make a picture of food my first Instagram, right? Is that how this works?
1. Mention the president. 2. Activate Derpocolypse! 3. ?????? 4. THANKS OBAMA.
3.7 million comment on Internet regulations, w/ fewer than 1% opposing #netneutrality. Its definitive..we must ensure a free & open Internet
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'MURICA! RT @reidepstein: All the networks carried Roger Goodell live. None carried Obama, who was speaking at the same time.
Signal boost. MT @sanfordcasting: We're looking for an actress who is ASL-fluent... [Details in link]
It was very important for @AnneWheaton to have this donut.
Hopeful arr!
Dejected Arr.
Barnacle Bill Street Blues #PirateTVShows @midnight
Magnum PI rates of the Caribbean #PirateTVShows @midnight
I just saw a store that rents videos! Like from the before times!
My two year-old godson, everyone. He's making me proud.
That time we went into the shoe store for Anne, and walked out with two pair of fancy shoes for me.
Superfluous question mark is superfluous.?
I just said, "I really like the way these shoes make the cuffs of my pants break," and now I don't know who I am.
Buying books online is convenient. Buying them in a bookstore is an EXPERIENCE.? I <3 you, @Powells.
I need a nap. I really need, like, five naps. Insomnia is a dick, especially when you have an early morning flight.
<3 Bastion. MT @SupergiantGames:... our first game, Bastion, it's currently 75% off on Steam!
Uh mah glob, yah guys. Uh. Mah. Glob.
But I have w00tstout and Wu-Tang, and my dogs think I’m the best. So suck it, stupidsphere, I win.
When the stupidsphere decides you said something you didn’t say, and DEMANDS YOU RESPOND to their stupidity. Get a life, people.
En garde. I'll let you try my wu-tang style.…