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So happy the Kings won today, but really not happy they allowed 41 shots while only taking 16 of their own.
Here are some more names on our awesome wall of @tabletop backers. Thank you!
Can't be at the game, because I'm shooting @tabletop. But still... GO KINGS GO!
Very excited for today's game of Dead on Winter on @tabletop.
More Americans have been Batman than gotten Ebola
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Blog: Regarding Peak Zombie
This should be a good one for Cards Against Humanity, what do you think @wilw? #tabletop
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BLOG: that time seth green, clare grant and karen gillan played a game with me on tabletop
If you honestly think I *just* discovered Tool, I will invite you to Learn To Swim.
“Stinkfist” by Tool (@ToolMusic) is my new jam. Listen:…
Today is one of my top three days, ever, in the history of @tabletop production.
About to begin Catan Junior for @tabletop, with actual, human children.
Thank you @eurogamer for being the 1st major games publication to be brave enough to say this:…
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I remember when he was Jason Swallows.
BLOG: it's the eighth day of @tabletop production
When you sleep enough in total hours to feel rested, but the alarm goes off when you’re in deep REM sleep so you feel awful.
Home from a *very* long day on set at @tabletop. It was tremendously satisfying, though, and I’m excited to edited today’s episodes.
I'd try Taco Bell's breakfast but I don't start drinking that early.
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Here's something I'd like you to read. RT @Polygon On GamerGate: A letter from the editor
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Of course, Emily is @thegynomite.ibregret the error.
And now we're doing our version of an 80s Europop album cover. @Veronica @jonahray @emilyvgordon @tabletop
Playing Epic Spell Wars with @emilyvgordon and @Veronica. Not pictured: @jonahray. #Tabletop
This is happening today on tabletop.
Perfect set decoration for Epic Spell Wars. #tabletop
I'm about to shoot the rules explanation for Dread, and I'm so nervous about knocking over the tower, my hands are trembling. #tabletop
BLOG: the game, as they say, was the thing
Turns out it is possible to play air guitar with a cardboard cutout of @wilw. Good to know.
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“Where Eagles Dare” by @IronMaiden is my new jam. Listen:…
You can beat this creepy game in 15 minutes, but it's worth it
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Friday is my Tuesday, and boy do I wish my brain hadn’t woken me up every 30 minutes last night.
Quick should be first star of this game, right?
And the shootout is still crap, no matter what happens in this game.
Got home in time to see the last half of the third period in the @LAKings game. Looks like St. Louis shut them down in regulation.
"You ain't thinking of getting rid of the dank, are you, Moe?" "Ehh, maybe I am." "Oh, but Moe, the dank!"
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Here's your friendly reminder of where all of this started…
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We, @TheNewPornos are on @TeamCoco tonight! There are some crazy belly-laughs going on. Tune in if you know what's good for you :)
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I just had an incredibly difficult time answering a geek question I should have been able to crush. I am so ashamed. @tabletop
This is one type of meta gaming that I can actually support. #tabletop
1999: gamers demand we stop blaming school shootings on videogames. 2014: gamers threaten a school shooting because videogames.
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The objective truths of the world are controversial only to people who are both under-informed and who like to argue.
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