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If you’ve ever been interested in haktivism, @YourAnonNews has been tweeting a ton of interesting links tonight as #OpNewBlood.
Did you roast a chicken? We like roasted chicken.
Humble Indie Bundle 13 is AWESOME. via @humble
True story: I did step on a rake once, Sideshow Bob style.
I don't slip on banana peels as much as cartoons told me I would.
Breaking: WB/DC begins to announce an Elongated Man movie, but breaks down sobbing instead
Retweeted by Wil SCREAMton
Retweeted by Wil SCREAMton
The phone rang again, and the babysitter screamed. Trembling, she answered. A voice said, "Actually, it's about ethics in games journalism."
Did you know that you can get an official #w00tstout #homebrew kit from @northern_brewer? Well, now you do!…
North Korea's labor camps: how they work, who is sent away, and why these monstrous abuses of human rights continue.…
RT for the not-this-morning crowd. I made a thing and then I wrote about that thing and also I released that thing:…
A really scary Halloween thing is to find a black cat, and try to pet its belly.
The best part of owning a Captain Kirk tunic is owning a Captain Kirk tunic.
We just shot a pretty ridiculous Not The Flog, which should be released VERY SOOOOOON.
Sexy Halloween Costume: Get several colorful scraps of material that barely cover anything important. Change every hour. YOU'RE THE NEWS!
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BLOG: the audacity of derivative works
I made a thing that will likely disappoint you…
Dat seventies line, tho. #GoKingsGo
@BlueJacketsNHL: Nick Foligno is alert and speaking with the #LAKings medical staff. He will remain at STAPLES Center for evaluation @wilw
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I hope that player is okay. That didn't look good.
Columbus player is seriously hurt. Stretcher on the ice. This is the quietest I've ever heard it inside Staples Center.
If you wove together soft drink cans into the mask of a Norse Warrior, you could be a knitted soda Viking for Halloween.
I'm running out of place too!! @tabletop @wilw will be proud!! And there are more!
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@wilw @AnneWheaton This is what happens when my wife leaves me alone in the store.
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@wilw thanks to Tabletop my games take up a whole corner of our game room. And also now we have a game room.
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We may have a problem...... with running out of space!! @wilw would be proud. #tabletop
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FAQ: My entire outfit from the 1920's party last night is from @uniquevintage & @wilw's outfit is from @clockwork_ctr
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@wilw this is all on you and Tabletop. Bought Smallworld the day after ep 1. and 8 of my games are at friends houses
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Further proof that I married above my station. RT @AnneWheaton: Fancy 1920's style date night with @wilw is fancy!
“We just send this out, and people give us their PayPal info?” “Fuck yes. We’re LEET!” *Rollerblading intensifies*
YES! RT @docbeerio: So @wilw this is what you and TableTop have wrought in my house. Munchkin was the gateway drug...
It’s been so hot here for so long that when I went outside while it was 75° tonight, I was like, “DAMN THERE’S A CHILL IN THE AIR, Y’ALL.”
Taylor Swift: Doctor, Doctor! Dr: Yes, Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift: This beat is sick. I'm really getting down Dr: That isn't a real problem
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Here @Newsweek analyzes the data, finds GamerGate is actually about harassing women not “ethics in games journalism”…
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Watch the Nerdist gang in the 24 livestream for @ExtraLife4Kids. Right now, @BlizzHeroes: DONATE!!!
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So it turns out that I have the happiest nephew in the ‘verse, I guess. Can’t wait to see him in a couple months.
My godson babbled at me for five straight minutes, then said, “BYE BYE!” and hung up. My sister texted me that he was very proud of himself.
Just got a phone call from my 2 year-old godson. Me: Hello? Him: HAHAHAHAHAHA Me: Hey, buddy! Him: HAHAHAHA! Me: How are you? Him: HAHA!
And here’s another fantastic 1920s music collection. I think this would be GREAT for an evening of Arkham Horror:…
We’re going to a 1920s-themed party tonight. I found this collection on to get in the mood:…
That one asshole fly that keeps landing on your face early in the morning on a day you can sleep in. I hate that fly.
Let’s make this weekend all about the awesomeness of gaming and the gaming community, starting with #ExtraLife!
If you talk like a hate group, and harass women like a hate group, you’re probably a hate group, children.
The bus that’s gonna make you stop going rub-a-dub.