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Wil Wheaton
I love Stone Age. I can't believe I haven't played this before, and I hope it will work for #tabletop
After production meeting, we go back to #tabletop playtesting! Starting with Stone Age today.
#Tabletop production meeting! Sheri, Ryan, me, Adam, and Jen are making the show happen!
I need to find ways to work Shakespearean insults into my daily conversation. #ThouClayBrainedGuts
My friends at @northern_brewer will give you a free pumpkin ale kit when you buy a starter package: #homebrew
RT @life_witha4yo: @wilw when your 4yo has been quiet in the other room....#tickettorideeurope
Can’t stop thinking about how much fun I had playing Five Tribes today, and pondering how I’ll win against @thegamesmith next time we play.
I think this sheriff may be a little corrupt.
Sheriff of Nottingham is a potential bluffing game for #Tabletop.
So we really liked Abyss, but it won't work for #Tabletop, which is a bummer.
Final scores in Five Tribes. @thegamesmith wins, I'm second, @sirwheaton third, @richsommer fourth. #tabletop
Ok, I totally love Five Tribes. Super fun, middle-weight game. Highly recommended if you like bidding, area control, worker placement games
FAQ: RT @the_ts: @wilw Analysis Paralysis. Meaning it is prone to lots of thinking to take your turn which can slow down a game big time.
So I really love Five Tribes, but it's a little AP, and may be too visually busy for #Tabletop.
Just a single turn into Five Tribes, and we already like it. #tabletop
#tabletop season three playtesting continues. Bluffing games on the left, strategy games on the right.
RT @EFF: TAKE ACTION: It’s the final day to tell the FCC why net neutrality must be preserved.
The thermometer says that’s it’s “Are you fucking serious with this bullshit heat right now? It’s September, you assholes” outside.
Photo: Only 12 hrs to stop Big Telecom’s Internet slow lane plan. Act now:
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“When in doubt, run to the front door and bark like it’s the end of the world.” - from A Guide to Being a Dog, by Seamus Wheaton
Dear @notch: Congratulations. You deserve it. Dear Microsoft: Don’t fuck up Minecraft or its community. Signed, Millions of players.
Here's week two of @AnneWheaton's calendar outtakes. Get yours at!
I found this old picture on my phone, so if you want to play #PhotoshopWilWheaton, have at it!
Whoops. That video I just linked had a rendering error that I missed. Uploading a fixed version now. Please stand by.
Just caught someone from Apple sneaking into my house to put an E.L.O. cassette tape in my Sony Walkman.
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It's so hot in LA I saw a man go to a topless club and request a dance from a witch. PLEASE RT.
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You can pee and poop in the yard, but the patio is so much closer to the house! - from A Guide To Being A Dog By Seamus Wheaton
@wilw Plenty of people are lame when they're alive. Seems reasonable that there should be some lame ghosts wandering around.
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It doesn’t make sense that it was in the hamper, is the thing. Maybe my house is haunted by the world’s lamest ghost.
EVERYONE CAN RELAX! I found my @fitbit. It was at the bottom of my clothes hamper. Now I can walk again. *whew* That was intense.
Like, without my @fitbit, I’m basically walking around for nothing.
It’s really bothering me that my @fitbit disappeared between last night and this morning. Like, more than it should.
I really love minecraft. I wish I had more time to explore and build stuff on my server. #TabletopPreproductionProblems
my opinion's this, in a nutshell. well done RT @davidahilljr: as someone on the other side, in #GamerGate…
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My son, everyone. I have never been so proud. *wipes tear* RT @KoppNolan: The bro and I hanging out
A blog about when I first met @xkcd. From the Vault: In Which I Fail A Vital Saving Throw
Nothing like a view of the #MilkyWay first thing on Sunday morning. Beautiful
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Somehow, my downtempo station turned into an early 90s drum-n-bass/jungle techno station. I’m not complaint, it’s just weird.
Okay, went outside and got a drink from the hose, while the patio burned my feet. That part of my childhood is back on life-support.
Best downtempo record, or best downtempo record ever?…
I opened a pomegranate with a knife, instead of smashing it on the curb, and I felt part of my childhood die.
I just played a game that is so bad, its very existence makes me literally angry with rage.
PURSUIT: Right turn signal again. BUT THEY NEVER TURN.
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Q: Why did the cat get fired from his job? A: Because he couldn’t think outside the box.