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Wil Wheaton
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Tried to start a slow clap for Finn, and not a single gene person at our #Sharknado2 joined me. #sadface
Looks like there was some massive looting at the shovel and rake store in Manhattan. #Sharknado2
I don't want to get political but there have been more Sharknados during Obama's presidency than all other presidents combined. #Sharknado2
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The other way to get rid of a sharknado is to make it say its name backwards. #Sharknado2
Wait. I thought the sharknados already combined into one megasharknado.
Come on, Al Roker... The best way to stop a SharkNado is to throw some dolphins at it. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne #Science
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When you get caught between a sharknado and New York City, the best that you can do is fall in love. #Sharknado2
"Happiness is just a flaming Sharknado away..." #Sharknado2
Kids, don't try this slingshot exploding propane thing at home. You can do the sword shark thing, though. #Sharknado2
Okay, NOW it's a motherfucking SHARKNADO. #Sharknado2
Pro tip: in a pinch you run across the backs of sharks. #Sharknado2
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. @feliciaday: I am so angry! Who is holding the other end of that rope? @JosephScrimshaw: Jesus. #Sharknado2
Tara Reid was just acting to hard, her forehead almost moved. #sharknado2
And my super soaker! And my sword! And my axe! #SHARKNADO2
Did I mention that Anne had our #SharkNado2 party catered by... *sunglasses*... SHARKEYS?
"This is a twister with teeth." -- Al Roker in #Sharknado2 #nothisworstline
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I'm having a few issues with the science in #Sharknado2. Like, how did Tara Reid not have a single smudge on her eye makeup?
To be fair, that's more of a Shark Waterspout. #Sharknado2
They need to have Gandalf stop running, turn around and tell the sharks: YOU! SHALL NOT! PASS! #SharkNado2
Unexpected Gatoroid cameo! #SHARKNADO2
Spoiler alert: his dad is still disappointed in him. #Sharknado2