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Wil Wheaton
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"I wrote the word 'assfrog'? Why did I do that?" - Things you say in @wilwproject meetings.
"Can we have his head explode closer to the logo?" - Things you say in @wilwproject meetings.
I'd be a lot more sympathetic to claims that Wonder Woman stole her costume from Xena if W.W. hadn't been wearing it since 1945.
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So, because of @wilw story about TableTop at the #NerdHQ panel about families playing board games, we'll be starting our own game night.
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Well, I have decided that I have to break up with The Strain. I tried to make it work, but it just wasn't meant to be, I guess.
Is there steak? I heard there was steak, and I like steak.
Are you having steak? I like steak.
SV tech writers flip out after discovering Tor was created by the Navy & gets State Dept grants. Wait till someone tell them about Arpanet.
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7 years ago TODAY I started my career in web video with upload of Ep 1 of @theguild. Today we hit 1 million subs on @GeekandSundry! #TY4ALL
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There is no quicker and easier way to announce to the world that you are out of touch and ignorant than to declare that geeks are losers.
There certainly is a loser here, Peter Bart, but it isn’t who you think it is. #SDCC
Motherfucking goddamn Rainbow Road shit fuck.
Dear rain: please don't go away. We need you. Love, Los Angeles.
If you blow hard enough on an old Nintendo cartridge, Mario will appear and give you three extra lives. #DailyIncorrectFactTweet
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There is a culpable party in the Ukraine and it's time to start blaming, says @MillerMENA :
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An STD that you get from spending too much time reading comments on the Internet: herpderpies.
So it's come to this... bathroom graffiti with URLs in them.
Fuck you, I have a time machine.
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Law firm files suit against WWE for false claims, says WWE hasn't been sports or entertaining since CM Punk left #FWC
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It's the 7th anniversary of the first episode of @theguild being uploaded. Coincidentally, @GeekandSundry is 500 subs from 1m on @YouTube