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Wil Wheaton
I had a wonderful weekend in PDX at @RoseCityCC! I met many awesome people, and feel like I recovered HP and MP while I was there. Yay!
Signal boosting the absolutely despicable behavior of YouTuber Sam Pepper, who thinks harassing women is funny.
I was worried this @SeanAstin guy was going to be another seat kicker but he turned out to be alright.
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I took a picture with Pinky and The Brain and it hit me right in the childhood. (cc @yakkopinky @MAURICELAMARCHE)
Whoops. Meant to post this @CAH card I made.
They named their team after me!
Are you at #RCCC?! Come say hi if you are!
Look out, Alf... Wesley Crusher is back... in POG form.
Just a full-sized R2-D2 made out of LEGO, that talks and does R2 stuff. O.o
That time I got to hang out with Pinky and The Brain at #RCCC (@yakkopinky @MAURICELAMARCHE)
Wheaton needs food... BADLY.
Congressional debate over #Iraq war: 1991: months 2003: 3 weeks 2014: hours #WarPowersShrug
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I just found this on my computer that @pixievision took last year of our Marlowe pup. DAT FACE.
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Ugh. Donnie's ashes all over Walter and The Dude, I mean. #WheatonWhenTheTweetFailed
When Walter's ashes blow all over Donnie and The Dude.
I will always be San Fernando Valley for life, but boy do I love Portland.
I guess it's appropriate to make a picture of food my first Instagram, right? Is that how this works?
1. Mention the president. 2. Activate Derpocolypse! 3. ?????? 4. THANKS OBAMA.
3.7 million comment on Internet regulations, w/ fewer than 1% opposing #netneutrality. Its definitive..we must ensure a free & open Internet
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'MURICA! RT @reidepstein: All the networks carried Roger Goodell live. None carried Obama, who was speaking at the same time.
Signal boost. MT @sanfordcasting: We're looking for an actress who is ASL-fluent... [Details in link]
It was very important for @AnneWheaton to have this donut.
Hopeful arr!
Dejected Arr.
Barnacle Bill Street Blues #PirateTVShows @midnight
Magnum PI rates of the Caribbean #PirateTVShows @midnight
I just saw a store that rents videos! Like from the before times!
My two year-old godson, everyone. He's making me proud.
That time we went into the shoe store for Anne, and walked out with two pair of fancy shoes for me.