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Wil Wheaton
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This is your semi-regular reminder that you probably shouldn't follow me on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. 👍
The part of Sharknado 2 that really stretched my suspension of disbelief was the Mets winning a game.
We got to watch Sharknado 2 on a big screen tonight. It was pretty much the best thing, ever.
Zed’s dead, baby … #ZedsDead
It’s not a motorcycle. It’s a chopper, baby.
Me: Marlowe, go pee. Marlowe: Okay! [Runs off the lawn and pees on the patio.] Me: I meant go pee on the lawn. Marlowe: I don’t need to pee!
People who park SUVs in parking structures sure do have an unconventional definition of "compact".
I’m not sure how I feel about this… #hashtag
Read this. RT @RyanSchuessler1 I will not be returning to #Ferguson. A hastily-written, brief explanation of why:…
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Sorry I can't take your call, I've stepped away from my desk until the phone stops ringing.
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The oak trees are fucking, and I keep getting caught in their spooge. #JustAllergyThings #MakeTheItchingStopPleaseGod #hashtag #blessed
Saturday, I get to be part of AFTER WHO at 11pm on BBCA with @nerdist, @altonbrown, @nataliemorales, and @Markgatiss. Also: NEW DOCTOR WHO!!
I feel like I'm going out on a limb here -An Arborist
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Thank you for checking in, Ravenclaws. We can all go back to reading our books, now.
*douchebag. RT @rdubuk: @wilw liberal douchbag.
Dear @SeaWorld, You are terrible. Sincerely, Everyone who actually cares about living creatures. Release your slaves.
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Even though dogs are doing the walking on Sept. 28, the #WiggleWaggleWalk supports all animals
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Tear Gas Is A Banned Chemical Weapon, But US Lobbying Made It Okay For Domestic Use... And, Boy, Do We Use It…
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When you block someone for being an asshole, and they validate your actions by sending a handful of assholes to spam you.
As a general rule, if you’re REALLY SUPER PROUD of being blocked by someone, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your life choices to this point.