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Wil Wheaton
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tabletop season three
RT @ezwrites: Where the clones stand at the end of @OrphanBlack season 1:…
It's marginally safe to follow me again, but you probably still shouldn't.
I chose the story about the milk man, and Claudette won the game. Thus ends tonight's @CAH game.
I warned you.
Nolan: get it? Because it sounds like 'insects'. Anne: Transvestites win.
Nolan: Last time I ate that, I puked and shit myself to death. Claudette: hashtag yolo. Me: I just peed from laughing so hard.
Toughest decision, ever, but shitting midgets won. Goddamn shitting midgets always win.
One of the few times that fucking a corpse back to life is better than snorting coke off a clowns boner.
RT @jwagner13: @wilw This was the result of the same black card from a game over the weekend. #cah
Claudette was the judge, and the blow job card won. Nolan was disappointed that his ball-slapping sex combo lost.
I wrote the uniform card, but the Muppet sex combo (played by Anne) won.
For those who don't know, this game is Cards Against Humanity, and you should not be following me while we play it.
Anne was the judge. Ryan played sugar madness and won.
Our son, Ryan, was the judge. Anne played the winning card. Ryan's girlfriend is at the table. Now it's a party.
I'm the judge. The anticipation is killing me.
Nolan was the judge. Mine was the cock ring, and won, because "that should have been smallpox socks."
Nailed it. Our friend Debbie says, "My vagina card should have won!"
Like she's never blown some dudes in an alley before.
This is your last chance to unfollow me before the horrible @CAH game at Castle Wheaton begins.
I told you to unfollow me… RT @Cub27: @wilw #cah is the best!