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Wil Wheaton
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When Homer takes Bart to a gay steel mill.
Worth it.
I paid the iron price for all the sriracha I put on my eggs this morning.
From @reddit’s live #Ferguson page. Thats’ some fine buck passing, gentlemen.
The cop who wrote “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.” (link:
YES! RT @FauxBenBen: @wilw I don't NEED to be careful around zombies, because I'm HOMER SIMP-
I want someone on Walking Dead to start calling Rick Grimes “Grimey”. Make it happen, television.
@wilw my adult son leaves drawings like this on our whiteboard all the time. This is today's gem.
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Breakfast: fry pinto beans in a skillet. Whisk sriracha into eggs. Mix together and cook. Serve with more Sriracha. (h/t @laughterkey)
I put so much sriracha on my eggs, I’m sweating. #HardcoreBreakfast
When I'm king of the world, it will be impossible to take videos in portrait. The phone's screen will just say "NO" until you turn it.
As I wrote earlier, it’s the whole culture of police impunity that’s the problem:…
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CA legislature passed bill to allow gov't to shut off cell phones, up for governor now. Imagine #Ferguson w/o phones…
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Police used a new tactic tonight. They would move in and extract the 1 or 2 individuals that were causing the problem. Much better than gas.
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US can't tell other countries to improve their records on policing and peaceful assembly if it won't clean up its own human rights record
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And with the obligatory appearance by the Internet Tough Guy, I HAVE A BINGO!
I should have sent that guy this picture.
Sometimes, they think they’re clever when they try to insult me.
Exhibit C. The lack of self-awareness (and its attendant irony) is fascinating.
This is very insightful and informative. RT @billmon1: Mike Brown: Facts & Dog Whistles:… h/t @miniver @ShaunKing
Oh dear. I seem to have kicked a hive of racist, stupid, authoritarian conservaderps. The resulting intimate view of their id is fascinating
.@DaveTheGame leavingGenCon with lots of new games in my suitcase is a fun way to play “closest to 50 without going over” at the airport.