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William Shatner
Good Evening NY! Tomorrow is a 2fer to celebrate autumn! It's National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day & National Caramel Apple Day!
Tune in tomorrow morning when we welcome @hannibalburess and @WilliamShatner to the studio! Live on #Howard 100...
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β€œ@JuliaHart923: @WilliamShatner Cupcake?” If the frosting fits... I personally think he's a demon in disguise. Watch for the clues.
β€œ@dholtzjr: @WilliamShatner @sternshow @HowardStern are you gonna be a douchebag?” Me? Howard? I think you are thinking of @ArtieLange 😘
β€œ@drivers53: @WilliamShatner @QuotesByArtists Your describing demons not angels.” Funny how it applies to those that call themselves angels.
β€œ@QuotesByArtists: I have always found that angels have the vanity to speak of themselves as the only wise. ~William Blake #quote” Ha! πŸ˜‰
Forgot to tell you about tomorrow's food. It's National Brandied Fruit Day!
We've increased more than $200 in the past 30 minutes- we have the most awesome supporters! Can we get to $50k? #E4K…
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I'm also filming a segment for @TalkStoopNBC on Tuesday
I'll be on the @TODAYshow in the 10am hour on Tuesday.
I'm going to be on @HowardStern Tuesday morning.
.@DanWinchester_6 She was VERY TALL and very strong. You read YOUR manga, dude! Moon Prism Power Activate! Ha!
Wasn't Sailor Jupiter a giantess? Is that part of the 'in joke', too? 😱
You know what is even more frightening than that photo? People correcting me telling me that it's Sailor Jupiter's outfit!
Oh goodness! Sailor Moon meets Rico Sonotsuave!
So tomorrow is not for seafood haters or those allergic. It's National Seafood Bisque Day! Mmmm!
β€œ@JAndradeIII57: @WilliamShatner excuse me... I have a question, what does God need with a starship?” There's a quote I never heard before!πŸ˜‰
β€œ@ChrErtmer: why do people think you're not real? You seem to get this pretty often.” I think it's the new way kiddies think I'll respond.
β€œ@GoldenPhiliRoll: @WilliamShatner YOU"RE NOT EVEN REAL” Yet you follow me! What does that say about you?
It's National Chocolate Cupcake Day! 😝
So you ready to hear about tomorrow's food?
Oi! @WilliamShatner Castiel is cute but he's no #Constantine. You're a little confused. We've got an anti-aging spell that'll help, mate!
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β€œ@NBCConstantine: .@WilliamShatner Hello, mate. You rang?” see? I'm a mate! ;-) I'm looking forward to checking out your show.
β€œ@heykim: @WilliamShatner Good morning from Maine!” what are you doing in Maine?
β€œ@SheenAlSharif: hmm no one noticed the Castiel reference, that was funny” The kiddies did Got them all frothed up over the word waistcoat
Ok I'm out for the night! Good night kiddies! (and adults!)
β€œ@_Michelle_4: what's your problem ? You don't like it ? Then don't watch it! You don't know it? Don't talk about it!” Oh. OK. πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
β€œ@SrtaJulis: @WilliamShatner what if you're not an adult yet but follows you? Does that make a paradox?” Maybe.
β€œ@H_Combs: @WilliamShatner @snoopy1957 @dcumoviepage Google. It's the revised Book Of Shadows. Blessed be y'all. #warlock”
β€œ@Rugbyscot66: @WilliamShatner if they are called Beliebers, what do we call us followers of you dear sir?” Adults
β€œ@stumpfan4life: @WilliamShatner @KenyaOkayyy @mishacollins Why Bill...why?” Umm... because it's the truth...???
β€œ@john_kaser: @WilliamShatner @KenyaOkayyy @mishacollins Chocolate covered worms?” That was Tues
β€œ@abgt88: WS is apparently, "being bullied" by some belieber. This is ridiculous and funny as fuck.” Uh oh! You called them beliebers! Haha!
β€œ@divad2636: @WilliamShatner @vitoriabarros_m Is it a full moon ??” Mercury is in retrograde I hear.
β€œ@KenyaOkayyy: @WilliamShatner @mishacollins oh hun you just opened a can of worms!” Says the person who has been on Twitter for a week.. πŸ˜‰
β€œ@vitoriabarros_m: @WilliamShatner Are you scared now?” πŸ‘Ž
β€œ@arandomgal: @mishacollins actually a waist coat would actually look really good on misha” 14 year olds don't know what a waistcoat is!
β€œ@KenyaOkayyy: @WilliamShatner @mishacollins You are messing with the wrong fandom. Don't forget we went against the belibers” 😴😴😴
β€œ@danielsharmanaf: @WilliamShatner @mishacollins SHUT THE FUCK UP UGLY OLD HAG” Don't talk about Cupcake like that! 😘
.@mishacollins oh boohoo! 😒 Let's have a kickstarter for a fancy waistcoat to spruce him up!
β€œ@sammylynnhenze: @WilliamShatner what are you going to Spokane for?” Pac Con
β€œ@mishacollins: when we go kayaking on Sunday @osric_chau will be dressed as a sailor. Any wardrobe ideas for me?” Anchor! 😘 Hi Osiris! πŸ‘‹
β€œcrazydreammusic: @WilliamShatner maybe u should focus on exercise and rec. instead of food. Just a thot, chubs.” Another one blocked!
β€œ@Hiddlesmecrazy1: @WilliamShatner do you approve of this Constantine?” I don't know. Does saying yes mean I approve of Cupcake?