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William Shatner
Tomorrow is National Guacamole Day!
Dearest Fox, Please give back Firefly if you are not going to use it. 😉 My best, Bill
@GibsonDonalgbsn: “@WilliamShatner: What was the big SDCC announcement on #Firefly?”” A Firefly Game is coming apparently.
@KansasPhoto: @WilliamShatner Why is it when I see you post, I assume you are fighting with @mishacollins ?” It's the preflight warm up.
@hamptonbhw: @WilliamShatner @mishacollins Hope there's no chicanery going on.” If there wasn't it would someone else.
.@TVWatchtower @twitter Hello Tiffany! If it's true then it may be time for another Social Media Platform to step up such as @google
@hamptonbhw: @WilliamShatner Did @mishacollins ever declare your team as winners?” Not yet.
If they are doing a game that HAS to mean the franchise lives, right???
@auberginefedora: @WilliamShatner Firefly Online Game. They're doing the voices for it.” So that was the SDCC announcement?
What was the big SDCC announcement on Firefly?
Isn't Firefly coming back?
@levibluez50: i like that you answer your fans tweets and are not here just to be worshipped” Wait! I can be worshipped here?
So @Syfy while I was away did @SyfyTV made a decision on #Dominion or #Defiance ?
BTW congrats to @SpaceX and @elonmusk on today's announcement.
For those who ask about Politics (such as Scotland's Indepenence) I don't talk politics. Too messy and someone always cries foul.
Why is it there were so many questions earlier from UK residents asking when I will be there next? Answer: Destination Star Trek in Oct.
@JeffHGreen: Do all the toilets on all the planets spin the other way on their southern hemispheres like in Australia?” That's a myth
He's baaaaccckkk! ;-)
Ever meet a cheese monger? What a great combo for a wine show! Meet Marnie @BrownBagWine
@qlshow: on today, the first day of our S2, just wanted to shoot you a thank you for your love & support so far :)” Watch the Queen S2! 😘
Going to head out and do some site seeing. Back later.
Dearest @nbcsnl I nom @NathanFillion to host SNL! I'd do it if I were you or millions of fans will harass you.
.@SkaggsMedia it's 11am. I'm in Sydney Australia
Going to grab some breakfast. Be back later.
Monday's food is delicious! It's National Linguine Day!
Good morning! How are all of you?
Ok off to @OzComicCon - catch you later!
.@NASA_SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built. Watch this animation of it launching: [video] #JourneyToMars
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Sunday's food is delicious! It's National Cream Filled Donut Day!
Did you hear that the folks in this 9/11 pic were finally found & all are alive?…
@remymichaels: @WilliamShatner "Hello Mr.Shatner. How did the show go?"” Yesterday was wonderful and today should meet or exceed that!
@parniakahrizi: @WilliamShatner we get it. You're still in Australia. Nobody cares anymore.” Then why are you following me?
@katiemhansen: @WilliamShatner @TheJimMichaels yes it was yesterday” I'm so confused with dates and times.
Did I miss @TheJimMichaels birthday? Sort of remember something about it being close.
So it's the #Supernatural anniversary? Congratulations!
@BethMarbacher: @WilliamShatner good morning to you! still in Australia, I assume?” I am!
Gotta get ready for @OzComicCon! See you later!
Before @altonbrown steals my thunder; tomorrow is National Peanut Day! Have peanuts anyway you want!
@WilliamShatner AURORA ALERT:As of 7:10 pm,NOAA .says:"Aurora - Aurora may be seen as low as Pennsylvania to Iowa to Oregon."
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Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT
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