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William Shatner
HRH The Queen has tweeted! Welcome! @BritishMonarchy
Tomorrow is just bologna! It's National Bologna Day!
#ShatnerProject Wait until you see what we did with the rest of the house! Stay tuned!
#ShatnerProject So what do you think of the new front? @designjinnie is amazing!
#ShatnerProject Does Liz crack you up the way she does me?
#ShatnerProject You don't like the way I drive? Stay off the road!
#ShatnerProject I love the chop move (as you can tell.)
@stevenkale99: @WilliamShatner what are your dogs names? #ShatnerProject” Starbuck Cappuccino and Mocha
#ShatnerProject the Jerusalem limestone is such a great piece!
#ShatnerProject Bet you didn't know an arch has curves?!! I'm a supagenius!
#ShatnerProject Lo and bemold! Aren't I funny? 😜
#ShatnerProject Now on to the living room and dining room!
#ShatnerProject I think I’m trying to be too funny. It’s a very serious thing to wreck your house.
#ShatnerProject you know how many times I've lost that doohickey?
#ShatnerProject Every time we come out of a commercial break, the house looks different. What’s the inner meaning of that?
#ShatnerProject Cinderella obviously loved ovens and fridges!
#ShatnerProject 4 fridges!!! Who am I Mr. Freeze??!!!
#ShatnerProject 4 frigging ovens! Really???!!!
#ShatnerProject I lived in a confusing house
#ShatnerProject I'm a man's man and cook meat over fire! 💪
@JulietAbram: @WilliamShatner Do you also do gutters #ShatnerProject” does it require a hammer? I know a woman....
#ShatnerProject what's going through my head at this point is please make it all fit!!! Please!!!!
#ShatnerProject look at the mess of this kitchen!
#ShatnerProject I married a crazy hammer woman!
@designjinnie: I almost shat my pants at that meeting #ShatnerProject” Jinnie, Jinnie, Jinnie!
@NewsVP: @WilliamShatner so what did you really think of the design? #ShatnerProject”😝
@Miss_Mary_Jack: @WilliamShatner It didn't match your house! :( #ShatnerProject” very true
@stevenkale99: @WilliamShatner I love your dogs! #ShatnerProject” I think they want to be in show business
#ShatnerProject Mind Meld documentary 14 years ago
#ShatnerProject Colonel Lankershim is an famous local in LA
Just a reminder the hashtag is #ShatnerProject
@WilliamShatner, your best line tonight [to your wife] "I think everything you say is correct." #ShatnerProject
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25 mins until the West Coast Premiere of #ShatnerProject
Spokane, WA! You! Me! Fri & Sat! @PACConSpokane! Be there!
@JoyceArtadi: @WilliamShatner How long did it take from beginning to end?” Forever!