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William Shatner
My friend Elliott Gould and I having some fun: enjoy and donate!
.@s_mcquain It was an unofficial day so it doesn't count.
β€œ@Bokononists: @WilliamShatner Is it still eating trail mix if all you eat is the M&Ms?” No cheating!
Awww.. Don't be jelly @allanhawco , You can't help it if @markcritch is amazing! ;-)
Tomorrow; take a hike! It's National Trail Mix Day!
RT @WilliamShatner: Break out the campfire as tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day! -Like these guys.
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Starting today every t-shirt sold; $2 will be donated to @therandomactorg Tell @mishacollins πŸ˜‰
Toronto. Tomorrow. You. Me. #FanExpoCan. Be there!
Break out the campfire as tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day!
.@wendy_s84 Your percentages are off. 27% to research, 32% on education, 19% on community service. Only 7% goes to admin costs.
Check out this story: the Ice Bucket challenge tops $100M…
I need to get to bed. Until tomorrow!
Don't be a sour puss, tomorrow is National Lemon Juice Day! Make something lemony!
#Defiance thank you @SyfyTV let us know when it gets renewed!
#Defiance how did she get out of the handcuffs?
#Defiance should have killed her all those years ago
#Defiance so many ways to die in this world
#Defiance wasn't that the entrance to the Stargate base with lights?
#Defiance these two are amazing. They have stuff hidden all over town
#Defiance great pep talk Nolan. Zzzzzzz...
#Defiance putting their heads together...literally
#Defiance That's going to leave a mark
#Defiance Nolan did not just do a Star Trek reference...
#Defiance I love how the food pops in this room
#Defiance Assimilation? Where have I heard this before?
#Defiance homage to planet of the apes
#Defiance I like stealing sugar bread from children? nonsequitur of the night
#Defiance these Spartacus commercials- could they wear anything less?
#Defiance perhaps if she got dirty....
#Defiance and she goes walking down the muddy road in heels! Look out for her!
#Defiance You thought that would make me happy? LOL!
#Defiance she won't shoot. Red clashes with white and she'd never do that