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William Shatner
acting television actor film director 1,934,568 followers
.@DozeyDote No they don't pay me to say the other site so why give them sole props?
So tomorrow is a Italian dessert delight! It's National Spumoni Day! (Google/Bing it!)
@ithildin_lass: @WilliamShatner What inspired you to start calling him "cupcake," Mr. S?”
.@Rincethis No I think we are trying for next week
So why is Cupcake following someone named Cupcake? #bizarroworld
Nut day continues tomorrow: it's National Pecan Torte Day!
@Dianacanna: @mishacollins @NASA @gishwhes Did you give @WilliamShatner his 400 points? I'd say he desrves it, wouldn't you?” I do too!
And POSTED!! Perfect pick for the birthday boy! “@WilliamShatner: For those who don't know what item #136 refers to:
Retweeted by William Shatner
@EvaMelancon: @WilliamShatner OMG! thats something I can't unsee” That's the point!
@DanneelHarris: @rosiepetaI well...... I just .... Can't....” Are you making fun of me?
For those who don't know what item #136 refers to:
.@Dear_SPN I think I like the Dorothy one myself
So no comments on item #136???
What gift did I give him? I said nice things in print and revealed item 136 for the world to see! ;-)
Happy Birthday Cupcake!
New blog on my GISHWHES thoughts and experience. Enjoy!
Unlike today, tomorrow's food is is very specific. It's National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day!
.@DirectorCollins Correction: West and Maison did an amazing job. Cupcake just happened to be there.
Waiting on the Cupcake announcement he's starting his own network. Oprah has OWN he supposedly is going to announce MOAN! 😱
.@corrwill @JensenAckles Ok, I followed him but I told you guys that he's come to Twitter to live tweet the season opener.
To clarify: how much did your team spend out of pocket to accomplish the tasks. Don't include the entry fee or cost of your time.
Here's a question for #GISHWHES teams. How much did your team spend collectively to do GISHWHES?