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RT"@noaheverett: What a journey! I wouldn't trade it for anything: Twitpic is shutting down, read our blog for more"
Everyone has a tough time as a She is different,just because they are different doesn't make them bad.
Doğuştan Zayıf, Kilo Problemi Olmayan İnsanların Duymaktan Bıktığı 17 Cümle via @onediocom
"X's account is protected." olayına hastayım.Twitter'ın amacı "What are you doing or thinking right now"..Hayır yani nedir gizli yaptığın ?
İlahi Seda Sayan,gözümden yaş geldi,yaş hahahahahahahahahaha...Gülüyoruz,ağlanacak halimize #YeniTurkiye !
Şu an Seda Sayan'la ilgili bir video izliyorum,kaç kere "ulan" dedi sayamadım;"gel ulan","kimsin sen ulan" hahahaha sinirlerim bozuldu☺️
Create your own style…Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
Hit the road,Jack and don't you come back no more,no more,no more,no more...
Nothing ages your car as much as the sight of your neighbor's new one.
Izmir'liler bir enteresan :D 34 plakanin Izmir ve civarinda acayip havasi var :D Ilahi,Izmirliler epey eglendim 1 haftada,thanks cnm ya :D
"Aa Turk musun?!","Izmirli misin? ",Izmirli gibi duruyorsun",vb.alistim."Hic Istanbulluya benzemiyorsun" ne demek.Istanbullu neye benzer?
Life is short.If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you,that moment is now.
#Capricorn are at the top of the mountain looking and watching over everything else. 
RT"@CapricornQuotez: #Capricorn's don't care what you think of them."
🐳🏊 Chlorine is my perfume.🏊🐳
Okay,here comes the "Goodbye August,#Hello September;please be good to me" tweets.
RT"@damnitstrue: MOM = Best Friend + Best Supporter + GREATEST FAN"
If you can’t walk the walk,don’t tweet the talk.
A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
Music gives color to the air of the moment.
Everyone has their own boat,it's a matter of pulling it out of the sand,and putting it in the water.
Happy Victory Day to all the people in Turkey and Turks around the World.Victory for you today and everyday.
Atamızın bizlere armağanı 30 Ağustos Zafer Bayramı hepimize kutlu olsun.
Tequila & Cointreau & Lime juice & Salt.
Money can’t buy friends,but it can get you a better class of enemy.
The end-of-summer winds make people restless.
My place <3#TekGecerim (@ 7800 Çeşme - @7800_cesme in İzmir)
There are only two ways to live your life.One is as though nothing is a miracle.The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Life Is Beautiful. (@ Alaçatı in İzmir, Türkiye)
🚙 I'm all about sharing the road with other drivers—as long as they use the part that's behind me.🚙
Istanbul - Izmir arasi yedigin hiz cezalari acaba kac gun sonra eve postalaniyor ? Bigadic-Balikesir'de mola verdim;ona gore devam edecegim.
Clothes ✅ shoes ✅ bikinis ✅ accessories ✅ canon ✅ chargers ✅ full gas tank ✅👙🏊☀
"Yeni Türkiye" lafı kadar korkutucu bir şey yok;bir gün kalkacağız ve hiçbir şey eskisi gibi olmayacak misali...FlashForward & The Leftovers
☕️ Turkish coffee is the 🔑to my heart ☕️
☕️ Kahve yap Sebastian;yine fevri uyandım ☕️
🙀 She is a little girl not a cat.RT@eonlinee: BOMBSHELL: Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat!"
Don't pretend to be someone your not;it is better to suffer being who you are than it is to suffer trying to be someone that you are not.
Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.
#lol RT"@BuzzFeed 29 Questions That Australian People Need To Answer Right Now… via @simoncrerar"