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Wiktor Kostrzewski
#TooManyImmigrants sounds like a show I'm happy to NOT watch ever in my life.
Foto do Rei Pelé e Tom Jobim ( Reportagem André Kallas para Manchete n738 no Mundial de Inglaterra 1966 @Pele
Retweeted by Wiktor Kostrzewski - My course gets new learners and reviews almost every day. Join in: it may mean a lifetime of language learning fun.
'To be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright.' Walter Benjamin, born today in 1892 #philosophersbirthdays
Retweeted by Wiktor Kostrzewski - Portuguese 365 - Launching a Year Long Language Learning Project! #portuguese365
The £1 selection @HousmansBooks is the reason no work ever gets done round here!
New blog post: Young Children as Intercultural Mediators
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After 3 days of #portuguese365 Tom Jobim's lyrics start to make a bit more sense...finally :)
Musicians spot mistakes more quickly and more accurately than non-musicians -
UK Companies Want Employees with Foreign Language Skills -
From the 16kinds archive: Pleasure in Language Learning: Account for Your Kicks…
Recent study sheds new light on second #languagelearning in adulthood - (TL,DR: get natives to speak to)
Translating 5 Life Coaching Beliefs into Writing Tips for Indie Authors | Indie Author News
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A “Get Out Of Jail Free” Ticket for your Mind.…
These 5 Pablo Neruda Quotes Taught Us About Love And Life - 60 years on, Koreans speak 2 kinds of 1 language. This is an interesting article about a dictionary. (Yah, I know)
Had lots of fun at #clipperroundtheworld & if I don't go sailing again soon I'll go bonkers. Also: saw @emctrust & got inspired.
Would you take a drug to learn a language better? Guardian Debate Summary - reaction to #drugsandlearning debate.
From the 16kinds archive: A Guide to my Mothertongue: Polish Language Learning Resources… - The #reviews for my #ebook start arriving, and make me go weak at the knees. Keep'em coming, folks - good & bad! - This is what @CIA has to say about writing well.
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What my gas station thinks drivers need: DVDs, red wine. What this driver needs and cannot buy: engine coolant mix. #BP #Fail