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Uploader has it labeled "Bronco Bowl" it was the Ranch Bowl. There was no place called Bronco Bowl in Omaha in 98. #TheMoreYouKnow
One of my first Slipknot concerts Omaha, NE 1998 at Ranch Bowl. They've come a long way since then… #SlipknotHipster
.@The_Creecher_ This was a baby in only a diaper not even 2. Probably a deaf baby now. I know my ears are ringing.
Slipknot rocked my face off. Probably around 20th time I've seen them I lost count. Won't be the last.
You can't kill me cause I'm already inside you. SIC
The whole thing I think it's SIC
"All I've got is insane"
.@donovan79696244 No I thought I was coming to a 1D concert.
They seem so angry. -__-
I hope we're cooking marshmallows later.
Somebody is smoking a funny smelling cigarette at this concert. I suspect this is illegal activity. ☕️🐸
Lamb of god was pretty good. 7/10 ign
Shouldn't they be checking for that at the door. Do you have any weapons or babies on your person?
People brought a baby to Slipknot concert.
Lamb of God is getting ready to play. I haven't seen them before. Are they anything like One Direction?
Chillin on the lawn til Slipknot comes out.
Bullet for my Valentine. Not feeling it. Too much la la la not enough RAWR!!!
Gave a @slipknot pit ticket away to random dude at the gate. Felt good giving the gift of Slipknot.
only took me a little over 5 hours to kill just about every character in Until Dawn.. lol Hard part would be saving them.
I forgot I'm going to #Slipknot concert tonight. Took half day off work so I will stream Until Dawn earlier before concert in an hour or so.
.@Revitalize I didn't upload them. They are @YouTubeGaming livestream archives if there was a way to only post highlights after I would.
I think people are unsubbing because I am not posting enough content.. I will try to post more guys. Don't worry.
Until Dawn PS4 Horror Game w/ webcam. Part 1 Watch if you dare!
.@IIIllIlIlI nobody said it would be easy.
Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to watch the 30+ hours of content I made public on my channel before the day is out.
180 Dirty Quickscope Black Ops III Suck on that Pamaj! 1337 Skillz
Wish there was a way to publish on @YouTubeGaming without it being a published video on my main channel or only go to livestream section.
Published all my livestreams so they would be available to watch in my @YouTubeGaming livestream archive.
Going live with #UntilDawn PS4 Horror game. come watch if you dare 0_o…
.@MrMirikh I had issues for half a day on PS4. I had no issues on PC. I had almost constant issues on XB1 if you include bad hit detection.
.@lotrfanboy3 @CyniChal if Halo 5 has major issues like Halo MCC I will smash my XB1.
Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beta XB1
.@CasualAssa55in @AHoodedPsycho I just published my last XB1 stream for you. Watch the first 10 minutes…
.@CyniChal I'm using it to hold the corner of my bedroom floor down. Been doing that very well for months.
I don't hate on XB1 because that's the cool thing to do. I hate on it because it consistently delivers me a rage enducing gaming experience.
.@VizSlays I was an early supporter of XB1. Only planned to play on XB1. Was forced to PS4 from bad experiences…
'Star Wars Battlefront' multiplayer test starts in early October via @engadget

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