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leigh ann raab
Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver
If it takes 10,000 hours to be considered an expert at something, then I should be certified as an expert at watching Windows reboot
If 9 out of 10 forest fires are caused by humans, does that mean somewhere there are squirrels that know how to use matches?
WATCH: Bill Murray Trains for the New York City Marathon via @runnersworld…
Ebola: A new way to learn what's going on, from experts, journalists and locals via @TEDTalks
Join us for a FREE 12 day online screening event! Get your free pass here: #FMTVlive
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Tune in for free and watch 3 new release films, 2 classics plus live Q&A with health experts. via @FoodMattersFilm
CONFIRMED! Lab tests show over 30 popular food products contain GMOs. Are you eating them?… via @thefoodbabe
Tunnel vision: In 1966, New Orleans built a tunnel downtown hoping the traffic would come via @NOLAnews
Pakistani teen, Indian activist win Nobel Peace Prize… via @YahooNews
Why do you live in the South?: Jarvis DeBerry via @NOLAnews
I was offered Pumpkin Spice Mac and Cheese today… too far… this has gone too far.
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Coast Guard gives WWII vet a Viking funeral at sea | Navy Times |… via @NavyTimes
Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. - Lewis Carroll
This Photographer Creates The Only GIFs Worth Watching via @aplusapp…
Whoever said “the freaks come out at night” has obviously never been to a Wal-Mart on a weekday morning
Pit Bull protects animal shelter workers from aggressive dogs… via @examinercom
Irony is reading a conversation on Facebook about how Twitter is a waste of time.
great article---Atul Gawande: "We have medicalized aging, and that experiment is failing us"… via @MotherJones
Gummi Bear candle melts to reveal morbid surprise
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I'm starting to suspect it's going to take more to reach enlightenment than the daily use of these Aveda Chakra™ Body Mists.
AD: Caring for older parents can seem overwhelming. @begroupliving can help guide you. Learn more #cultureofcare
"Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart." - Kahlil Gibran
Video: Danny Macaskill rides stunning ridge on Isle of Skye via @velonews
"What makes tequila beautiful is the fact that the agave has a character all its own & it's unique." ―Julio Bermejo
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"Root out the violence in your life, and learn to live compassionately and mindfully." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
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The Heartbreaking Place Our Daughters Develop Poor Self-Esteem via @aplusapp…
I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing. ~Anais Nin~
Coffee's history has been dramatic, controversial and hilarious. Here are some memorable moments: #NationalCoffeeDay
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True eulogy? "He died doing what he loved, which was clinging to life and trying not to die, which he was very good at until recently."
I have a revolutionary idea!! Anyone know a good wizard willing to work on spec???
Hospitalized Owner Reuniting With Beloved Pit Bull Is The Best Medicine #GoodNews
Cute---11 Avocado Struggles Only Avocado Lovers Truly Understand… via @robotics @BuzzFeed
Sugar, Gluten, Paleo, Vegan: 3 Doctors Debate The Best Way To Eat via @MindBodyGreen
Dalai Lama Has A Message For ISIS On The Nature Of Jihad via @HuffPostRelig
Demand the President step in & oppose EPA’s approval of the New 2,4-D resistant Genetically Engineered Crops!
4 Insane Celebrity Conspiracy Theories We Totally Wish Were True - |
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"Just when you get used to wasps, they spring some new diabolical thing on you."…
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Happy #BannedBooksWeek! Celebrate by reading banned or challenged book. What will you read?
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True story--I have never faked a sarcasm in my life
Great article!! 9 Ingredients You Don't Want Anywhere Near Your Mouth by @SmartyHealth via @MindBodyGreen
I Was The Poster Boy For Weight Loss ... Then I Gained 200 Pounds by @philup1965 via @MindBodyGreen