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WI Astronomy
Pluto's sky Is Blue! Well, kinda. Bad Astronomy.
Back to Venus with VERITAS. Universe Today.
When denial attacks: Ted Cruz vs. Reality. Bad Astronomy.
The Universe: still full of Awesome. Starts With A Bang.
Mysterious Ripples found racing through planet-forming disk. Space Ref.
Dream Chaser preparing for 2nd free-flight test and 1st orbital test. International Space Fellowship.
What makes liquid water on Mars possible? Video of the Day.
Killer radiation: How to protect Martian astronauts. Space com.
Surprise: Ceres’ Bright Spots are probably salt. Lights in the Dark.
The Planetary Society does not want The Martian to happen. NASA Watch.
The Martian Q&A interviews - Matt Damon, Ridley Scott. Video of the Day.
The 20th Anniversary of exploring strange, New Worlds. Bad Astronomy.
The science behind ‘The Martian’ Hermes spacecraft. One Universe at a Time.
Asteroid defense stupidity at Forbes. NASA Watch.
Need collimation thumbscrews for your telescope?
Where to look for life? Science Daily.
The Martian misses out on a faster way to Mars. Space com.
The Martian movie review. Video of the Day.
One space blogger’s review of The Martian. Lights in the Dark.
New way to weigh a star. Science Daily.
Alien life on a Titan like planet would require. The Daily Galaxy.
Marketing space. Bad Astronomy.
The flyby Mystery. One Universe at a Time.
The power of Gravity - Prof Brian Cox. Video of the day.
Kronoseismology and the rings of Saturn. One Universe at a Time.
GOP presidential candidates, Science, and Reality. Bad Astronomy.
Why was the lunar eclipse so Dark? Astro Bob.
Asteroids found to be the moon's main 'water supply'. Science Daily.
The Martian: How NASA soars - and stumbles - simultaneously. NASA Watch.
Dr. Michio Kaku on NASA's discovery of liquid water on Mars. Video of the Day.
The Potsdam Gravity Potato. One Universe at a Time.
Could black holes be the engines of new galaxies? Starts With A Bang.
Nature's top Quark hints the universe could suddenly Collapse. The Daily Galaxy.
New precise particle measurement improves subatomic tool for probing mysteries of universe. Science Daily.
The Martian final trailer. Video of the Day.
Ceres’ secrets Revealed. Starts With A Bang.
An interview with Space Library curator Robert Godwin. Commercial Space.
Gravity’s oldest puzzles. One Universe at a Time.
The big Mars news: Flowing Water on Mars, at least briefly. Bad Astronomy.
NASA: Evidence of flowing water on Mars. Video of the Day.
NASA confirms evidence that Liquid Water flows on Today's Mars. SpaceRef.
The case of the missing Gravitational Waves. One Universe at a Time.
A bloody beautiful Supermoon Eclipse! Universe Today.
The Thin Blue Line. Video of the Day.
Astonishing ‘Snakeskin’ textured mountains discovered on Pluto. Universe Today.
Shrapnel from an exploded star. Science Daily.
Ben Carson: Evolution is Satanic and the Big Bang is a fairy tale. Bad Astronomy.
Milky Way’s black hole is getting Active. Astronomy News.
Why does Autumn begin on different days of the year? One Universe at a Time.
Space commerce opportunities for all - Or just some? NASA Watch.

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