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WI Astronomy
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StarDude astronomy - Blood moon time lapse - April 14-15, 2014. Video of the Day.
Loop de Loop. Brian Koberlein.
NASA signs agreement with SpaceX for use of historic launch pad. International Space Fellowship.
What happens when you throw a Peep out an airlock? Bad Astronomy.
Shiny: Astronaut wears 'Firefly' t-shirt In first Instagram from space. Universe Today.
Astronomers: 'Tilt-a-worlds' could harbor life. Science Daily.
H2O2 Balloons. Video of the Day.
Senate committee approves commercial launch license/permit bill. Space Politics.
Water flowed on Mars. The Spacewriter's Ramblings.
SuperEarths with exposed continents boost chances for extraterrestrial life. The Daily Galaxy.
Totally awesome eclipse awes us all. Astro Bob.
Is Saturn making a new moon? Universe Today.
Jameson Empire Awards 2014 Live Stream: Brian Cox and Brian Cox. Video of the Day.
Saturn's enigmatic hexagon --"Yields clues to the hydrogen-gas giant's hidden atmosphere". The Daily Galaxy.
Spin! Crab Pulsar speed jumps linked to billions of tiny vortices. Universe Today.
First total lunar eclipse of 2014: The complete skywatcher's guide. Space com.
Curiosity rover revels in ravishing rocks at the Kimberley. Astro Bob.
Cosmic queries: A stellar sampling. StarTalk Radio.
DJ Ravidrums shows off his NASA engineered rig. Video of the Day.
Strange Quark stars --Does one actually exist in a nearby Supernova? The Daily Galaxy.
There's a red moon on the rise. The Spacewriter's Ramblings.
Hubble stretches stellar tape measure 10 times further into space. International Space Fellowship.
Mars at its best right now. Bad Astronomy.
An ancient impact that dwarfs the dinosaur-killing blast. Space Ref.
"The quest for dark matter" --World's leading experts discuss their search. The Daily Galaxy.