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Naw that's too deep
Goin thru a tunnel that's under the water under an after hours club in Montreal deep
Just a fuckin kick snare and soul piercing bass sound deep
So deep. I'm talkin no hi hats deep
Toronto what's good tonight?
I wonder if saying "relax" has ever actually made anyone relax
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Oh shit i just got it! Lol its cause he's a tiger and saying grrrr wow I feel dumb. That ad guys a genius haha
Hey guys I got it, took me all night but I think I got it. Check this: they're great! Youve done it again bill, Its perfect!
Its kinda funny that frosted flakes slogan is "they're great!" Imagine the ad executive turning that pitch in
Or maybe its that they need something to do during that end shot so they're not just sitting there.
I think they've determined that shuffling some papers enhances credibility
Is there really anything on those pieces of paper that news reports shuffle around at the end?
Toronto fam! we're playing Koolhaus December 20th! Tickets:…
@whoszed You guys are such an inspiration..keep doin what you're doinn. (Made by yours truly) #ZedsDEADication
Some people say keep your head up i say nah keep your Zs up @whoszed
Mad Decent boat party is just around the corner! Still a feq tickets left if you havent got yours yet!…
Damn looks like im the only person in te Cheerios gang
What's your favourite cereal?
Who's gunna drive you home?
They have everything at the grocery store.
Does anyone else get super stoked on Baby corn ?
"@diplo: damn dat new @Torro_Torro on @maddecent tho" 💰💴💵💷#ca�💸 #ca$hville🙏
bitch u guessed it
#tbt I think i was 16. I was working on a piece for a contest this jazz festival was doing for the…
#tbt 05 I think. There's about 5 pictures of me total from this era and even this one I'm hiding my…