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We got the beets... We got the beets, we got the beets... Yeah, we got the beets!
Master the art of cooking gorgeously scrambled eggs... SCRAMBLED EGGS: #WFMdish
That's it for tonight, everyone! Join us next week for "CELEBRATE THE EARTH"... 4/24 7p CST #WFMdish
Last question... Q6: Dessert! How do you plan on rounding out the end of your Easter feast? #WFMdish
Q5: What's the very best deviled egg you've ever eaten? #WFMdish
Here's Q4: What do you prefer to serve for the main course of your Easter feast? #WFMdish
Moving on to Q3: Eggs are always fun for Easter... What's your favorite way to enjoy them? #WFMdish
Here's Q2: When you think of an Easter feast, which flavors come to mind? #WFMdish
Let's get started! Q1: How big a meal do you traditionally cook for Easter? #WFMdish
Twitter friends, we're going to be a little noisier than usual during the next 60 minutes for our weekly #WFMdish chat... Join us!
Dish with us about "EASTER FEAST"... Starts in 10 minutes using #WFMdish!
Tonight's #WFMdish chat will start in 50 minutes... Join us 6-7p CST for "EASTER FEAST"
Our friends @PannaCooking share a great technique for making a quenelle (elegant scoops shaped like footballs)!
Try this for brunch! DEVILED FRITTATA: #WFMdish
Earthy cauliflower is enhanced by the mild bite of cumin and turmeric... ZESTY SPICED CAULIFLOWER: #WFMdish
MYTH: Farmed fish is bad FACT: Aquaculture can be an environmentally friendly supplement to wild-caught fish supplies
BRUNCH BASICS: Everything you need to pull off brunches, both casual and fancy!
Let's go green! Celebrate spring with a bevy of fresh, green-tinged recipes!
Baked, broiled or fried... Which is your favorite way to prepare fish? RECIPES:
Here's a fantastic #vegan dish you're sure to love! INDIAN SPICED PEAS W/ TOFU: #WFMdish
How do you get creative with cabbage? Here are some ideas:
Potatoes + cheese = win! SCALLOPED POTATOES: #WFMdish
Here are some great finds to better enjoy the new season... From our wonderful friends @Etsy!
Recipe for Easter entertaining success? 1) Order your meal online 2) Pick up in-store 3) Reheat and enjoy!
Deviled eggs are easy to make and they make people happy... Here are 19 delicious recipes: