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music tours 80,457 followers
The Beatles are huge in Japan
Walking by Luke’s room and his alarm clock being 5sos…
Guess I’m just gonna have to play it by beer
Not sure how I’m gonna freestyle in Japanese
Flight one on the journey to Osaka ✈️
Absolutely shocked Chris Brown isn’t in the new teenage mutant ninja turtles movie
Watching Robin Williams highlights and being sad
Favorite hot sauce?
I've only recently gotten into throwin hot sauce on everything. Not sure what I was doing with my life
A wise man once said, “Live every week like it’s shark week.” I’m doin it
Love me some Kansas City
So fired up for KC!!!
Yess “@giovannacarmela: @whatupcal slip & flip… Idk how I’ve never thought of this before, what an amazing idea !!…
Why do I open the fridge every single time I walk by? What do I think I’m gonna find?
#tbt to my debut as a wedding singer #McGlick
Just finished an early 18 with @TheLPHeff. Never too early for a couple beers and birdies 🍻⛳️
Need thatttt RT @gelso19: @whatupcal you've got to be shitting me...?!?
Billy Joel bringing out Boyz II Men on stage is absolutely magical…
This was a bad choice
If I put goat cheese in my oatmeal… Is it goatmeal? This might be awful