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What The F*** Facts
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Stephen Fry spent time in jail for credit card fraud, had attempted suicide, and was expelled from 2 schools.
The father of the Ratchet Music Movement, DJ Mustard's birth name is Dijon.
15 strange candies that actually exist... Like Boogers or Spermies!
To woo females, male mice whistle complex songs at ultrasonic frequencies.
12 of the most offensive apparel ever sold on the market -
Since the 19th century, New York has buried it's unclaimed dead in the same place in mass graves.
Check out 15 of the hottest, most scandalous cheerleaders ever-
Dexter Holland, lead singer of The Offspring is Molecular Biology PhD student researching HIV.
Don't you wish your friends would send you hilarious Snapchats like these?
'Rake Yohn' from the Jackass/CKY videos went on to become an organic chemist after the TV show.
The 15 most beautiful royal women in the world! We all love #8 -
Obese People are 80% more likely to die in car crashes than normal weight drivers.
Some celebs make a lot of money... and don't like sharing it. 15 awful tipping stories -
NBA Hall of Famer Adrian Dantley now works as a school crossing guard, despite his wealth.
The most common addictions according to your zodiac sign!
The King of Hearts is sometimes referred to as the "suicide king" because he is pushing a sword into his head.
10 of the craziest unsolved mysteries that actually happened... WTF!
Johann Sebastian Bach fathered 20 children by two wives, 10 of which lived to adulthood.
#8 is pretty dirty... What are the most famous sexual innuendos from disney films?
There is a shark called a "pyjama shark" with stripes down his back.
These are the funniest online reviews ever... WTF!!!!
12 crazy facts about Call Of Duty you should all know -
John F Kennedy snagged 1,200 Cuban cigars before 1962 trade embargo.