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What The F*** Facts
Bottlenose dolphin brains is about 25% heavier than the average adult's brain....!
Your brain can detect when someone is staring a you, even if you don't see them....!
People started reporting 911 about strange clouds, when a power outage struck southern California in the 1990s....!
There was a serial tickler called 'the Boston Tickler'
Earth was covered by giant mushrooms, before trees started to grow on land.
A 3,000 year old Egyptian statue made of limestone looks like Michael Jackson...!
The largest galaxy in the observable universe has 100 trillion stars....!
Just 8-week of regular mindfulness meditation could overcome fears and improve concentration and decision making....!
A 7ft 9in tall man named Angus MacAskill could lift a 2,800 lb ship anchor to his chest....!
A Detroit Tiger pitcher lives off just $800 a month, despite a $2 million signing bonus...!
In Finding Nemo the dentist was named "P. Sherman" because it sounds like the word "fisherman" in Filipino accent...!
A man named Kim Peek was fired and replaced by two full time accountants and a computer...!
Modern humans have four different hominid ancestors....!
9-year-old Daniel uses the light from a local McDonald’s to do his homework every night....!
A Chinese sailor survived 133 days alone in the South Atlantic after his ship was sunk...!
An earthquake can shorten the duration of the day on Earth....!
It took more than two years to animate the two-and-a-half minute "wildebeest stampede" sequence in The Lion King...!
On July 31, 2013 burglars stole computers from a non-profit group but returned them with an apology note...!
The budget of Paranormal Activity was just $15,000 and it has grossed over $190 million worldwide.
Estonia is the world leader for utilizing an e-government and you can access wi-fi internet even in forests.
There is a huge reservoir of water floating in space that holds 140 trillion times more water than all of our oceans.
In South Africa, a baboon named Jack was employed as a railroad signalman for nine years, Jack never made a mistake.

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