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What The F*** Facts
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After LeBron left CLE for MIA, his posters were sold for $17.41 in reference to the year the American traitor Benedict Arnold was born.
Prisoner #655321 was shared by both Alex in "A Clockwork Orange", and also by Plankton in the "Jailbreak" episode of Spongebob.
Only about 1 in 3000 calico cats are male.
Deaf people don't "achoo" when they sneeze.
Oh Tinder, you will be missed.. check out #4 it is just awesome!
There's a 25% chance parents with Down Syndrome will have a non-Down Syndrome Child.
At 6'2", Julia Child was too tall to enter military service during WWII. After which, she became an OSS spy.
At the current rate of oil consumption, we will run out of oil in about 39 years.
15 ways you may be hurting your dog without even realizing it!
A stonemason was told to write, "Lord she was thine" , but he ran out of space so it read "Lord she was thin".
An MMA fighter with Down Syndrome is about to take on his first fight.
If a food has <5 calories per serving, it can list 0 calories on the label.
15 of the most amazing LEGO masterpieces of all time:
Chicago's Robert Morris University offers League of Legends scholarships
In China, women who remain unmarried until their late 20s are given the term "leftover women".
21 U.S. cities restrict sharing food with homeless people.
15 haunted forts and castles from around the world!
In Ohio, a private Zoo owner released 56 Wild and exotic animals, including 18 Bengal tigers and 17 Lions, before committing suicide.
Larry Page's (one of the founders of Google) salary is $1.
Johnny Cash recorded Ring of Fire in Spanish.
Only one fake related Google search overtook 'fake iPhone' in the last five years - 'fake Beats'.
Nate Ruess' (of F.U.N) first band, The Format, was named so to mock the music industry's "format" for hit songs.
Around 5,500 unexploded bombs from WWII are discovered in Germany each year.
15 hilarious test answers that will have you rolling:
Hitler's nephew joined the US Navy in WW2 and fought against Hitler.
There is an Island in the Bahamas Inhabited only by swimming pigs.
Smelling farts prevents cancer.
Fall is here! The 10 best things about fall we can't wait for:
Giraffes clean their ears with their 18inch tongue.
Beaver, OK hosts the annual World Cow Chip Throwing Championship.
Tired of your job? Don't forget to make an EPIC scene like these before you leave -
In 2013 the U.S. reported a breakthrough in malaria vaccine.
There are on average 30 supernova per second in the Universe.
10,000 of the 1.9 million Americans convicted of a major crime each year may be innocent.
D'Zhana Simmons was able to live without a heart... See how here:
90% of US currency bills have traces of cocaine on them
At times Romans would flood the entire Colosseum with water and have miniature ship battles inside it for fun.
Liberia has approximately 1 doctor for every 76,000 people.
Saddam Hussein was once an honorary citizen of Detroit and was given the key to the city.
Google can tell you an actor's "Bacon number."
A Nightmare On Elm Street was inspired by a horrific true story.
15 of the world's worst and scariest serial killers: #WTF
Before Mario, Nintendo was in the business of everything from playing cards to taxis and even love hotels.
In 1989, the movie A Fish Called Wanda killed a Danish man who laughed himself to death.
In 2008 the Russian air force dropped a 55lb sack of cement on a home while trying to create clouds.
Jerome Iginla donates $2k to charity for every goal he scores. He has scored 500+ career goals and donated more than $700,000 in 2000-2013.
A pangram is a sentence using every letter of the alphabet, mostly used to display fonts.