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WhatsApp Inc.
new daily record: 20B messages sent (inbound) and 44B messages received (outbound) by our users = 64B messages handled in just 24 hours.
Happy '14! On Dec 31st our users sent 18B msgs and received 36B = 54 Billion total messages in a day… ~3x in a year:…
sadly iPhone 2.11.6 version has a bug and doesn't work for iOS 4 and iOS 5 users. we submitted an update to Apple which fixes the issue.
WhatsApp service has been fully restored. If you still experiencing issues with WhatsApp please visit
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our system is currently experiencing an outage. we are working on it and hope to have it repaired shortly.
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WhatsApp ahora es un tema de familia:… (for our spanish readers;)
Sorry we are currently experiencing issues with MMS: sending videos, photos and voice msgs is temporarily down. we are working on a fix
Fique tranquilo! Estamos preparados para migrar a sua conta com a mudança de números no Brasil. Leia mais no FAQ:…
Want to learn more about Voice Messaging on your phone? Check out… and pick your phone to see more.
We made this video to show you how easy and simple Voice Messaging can be:… - are you using Voice Messages yet?
iPhone release notes blog post: (btw, if WhatsApp crashes on your jailbroken iPhone, restore to factory please)
new daily record: 10B+ msgs sent (inbound) and 17B+ msgs received (outbound) by our users = 27 Billion msgs handled in just 24 hours!
how to move WhatsApp to your iPhone dock:
On Dec 31st we had a new record day: 7B msgs inbound, 11B msgs outbound = 18 billion total messages processed in one day! Happy 2013!!!
Happy Holidays! WhatsApp for iPhone is free for a limited time. Tell your friends!… - while WhatsApp can save lives, we wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.
Si estás en Ecuador y ves un mensaje que te pide marcar tu nuevo número de teléfono, por favor, marca el antiguo por el momento (sin el 9)
if you are in Ecuador and getting prompted to enter your number, please enter the old shorter style number for now.
We are very excited about our roaming partnership with 3HK. Innovation that benefits both WhatsApp and 3HK customers:
Details of the first ever roaming WhatsApp data plan for 3 Hong Kong users -…
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Just landed in Hong Kong with @neerajarora .. My first trip to Asia. So excited to be here and to meet so many WhatsApp users!!!
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If you are having issues with WhatsApp, please reboot your phone (we made a DNS error and rebooting should flush your DNS cache)
Don't forget to remind your friends with Nokia phones that they can join the party and install WhatsApp also:
WhatsApp 공식 한국어 트위터/페북에서 한국고객만을 위한 소식을 전합니다! 한국 고객지원과 서비스 를 위해 노력하는 WhatsApp이 되겠습니다. &
the difference in inbound vs. outbound is due to group chats :)
new daily record: 4B inbound, 6B outbound = 10B total messages a day! #freebsd #erlang
How to move WhatsApp to your iPhone dock:…
WhatsApp in São Paulo should be now working properly. System updated to handle both old style and new style numbers automagically now..
We are in process of updating our system to deal with new São Paulo numbers. WhatsApp in São Paulo should be working again in 3 hours.
we are told many olympic athletes are using WhatsApp to keep in touch :) will be rooting for you... cc: @StevenLopezTkd
WhatsApp messenger for iPhone is free for a limited time. RT and tell your friends :)
Queremos avisarles que esta es la única cuenta oficial de WhatsApp Inc. @WhatsApp_es no está mantenido por nuestra compañía.
كل عام وأنتم بخير، رمضان كريم من فريق عمل واتساب
WhatsApp 2.8.2 for iPhone is now available from the AppStore. If you had problems with 2.8.1 release please update to 2.8.2 version.
Sorry about 2.8.1 issues on iOS. For upgrades, please wait for 2.8.2 which has been submitted to Apple and should be published soon..
Congratulations to Spain for winning Euro 2012!!!
@WhatsApp The Pop Up Toast Notifications for new messages! My favorite feature on any Symbian app currently. Too good.
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New WhatsApp version 2.6.97 for Symbian S60 is out. You can get it from - tell us what your new favorite feature is.
FYI: double checkmark does not mean that message was read - just that it was delivered to the recipient's device.
Did you know WhatsApp fully supports lower end Nokia S40 phones? Tell your friends to install from directly to phone
RT "@SirfMayuR: #WhatsApp is fun! I mean fast and simple.. Never realized the value of it! Liking the quick and simple interface!"
The full-stack awareness of the WhatsApp team is amazing. 2.8MM concurrent connections from a single FreeBSD box. Amazing #erlangfactory
Retweeted by WhatsApp Inc. - blog post about new features and screenshots: send place and group icon.
New version 2.6.10 for iPhone is out. Update today from iTunes - lots of new features and bug fixes!
We are told that WhatsApp is now being blocked in Syria. A blow to free speech and open communications everywhere. Sad day for freedom.
WhatsApp makes top most downloaded apps with apple reaching 25B downloads. Thank you for the support and love!