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Jonathan Long
RT @alex_segura: You can download the new @archiecomics app for iOS and Android and get 100 free comics. Yes. 100. #SDCC2014
RT @ArkhamAsylumDoc: You don't need a Comic-Con pass to ride the Gotham City zipline. #SDCC2014
10 Online Communities For Expanding Your #Blog Network ~ #SocialMedia
AK toting Rick is not a happy Rick ~ #TheWalkingDead #SDCC
Oh great. Another 800 new cast members for S5 of #GOT. Like there weren't enough plotlines to follow already.
5 Ways to Build a Strong Twitter Community for Personal Brand #SocialMedia
Instead of the normal #FF noise, what's one person you'd reco following and why?
OH: "Comic Con? What's that?" " if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."
Lechal 'Smart Shoes' Vibrate to Tell You Where to Walk | (for @Chastity & @VarianDavid)
"The important thing in life is not to have a good hand but to play it well." -- Louis Fortin
Brilliant RT @mashable: Everything is better with Morgan Freeman's voice, including LeBron's 'Coming Home' letter:
Most exciting thing to me about #GotG releasing is it will finally purge this clip from memory -
Can't help but admire when #TheFranchise aka The Last Prince of Krypton talks trash when gaming.
RT @Seagate: Congrats @nerdist ~ The Most Influential Nerds of 2014
I wish we could put Mark Zuckerberg on US currency. I'd love to have Zuck Bucks. Redeemable for an automatic win in Monopoly.
Best part? It got @AgentM's mustache ▶ Make Yourself Into a Marvel Character with 3Dplus Me at #SDCC 2014 -
Pretty sure we have the slowest network for any company I've ever worked for.
It's an interesting reflection on our society that there are so many apps to "connect" people. Did "going out" become too difficult?
"Progress begins with the belief that what is necessary is possible." -- Norman Cousins
Arrogance is a hell of a drug.
Marvel has released a lot of #GotG clips. I hope there's still some movie left to watch besides end credit scenes.
Really hope the vendor who just emailed me asks a follow up as to why I don't think my company will need server space from her company.
If you don't wish @SixOkay a happy day of birth today, you will get abducted by aliens who will do bad things to you. Bad. Things.
I have zero doubt I would watch a Faora stand alone film, mini series, maxi series, animated series, or even a commercial. #ManofSteel
How I feel about#BatmanDay