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Jonathan Long
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This Life by Curtis Stigers, from #SoundHound
Seems silly to put a silhouette on the cover and ask "Who will be the next Captain America" when there's been a lot of pics & PR for it.
Sweet! I'm listed in the #NerdHQ Wall of Honor ~ (viva la @thenerdmachine @kentuckysocal)
Anytime I go to a GameStop, I'll either get the nerd employee who knows everything or the cute one that knows nothing. Guess which I got.
Saturday was given to us as an opportunity to do something you'll need to ask forgiveness for on Sunday. #WeezulLogic
Tony Stark would make an amazing villain. #Comics
Every feel overly cautious about things after watching a Final Destination movie? I almost don't want to go anywhere or do anything.
#This ♫ Every Little Thing I Do – Soul for Real #NowPlaying
#Confessions ♫ Confessions Part II - Confessions Special Edition Version – Usher #NowPlaying
Been a busy night in the House of L. And that's only half. I also need a maid - apply within.
Been a busy night in the House of L. And that's only half. I also need a maid - apply within.
New October Releases on Netflix Streaming ~ #Movies #TV #SOA
"Cool exec with a heart of...#candy" #Ironman #Marvel #Avengers
"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." -- William Feather
With Jeter gone, I present to you the future of the #NYY and face of #TheFranchise .
How much do ring girls make? Anyone know?
I'm fascinated by the #GuerreroKamegai fight. Esp because he keeps making "pop-pop" no dies when punching
Well I, thought you were sugar and spice...
"Voodoo Economics"
That moment when you find yourself singing a Christmas song and hope someone hits you.
My wknd just got filled up ~ Nine Great Movies and a TV Show Leaving Netflix Instant at the End of September ~
Therapy (@ Seagate Gym in Cupertino, CA)
Adding this to a preso I'm drafting. I think it sends the right message of teamwork and camaraderie.
I have a minimal interest in people's "selfies". I'm pretty sure making it time-lapsed it won't improve things -
I hate when I'm out of bacon.
You can't tell me a #Roadhouse remake with @MichaelJaiWhite is not a brilliant idea - I won't believe you.
#Protip - to avoid any long term damage, always tap gently.
Welcome back, @KeyAndPeele, I've missed you.
Blackish was interesting. I can legit seeing having similar conversations with #TheFranchise in about 5 years.
7 Great French Films for Kids Available Streaming on Netflix ~
That moment when a song comes on and you can think of about multiple it applies to.
I've always thought "FML" was a pretty stupid expression.
"True happiness is ... to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future." -- Seneca
Re-read that Bruce Wayne piece by @ArkhamAsylumDoc this AM and am just going to make her my #WCW. Article -
If you don't wish @melcaylo and @geekgirldiva a happy day of birth today, your Nerd Cred card will get revoked.
The #Antman film just got more interesting to me as I see who's playing Yellowjacket.
Also, great job on the Crusher Creel visuals #AgentsofSHIELD
#AgentsofSHIELD - Upside - Skye didn't annoy me. Downside. Still no @AnthonyMackie on the show.Someone needs to #CuttheCheck
Probably should have expected this what I told #TheFranchise it's time for bed. #StarWars
As a parent, a deck of cards is a wonderful thing. And a great tool for teaching kids math
I like when #TheFranchise talks to me about #StarWars like it's completely new to me.
If I had a "Top 3 Things to Fuel a Workout" list, "Anger" would be in the top 2.
I'm disturbed that there's a dress code called "Wine Country Casual"
7 Free Ways for Boosting Your #SocialMedia Engagement - #Protip
Got a promo for the ST:TNG cast being at #NYCC. It re-ignited my dormant crush on Gates McFadden