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Jonathan Long
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Fantastic piece RT @ArkhamAsylumDoc: What would a psychologist have done with Bruce Wayne? My article on @Playboy
Co-pilot #Superman #RidinDirty
Very happy @girlonguy is back. I've missed it.
"Winning smile. That's the first thing I ever saw about him" - #TheFranchise when describing what he knows about Lando Calrissian
I feel like having a "Smart Toilet" is going a bit too far.
"A quarter pounder of cuteness"
RT @simonpegg: I'll be on Reddit doing an AMA in a sec. Get on over there and AMA. •footsteps receding*
I haven't had a snapchat from @ProfRobot in awhile. I need more hand drawn, off-key chaos in my life
"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." -- Henry David Thoreau
Good relationships facilitate good business.
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Esquivel (90), Battleme (5) & Eric B. & Rakim (4) #music
"Even if it's outside your grasp, it's the reaching that people respect." ~ via @SHO_Masters
You don't need nobody else, it's all yours, but you fail to see. #Lyrics
Focusing on work is a pinch of a challenge at the moment.
The General Lee got great gas mileage
I think my sister just called me ghetto. That's like Vanessa calling Theo a thug. #CosbyShow
♫ They Reminisce Over You – C.L. Smooth, Pete Rock #NowPlaying
Still playing @nerdist pcasts from days of yore. It's like I discovered gold.
The Physics of the Death Star — Starts With A Bang! — #StarWars (@missbpx)
Really liked Ip Man. Good fight choreography
"Bring me my legs." - That's awesome.
Oh my gosh. Fish. Hurry up and eat people.
10 minutes in and I'm routing for the piranha.
Being a grown up means watching movies your mom wouldn't approve of. Tho my mom is pretty cool so it's iffy.
Returning to Lake Victoria. Hope the piranha are gone...
#Repost from @alo_kawaii ~ Totally agree. #dating101 #oldtimes
So glad this game got backed ~ Divorce! The Game by Andrew Yoon —
#Friday. 4PM. @MonsterEnergy drink opened. Game on! (@seeson)
RT @ronxo: Psyched to see this Kickstarter for a Comics Anthology by folks who attended MorrisonCon.
RT @AgentM: I LOVE this interview we did with @StardustWWE. He asks our interviewer the first time they rode a bike.
I wonder if I'm the only one who sometimes pretends his keys are like a butterfly knife...
The #1 Way to Become More Confident | #ProTip #Motivation
"Vows made in storms are forgotten in calm." -- Thomas Fuller
Had I known Crixus was on Gods of the Arena, I'd have watched it sooner.
Was trying to work, but got distracted by Spartacus on Syfy and a vid of @jamesmiglehart's dressing room. #CrixusRules
Can we take a moment and appreciate how flawless Jennifer Garner looks in that Capital One commercial? Good game, Ben. Good game.
The Internet is filled with so many clever people who have entirely too much time on their hands.
Only in my house is "Are you taking your lightsaber to bed?" a normal question.
The biggest challenge i have when cutting #TheFranchise's hair, is not making designs.