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Brain-eating amoeba kills 14-year-old star athlete:
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Always tired or sluggish? Your thyroid gland could be to blame.
We all pass gas, but how many times a day is normal? #TheTruthAbout
Cold feet? Clubbed toes? Sores that don’t heal? Here’s what your feet say about your health:
The NYT obituary for Oliver Sacks, the neurologist and author who explored the brain’s quirks
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There are usually no warning signs in lung cancer's early stages. What puts you at risk?
Do prunes really help constipation? #TheTruthAbout
First an Emmy, now a People's Choice Award? Vote @TheGlennClose & her work on mental health!
The force is w/ @carrieffisher. Vote her work on mental health for our People’s Choice Award!
Does your joint pain gets worse when it's cold or raining? It's not your imagination.
Can antiperspirants cause breast cancer? Should you panic if you find a lump? #TheTruthAbout
Joint and muscle pain is often the first sign of lupus. See what other symptoms are common:
Vote @vacationmovie fav and breast cancer advocate @1capplegate for our People's Choice Award!
Vote @JeffGordonWeb, fast driver & cancer research advocate, for our People’s Choice Award!
Do you replace your toothbrush as often as you should? #MythsAndFacts
Does snot that is green or yellow mean that you are getting sick? #TheTruthAbout
What happens if you swallow gum? Do beans really cause the most gas? Digestive myths debunked:
Most MRSA infections are minor, but some can be life-threatening. Do you know how it’s spread?
How much shuteye do you really need?
Research demonstrates millions of plastic particles exist in cosmetic products
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What’s causing your pelvic pain?
Sciatica symptoms tend to appear suddenly and can last for days or weeks. Are you at risk?
Unfortunately, about half of people w/ DVT get no warning signs. Could you be at higher risk?
Are genital warts an early sign of cancer? #TheTruthAbout

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