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When it comes to nose hairs, don't pluck. Instead, use an electric trimmer to cut them back a bit.
Blood test for psychosis could identify people at risk for developing schizophrenia. ^DrMichael
Medical Implant Devices Skate Through Review Process, Studies Claim – WebMD
Antibiotic Use Before Age 2 Might Raise Obesity Risk, Study Says – WebMD
Obese in Adolescence, Colon Cancer in Later Life? – WebMD
Relieve the dinner-rush pressure with this Italian inspired chicken and white bean soup.
Health Officials Investigating Paralysis in Kids With Enterovirus D68
Drug Gives Big Survival Boost Against Type of Advanced Breast Cancer – WebMD
Junk food craving? Blame it on a brain lapse. ^DrMichael
American Exposed to Ebola Admitted to NIH Hospital. Not clear if infection occurred.
Pregnant? Many women skipping whooping cough vaccine that could save their baby's life. ^DrMichael
Breast-Feeding May Cut Risk for Aggressive Breast Cancer in Black Women – WebMD
American Doctor Exposed to Ebola Admitted to NIH Hospital – WebMD
Small Heart, Stroke Risks From Asthma Drug: FDA
After-School Exercise Yields Brain Gains: Study – WebMD
Pediatricians Endorse IUDs, Implants for Teen Birth Control – WebMD
Texas and Florida Expand Medicaid – For Kids - WebMD
Scientists Detect Early Sign of Pancreatic Cancer – WebMD
Preemies May Have Stronger Immune Systems Than Suspected – WebMD
From breath and saliva to DNA, scientists are excited about new cancer tests. ^DrMichael
Happy #NationalCoffeeDay! About how many cups of coffee does the average person drink daily?
3 treatments for painful varicose veins all ease symptoms, but there may be quality of life differences months later.
"Grief is the form love takes after someone dies," Shear said. How 'Complicated Grief' Differs From #Depression:
Ingredients to avoid when you're #LactoseIntolerant. (It's not just dairy.) Brought to you by LACTAID.
Waiting to start the Walk to End Alzheimer's in Atlanta. Chilly and rainy but ready to get it! #endalz ^DrMichael
Craving something more than water? Try these drinks that are both tasty and still fit your diabetes diet.
The Future of Cancer Detection
A #Walk in Nature may keep #Depression at Bay. Study found walking lowered #stress ^DrArefa
Can All Work and No Play Make You #Diabetic? This study looked at the jobs that put you at risk. ^DrArefa
Weekly Diabetes Drugs: FAQs
What is the name for a large, usually hairy birthmark that can look like a swimsuit, covering the thighs and belly?
Whooping Cough Vaccine Rates During Pregnancy Fall Short: CDC – WebMD
Watch your skirt size. Your risk for #breastcancer increases with #weightgain. ^DrArefa
Stress Might Be Even More Unhealthy for the Obese – WebMD
Does my child have Enterovirus D68? Or, is it asthma, a cold or the flu? ^DrArefa
Debate Grows Over Employer Plans With No Hospital Benefits - WebMD
Researchers Evaluate Blood Test for Psychosis – WebMD
Junk Food Cravings Linked to Brain Lapse – WebMD
Special Therapy May Help Relieve 'Complicated Grief' – WebMD
Common Painkillers Tied to Blood Clot Risk, Study Suggests – WebMD
Phones. Laptops. Tablets. Media multitasking might change the structure of your brain. ^DrMichael
Tomorrow is National Drug Take Back Day. Find a location here:
Cholesterol drugs might raise risk of diabetes. ^DrMichael
People drink more alcohol on days when they're more physically active. ^DrMichael
Nature Walks With Others May Keep Depression at Bay – WebMD
Half of HIV-Positive Gay Men in U.S. Aren't Getting Proper Treatment – WebMD
Brain Chemical May Help Control Tourette 'Tics' – WebMD
Is there one type of food that makes you fat? Dr. Fujioka identifies the suspect in question. #obesity #fat #food
3rd U.S. Aid Worker Infected With Ebola Released From Hospital – WebMD
Do docs prescribe too many meds for people with mild high blood pressure? ^DrMichael