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8 Ways You May Be Making Your #Acne Worse (and some easy fixes) ^DrArefa
What can a vibrating fork do? You'll be surprised. Think food. ^Dr.Arefa
Try this quick and hearty one-skillet supper for big flavor with little clean up.
Polyp Removal Doesn't Always Signal Raised Colon Cancer Risk, Study Says – WebMD
MERS Virus Doesn't Seem to Spread Easily, Study Finds – WebMD
Light Therapy a Good Option for Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions, Study Says – WebMD
Everest Study Finds High Altitude Affects Blood Pressure – WebMD
Blood Pressure Controlled Best by Patient: Study  – WebMD
We think #anorexia looks a certain way -- appallingly thin -- but that's not always the case.
Scientists 'Rewrite' Bad Memories in Mice – WebMD
What syndrome is characterized by severe heart damage caused by sudden emotional shock?
Federal Officials Order Medicaid To Cover Autism Services - WebMD
What does the director of Emory #ALS think of the #IceBucketChallenge? We asked him.
Choosing #hospice doesn’t mean giving up — it means shifting the priority from cure to comfort. When is it time?
Why Aren't Rx Weight-Loss Drugs More in Demand?
Going to couples therapy sooner rather than later is important if you want to save your #relationship. See why.
Study: Aspirin Might Work Instead of Warfarin for Deep Vein Clots – WebMD
Steer Clear of Dietary Supplements for Concussions: FDA – WebMD
#LactoseIntolerant? Try these simple recipe swaps so you can eat the foods you love. Brought to you by LACTAID.
Are e-cigarettes safe? We spoke with @DrFriedenCDC
What you eat as you age matters, but it isn’t shifting the numbers on the scale by itself.
Deep Brain Stimulation Safe for Older Parkinson's Patients: Study – WebMD
Even Normal-Weight Teens Can Have Dangerous Eating Disorders, Study Finds – WebMD
Playing Video Game May Boost MS Patients' Balance: Study – WebMD
Sleep Drunkenness' is Common and linked to depression, anxiety and others conditions.1 in 15 people have it. ^DrN
What is the name for the simple sugar that is the body's main fuel? #WordOfTheDay
Good news: some parts of our brains are immune from aging. These areas help keep us young ^DrN
#sleepy #teens suffer in school and we can make adjustments to help them perform better during school see how ^DrN
Number of Young Non-Smokers Who Tried E-Cigs Tripled in 2 Years – WebMD
#ALS donations made this possible: “I’ve been able to see my children grow up.” #priceless
New Birth Control Rules Appear To Track Supreme Court Suggestion - WebMD
Happy #NationalDogDay! Did you know the average dog has the language understanding of a 2-year-old child?
Who knew mucus could be so fascinating? The answer to #2 will floor you! Take the mucus quiz:
Fewer Painkiller Deaths in States With Medical Marijuana: Study – WebMD
'Sleep Drunkenness' Is Common and Linked to Other Behavior Issues – WebMD
Bullying Starts Before School Years Begin, Study Finds – WebMD
Study Questions Value of Certain Knee Surgeries – WebMD
Food Allergies More Common Among Inner City Kids, Study Finds – WebMD
Cosmetic Eye Procedure May Ease Migraines, Small Study Says – WebMD
Patients Hope Ice Bucket Challenge Keeps Flowing
Pale, yellow, or rippled nails could be signs of a more serious problem.
The @American_Heart Association pressures FDA to impose rules on e-cigs by end of year.
For a quick start to this spicy stir-fry, use a bag of frozen peppers and onions.
What is the syndrome characterized by a searing oral pain with no obvious cause?
Back to school have you flustered? Check out our #FirstDayofSchool board on @Pinterest for helpful tips.
Start School Later for Older Kids, Pediatricians Urge – WebMD
Pediatricians Offer New Dental Recommendations – WebMD
One Part of the Brain Doesn't Age, Study Suggests – WebMD
The latest food recall you need to know about? Sam's Club Chicken Caesar Salad kits
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