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Thomas Forgione
Attention #salespeople. If you are using a leave behind make sure you point out what you spoke about by notation. #marketing
#business as usual means you're not doing anything better than the competition. Oh it also means you are afraid. #marketing
Based on the survey results from all of you. (Thank you!) I will be launching something great next week. If you...
I will be launching something great next week. If you own a #business that needs #salesleads then stay tuned. Did I mention it is free?
Tried everything but still can't seem to launch a successful #marketing campaign? Call me and I will stop the bleeding.
Hey @GovChristie ! Looking for a #marketing person for your save AC committee? Give me a call.
#Revel closed today proving that nobody likes being pushed around.
We all have #marketing secret. Here is mine. Treat your customers better than family.
#showboat in #AtlanticCity is closing. What happens to a casino when it closes? Will it become a large crack house?
If you are reading this I just proved that social #contentmarketing works. Want to learn more? Let me know.
Just because you don't respond to #emailmarketing doesn't mean your customers will not.
If you haven't revisited your #website #marketing strategy in over a year then you've lost money and probably a lot of it. Period.
#advertising with #billboards? Make sure you do a area study to see if it's a high traffic placement. Check area demographics too.
If you do not have a strategy to capture #leads on your website then you are missing the boat. There are so many...
It's amazing how many #business owners become #marketing experts after you tell them how much it costs. :-)
There are days I don't feel like writing. And then there are days... no, that first sentence kinda says it all. #WriteAnyway
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Will #AtlanticCity learn appealing to daily gamblers made it the most money & stop trying to make it "family friendly"? #fail
The number one reason people fail in life is because they listen to their friends, family, and neighbors. #NapoleonHill
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Don't be foolish. If I can't identify hidden ways for your #business to make more money then you don't pay. #marketing #sales
Went shopping and I'm amazed how many retailers STILL don't do anything to secure the #email of their customers. #marketing #fail
Just saw a commercial for fruit scented markers for kids. All the emergency rooms in the US are rejoicing. #idiots #marketing
Business owners shouldn't let the "sales consultant" that works for the publication create your ads. They don't get it. #marketing
I just got a coupon magazine in the mail.. 40 pages of businesses placing the wrong types of ads. #wtf #marketing
Interested in #contentmarketing for your business? Want to learn more? Give me a call.
The ugliest ad in a print publication will get a few responses giving the illusion of success. But that's gambling not #marketing
When you are facing a tough situation, make sure you whisper to yourself, "I am a warrior. I can get thru this!"
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"Cold calling" is not dead. Using the phone to do it is. Want an easy strategy that's been successful for thousands of years? #marketing
How can you use video as part of your company’s video marketing mix?
How can you use video as part of your company’s video marketing mix?: Videos are the hottest trend in marketin...
Did @ICANN forget to add .author to their new extensions? Or am I missing something? #icann
Don't go to breakfast with someone and leave your blinking #Bluetooth on your ear. #rude
I'm finished with my book. Before it goes into editing I need anonymous help. If you're a business owner please visit
sushi restaurants giving a 50 off sale might not increase revenue but it will make people think..ick. #marketing
Going to the sawmill for a #marketing meeting.
Posting to #socialmedia is NOT the solution to your lack of #content #marketing problem.
Just launched the new website for Ocean County Historical Society.
If you're interested in #marketingcoaching I have three slots available right now but they go fast so hurry up.
The goal of #marketing is to get customers, keep customers happy, then get more customers. Stop thinking it's anything else.
If you're relying solely on #SEO to bring you customers than you need a reality check or a lot of money in the bank. #marketingmix
How to be happy, successful, wealthy, thin, etc, etc. all requires one big thing...ACTION ON YOUR PART! #lifelesson
Sorry #doctors you need to start treating your practice like a #business. Better hours, customer service and #marketing
The #AtlanticCity ad campaign missed the #showboat . They must first see what people want then GIVE IT TO THEM.
Want to make some money with protected members only content? Make a membership site. It's easy. #marketing
What if I could show you a way to super charge your #squeezepage ? I only have time to help 4. Better hurry.
What type of#marketing are you doing today?
I just found a new car mechanic. It pays to be honest.
Let me tie two important things together. If you're out #marketing your business don't leave your dog in the hot car.
Think you can sell #plasticsurgery without educational #marketing ? Good luck with that.
Who are you? If you don't know then how will your customers? #usp #marketing