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Wayne Allyn Root
Obama is madman looking to finish job of destroying middle class. Begs to be impeached. Let's give him what he wants!…
What kind of madman would legalize illegals in middle of Great Depression, w/no jobs, GDP in free fall and almost $18 trillion in debt?
Is unrest and violence next as Obama gets ready to stick final stake in America's heart- Executive order legalizing all illegals in USA.
Am I the only one who feels world is coming apart at seams? Terrifying disease, war, terrorism, economic collapse.…
Newspapers starting to notice my new bestseller:…
Taking my kids 2 see my friend Dinesh D'Souza's "America." It's that important to teach your kids what made America great. TAKE USA BACK
Obamacare is world's biggest Ponzi scheme. Pure fraud. Obama= Bernie Madoff:…
Fracking and drilling are fine when it makes Democrats like Joe Biden's son rich…but not allowed for rest of us:…
Here I am at book signing at FreedomFest signing my new bestselling book "THE MURDER OF THE MIDDLE CLASS"
Here I am w/Tea Party hero and NY Times bestselling author Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks:
Here I am w/America's vitamin guru Wayne Gorsek and Republican legend Steve Forbes:
Here I am backstage with the stars of FreedomFest waiting for opening ceremonies to start:
Here I am with conservative anti-tax hero Grover Norquist and my personal photog Victor:
Me and John Stossel discuss my new book "MURDER OF THE MIDDLE CLASS" in front of live crowd of 1500 in Las Vegas:
Wayne Allyn Root about to begin his speech at FreedomFest:
Wayne Allyn Root w/his good buddy and bestselling financial guru Peter Schiff:
"Wayne & Wayne Show" - Here I am w/ great friend and America's vitamin guru Wayne Gorsek backstage w/John Stossel:
Wayne Allyn Root with Fox News and Fox Business Host John Stossel:
Wayne Allyn Root with the great Steve Forbes, 2-time former GOP Presidential contender:
Here I am waving to crowd of 1500 fans, about to start my interview on STOSSEL with Fox News host John Stossel.
Wayne Allyn Root w/conservative tax cut hero Grover Norquist:
Wayne Allyn Root w/national talk show host Michael Medved, a true gentleman:
Here I am as proud dad w/my daughter Dakota Root- first father/daughter duo ever as opening speakers at FreedomFest.
Me and Steve Forbes showing off their new bestselling books at FreedomFest!
67 players on Dallas roster are younger than 26 yr old kicker Dan Bailey. Crazy how fast life moves in NFL!…