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Washington Post
Maria Shriver was removed from this portrait of former California Gov. Schwarzenegger
The anti-standardized testing movement is growing, and it's finding success around country
Bowser? Catania? D.C.'s mayoral race rests on an uninspired electorate
Miss America 2014: Miss New York wins over ventriloquist. Here are the best moments from the pageant
Tom Harkin, Bill Clinton and the changing Democratic Party
Children with married parents are better off - but marriage isn't the reason why
Boston bomb case lawyers want to summon 2,000 people to pick a jury
A president who set out to end wars tries to justify a new one
You could soon order that McDonald's burger from a machine - no human interaction required.
Police didn't find any drugs in his van. They took almost $33,000 of his cash anyway.
Bad back? These are the best sex positions to ease the pain.
As Ebola cases accelerate, Liberia’s sick must fend for themselves
Taxidermy is moving from hunting lodges to hipster havens
Here are the times I wish I'd left my abusive husband, and the reasons it took me 4 years to finally do it
A California professor pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in the 1995 slaying of her alleged rapist
The Baltimore Ravens will allow fans to swap out Ray Rice jerseys for free at team shops
Nearly a third of U.S. women have experienced domestic violence
Kirsten Gillibrand says she's sorry for calling Arlington a "soulless suburb" in her new memoir
New maps reveal unknown structures at Stonehenge
A history of the mobile phone, from 1917 to today
Oxford study predicts 15 more countries are at risk of Ebola exposure
15 stunning pictures from New York Fashion Week
The world's tallest dog - Zeus, the Great Dane - died last week
NFL owners prepared to oust Goodell pending investigation into Ray Rice case
Bill Gates wants your kids to learn history this way - and he's paying to get it into schools
Where to go to college if you want the highest starting salary. (Hint: Not the Ivy League.)
Anger rises in India’s Kashmir Valley as people remain trapped a week after floods
Extraordinary aurora photos from the U.S. and around the world
How security camera footage gets leaked to the press
Goodbye to the iPod, the little box that changed everything
Take a seat. You may be able to reverse the damage sitting all day does to your health.
Ancient swamp pig gets named after Mick Jagger for its luscious lips
"ISIS" vs. "ISIL" vs. "Islamic State": The political importance of a much-debated acronym
I am a 14-year-old Yazidi girl who was given as a gift to an ISIS commander. Here's how I escaped. via @WaPoThing
An adult woman was found to be missing her cerebellum
Inside the NFL's elaborate security network that is supposed to protect the league from trouble
U.S. intelligence agencies are still unclear about the danger posed by Islamic State
Apptitude: Have you had too much coffee this morning? This app will help you keep track.
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Nice profile by @RickMaese RT @PostSports Jeff Gordon, NASCAR's surprising elder statesman.
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North Korea sentences American man to 6 years
U.S. is trying to exclude Iran from group fighting Islamic State
Diversity is coming to Congress - very, very slowly
A Mississippi election was settled Thursday by drawing straws. (Straw #6 determined the winner.)
Uber and its allies kick off a campaign to brand "Big Taxi"
NASA releases new tips for finding alien life, in case you're looking
How Atlanta became rap's future: "We know what needs to be heard. And everybody's listening"
Proposed new Union Station could do for D.C. what Grand Central did for New York