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iMuslim Academy
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Muslims must be clean. Internal and external.
Everybody wants to speak but very few wants to listen
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The mind works like a parachute. Works best when open.
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An investment of sure returns! Sadaqa jariyyah for your own akhirah.
InsyaAllah esok (11/4) Launching #CelcomS5. Jom ke Blue Cube di Sunway Pyramid. Ada surprise dengan #CelcomFirstElite
InsyaAllah will be passing this account to @imuslimmy soon. Make doa. Biiznillah.
Maybe should give my acount to @imuslimmy :) hehe.. as a gift.
We're made of earth thats why we're so attached to it #HeartTherapy
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#hearttherapy Join the heart therapy hastag on FB, Twitter and Instagram.
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RT"Bukan nak cakap apa kekadang tgk mcm riak sikit. Relaks laa akak artis kut just chill macam manusia biasa" LOL - benda yg mcm ni x larat
Jangan la delete twitter @WardinaSafiyyah. Mari bantu saya RT poster projek #Books4Kidz ni utk 800k followers tu. :)
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Corruption .. it starts from the heart. A corrupted heart leads to corrupted behaviour.
Beautiful quote from an inspiring person....
Sorry..I honestly think this is so unnecessary. Astaghfirullah. Everything is politics in this…
Persoalan perlu diteliti. Kenapa masalah banjir berulang tahun demi tahun, apakah itu nasib yg tak dpt diubah? Tak mungkin!
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Masalah pengurusan banjir ni sgt besar. Msia sbg negara khatulistiwa dgn jumlah hujan yg tinggi patut punyai sistem atasi banjir sejak dulu.
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Tolonglah buat satu camp for politicians.. rasa nak lobby diorang pergi LEC la @shazlykhan Biznillah. Never know.
before the #hearttherapy camp began, many said that 5 days is too long.. after the camp ended, i wonder if they think 5 days is enough :'(
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I make dua that all the knowledge gained in #hearttherapy camp will be visible in the positive changes in the life of the participants.
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"Children in experiments bcme less aggressive when caregivers ignore their aggressive behaviors & reinforce their non aggressive behaviors"
"We can be assertive without being aggressive" #psychology notes.-- *pfft* Tell that to sme leaders in the Parliment