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The current emotional high tides can bounce you around on the ... More for Cancer
Be careful of people coloring facts with enthusiasm to sell yo... More for Cancer
Increased freedom of movement comes with a price now, for it m... More for Cancer
Your passions are more manageable today since you can envision... More for Cancer
Your excitement entices you beyond the security of the fences ... More for Cancer
Someone special wants you to engage in a cathartic process tod... More for Cancer
Life is all about making choices and it is healthier today to ... More for Cancer
Maintaining your individual perspective while still remaining ... More for Cancer
You are so wary about everyone's reactions to what you share n... More for Cancer
Generally speaking, you water-loving Crabs aren't all that com... More for Cancer
Being sensitive to the needs of others is one of your most adm... More for Cancer
A close friend or relative could be a source of annoying resis... More for Cancer
Gauging someone's reaction to your words is difficult now, no ... More for Cancer
People may think you're being overly critical today, though yo... More for Cancer
You might believe your world has come to a standstill, but in ... More for Cancer
You're uncharacteristically driven to step outside of your nor... More for Cancer
You might not realize there are conflicts brewing on the home ... More for Cancer
You don't like it when people disagree for no apparent reason.... More for Cancer
Your schedule may be so unforgiving today that you can't easil... More for Cancer
You can share your feelings in an imaginative manner today, bu... More for Cancer
There is so much going on at work that it is nearly impossible... More for Cancer
A casual interaction might trigger unexpressed feelings, possi... More for Cancer
You could easily spend more money today than you expect, espec... More for Cancer
There's a lot of turmoil simmering beneath the surface today, ... More for Cancer
The Moon's current amble through your nurturing sign may be th... More for Cancer
Disclosing your personal feelings comes naturally now that the... More for Cancer
Although meditation is a wonderful part of a healthy daily rou... More for Cancer
An unresolved family matter requires plenty of your emotional ... More for Cancer
Your true friends will stand by you no matter what, and even r... More for Cancer
You are typically comfortable with your changing moods but you... More for Cancer
Your urge to be spontaneous could be constrained by memories o... More for Cancer
You can hear the future calling your name today, and you yearn... More for Cancer
Telling others what you want is complicated, even when you're ... More for Cancer
Your strong convictions empower your actions and speech as lon... More for Cancer
You're obsessed with your ambitions today and already have a s... More for Cancer
You like the idea of being amongst your peers today, even if y... More for Cancer
The slow pace of change might not be speedy enough for you tod... More for Cancer
Your emotional neediness could block your access to satisfacti... More for Cancer
Even if you are feeling under the weather today, you can still... More for Cancer
Your current optimism could inspire you to make ambitious plan... More for Cancer
Your daydreams are so distracting today that you might easily ... More for Cancer
Existential concerns linger on your mind now, but they won't ... More for Cancer
You're quietly preoccupied with making an important decision, ... More for Cancer
You strive to see both sides of a relationship issue today, bu... More for Cancer
Taking a sentimental journey through your personal history isn... More for Cancer
An unexpected tug-of-war between social and personal responsib... More for Cancer
You wish you could pull your heart safely back behind a thick ... More for Cancer
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