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Pouting doesn't suit me
The evocative Moon is rattling your 1st House of Self, taking ... More for Cancer
Boredom is a terrible terrible thing... I forgive anything you do trying to get out of it
You are tempted to take on so much responsibility today that y... More for Cancer
so fucking over it
thank @Goddess I have this album called #feelgoodnow on my playlist
I could have all the money in the world and be the queen of the universe... i'd still be like "but I feel fat""
Don't assume that you can get anyone else to help you with you... More for Cancer
And then I found myself
I found Kola nut in Nairobi... I think this is the happiest day of my life #wepa
You could stir up trouble today by imagining people aren't tel... More for Cancer
You are ready to step up to the plate and help others overcome... More for Cancer
Your nerves could get rattled today by someone who appears to ... More for Cancer
You realize how amazing your friends are now, especially those... More for Cancer
You aren't hesitant about expressing your private feelings tod... More for Cancer
Your schedule could fall apart at the seams today if you don't... More for Cancer
I can't believe I'm saying this...but I miss working out. A good sweaty exhausting invigorating workout
Moringa as a multi vitamin is the best #lookitup
Your reaction to a loved one's behavior may be quick and inten... More for Cancer
websites, corporate branding #frostdigitalbrandings reasonable pricing for outstanding work @KennyKenya
you haven't lived until you hear the Kihindi version of pretty woman #diamondplazatingz
All the flowery language in the world won't pull you off your ... More for Cancer
Although you won't be able to shut off your overactive imagina... More for Cancer
You may be feeling somewhat alienated today, even if your fami... More for Cancer
Although you are fortunate enough to receive unsolicited offer... More for Cancer
Your x-ray vision can see right through someone's emotionally ... More for Cancer
Your heart may win out over your head today in an internal bat... More for Cancer
You may feel out of sorts now that the moody Moon is moving th... More for Cancer
The time has come to bring your secret resentments out into th... More for Cancer
It's nearly impossible to hold back a stream of big ideas that... More for Cancer
You're feeling an extra boost of confidence today because you ... More for Cancer
For music for dance to transe and release
Your natural ability to play it low key allows you to show up ... More for Cancer
Although you may not know exactly how to handle a family matte... More for Cancer
Today I unleash my purpleness to the world
You wish you could be more objective today in your pursuit of ... More for Cancer
You are usually hesitant about sharing too much personal infor... More for Cancer
You can't allow distractions to pull you off course today beca... More for Cancer
Conflict between what your head tells you and what your heart ... More for Cancer
You are capable of showing your best side now, but there's no ... More for Cancer
You may feel emotionally charged, but it's not necessary to le... More for Cancer
Driving down thika road and I just saw a meteor burn up #shootingstars #fallingstars #magic #livelikeakenyan
Your self-esteem is on the upswing; you want others to notice ... More for Cancer