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Solving a problem today won't bring you satisfaction if your s... More for Cancer
A domestic issue demands your attention today, even if you wis... More for Cancer
I love when I have these little conversations with my self...always so good
But that's alright you live and you learn, changing your mind is always an option
But I tell u there was a time when I was just dying to get in.
Gotta get the fuck out of oz....isn,t there a song like that
There is, however, always a solutions. Be still, it'll come
Its important to fully know who to ask for help. Don't ask a shark for help when ure bleeding
It seems as if you're receiving more help than you asked for t... More for Cancer
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It could be annoying if someone arrives at your doorstep today... More for Cancer
Following a strict schedule might be the best way to keep your... More for Cancer
i got asthma i can't be chasin these hoes.
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Why am I dry snitching? I need to stop
Designated driver sees eerthing
The thirst is real
Its amazing how many ppl don't know the meaning of the word u supposed to prosper?
You're in a contemplative mood today and there's really not mu... More for Cancer