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Your attitude determines how much you will actually accomplish... More for Cancer
No morning run.... thank you rain
Time between time.
You may have a brilliant idea that enables you to exceed someo... More for Cancer
Several different paths lead to the possibility of pleasure, b... More for Cancer
A very strong illusion... is still just an illusion
#thatawesomemoment when you make the decision then take a nap
We may not like each other or understand each other but we would be great business partners #iaintgondoit
Its like signing up for a year of bull shit #iaintgondoit
I feel like that kid being told to do it for the vine... I ain't gon do it
It's easy to overextend your energy now because you are on the... More for Cancer
intuition on fleek
There are a lot of people who've assigned their guilt in this matter to others
Instead of being mad at Nicki Minaj,remember Hugo Boss designed Nazi uniforms and IBM created number systems to brand conc camp prisoners
Your temporary sense of isolation might trigger an impulsive r... More for Cancer
the vibe in 2014 has just been all kinds of strange
Your irrepressible desire to express yourself can be enough to... More for Cancer
But at least am already done with my daily tasks... and my outfit is really working for me.
What a terribly long day this has been
Relationships can be a source of major concern now, yet sharin... More for Cancer
every rainy morning.. the government should be like "guys stay in bed its raining, we will wake U when its over"
antioxidants up in this m@therfkr!
#korogafestival you know its a good show when you sweat your hair and face off @simphiwedana1 was amazing
#korogafestival feeling that a word
This might be quite a fruitful time if you are in the envious ... More for Cancer
You may initiate evasive tactics today in an attempt to avoid ... More for Cancer
A thought continues to gnaw at your attention until you finall... More for Cancer
Your friends and colleagues may be annoying you today by persi... More for Cancer
#thatawesomemoment when the check converts into cash ¥
Although this may not be the most ideal day to stay at home, i... More for Cancer
Someone's compelling confession might inspire you to share mor... More for Cancer
Or is that squeeze and release... rhymes better
Hold and release π
Just like and out
Being the center of attention at work can be nerve-wracking, b... More for Cancer
Your ideas for the future may be more like flights of fancy to... More for Cancer
You may be overly confident about an important decision today,... More for Cancer
I have so many mehangos today
You might feel somewhat out of sorts today if you attempt to u... More for Cancer
Just ate the most satisfying ripe mango of all time
#overheard akili ni nywele na umenyoa
You're doing a balancing act today as your feelings undergo ra... More for Cancer
You're surrounded by people everywhere you go today, leaving ... More for Cancer
You could grow frazzled if too many responsibilities are pulli... More for Cancer