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Wale Folarin
@Wale thanks to wale for coming out paying for his own tickets. REAL FAN. Pure class!
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Special thnx to @WWE @TripleH and the set ! Had a great time at #summerslam the whole staple center was LITTT. #EveryBlueMoonπŸ”΅
Real. The NEW Phresh David Koresh and @Wale recording for The Album About Nothing. 🎀
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i always say @Wale is one of the realest rappers out right now..and this album is going to continue to…
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"No Fugazi see Jacob tell you that Is-real" dopest double entendre @Wale #JesusPiece they get the boy later!
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Wheels Up ✈️
Yeah I was gonna hold on to it but it's so relevant now. I think ppl need 2 hear RT @ByrdieMcFly_: @Wale gon drop "the pessimist" this week?
May drop "The pessimist " with all the things goin on in our country . May be necessary RT @E3LEMENT: @Wale you droppin The Body this week?
Yes RT @H_Bizle: @Wale any songs being dropped this week? I need some heat?
It's 7/4 am and this is how u behave . Ur disgusting RT @TheRealDfreshXX: @Wale a GOOD Idea would be for you to STOP rapping
πŸ”΅= Good Postive creative People with Great Ideas
New WT hats drop tomorrow! Get you and a friend one to match the sport blue 3s!
Yeah just got to get y'all attention . THEN I'll announce RT @GREatkinG_: @Wale release or predicted release date very soon.. ?
Album meetings went perfect at @AtlanticRecords . NYC BACK to LA to continue this work. ✈️✌️
Judge just praised @chrisbrown for a good probation report, noting he's tested negative on all drug tests since release from jail.
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Wizkidz RT @a__butter: @Wale Wizes play on x-mas this year, you gonna cop a Christmas jersey?
I was just waitin for artwork for "the body" .. Had to have artwork , snippet and day of release all in order! #taan
Was talkin about "the body" RT @TheRealPatMoore: @Wale it's past 12.. where's that release date at?? #albumaboutnothing
Greystone after SummerSlam this Sunday come thru LA ! #boookitttt #EveryBlueMoonπŸ”΅
My jam ! RT @SammyBoyDPK: @Wale "Slick's Jive Soul Bro Music Video Piledriver:" Gotta get slick on a track bro...
@Wale "Slick's Jive Soul Bro Music Video Piledriver:" Gotta get slick on a track bro...
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So they not doin big E kofi and Xavier stable no more #mainevent πŸ˜΄βœŒοΈβ˜•οΈ
How many 9.99 drops was on raw? Anybody keep count ?
once every πŸ”΅πŸŒ˜ I expect a retweet fro@Walel#PatientlyWaitingng
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"I pray that our daughters carry, in favor, your genes and when you take off your jeans you get all of me that you need" - @Wale #Bars
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πŸ‘†RT@All_eyeson_BRII: Can't wait to find out when@Walee announces his album release date. I'm so anxious !!
Watching ROH: Best in the World . (Late pass I know) . Love it so fast paced.
I'm so sure of it ! It's all me . RT @Justintiime3: Cant wait for #TAAN I feel like its gonna be @Wale best work yet
Very RT @KingBenji_: @Wale u turnt? πŸ’ͺ
Bout to be time RT @ReekDude: @Wale πŸ™Œ
πŸ”΅ moon I finally got my plan RT@Stone_Marleyy: My brother@Walee got a song I wanna hear so bad. Lol
Just met with the label! I now have the answers! "the body " is complete!! I'm speakin to lawyers tonight! I'll have release date tmrw 12
"The Body" .. Playin for the label .. I wanna drop it now
Respect! RT @J_Boele: @Wale talks mentions everybody but me! I been a big Wale fan since the mixtape about nothing!
Hot 97 turnt they saying some real shyt right now . #ferguson
Life better when ur niggas good.and ya mamma straight, but honestly still lookin 4 ,some type of balance cuz this status got me jive tripn
Some prefer my more introspective approach . To each his own RT @OhNoNotDaquan: The old @Wale the tats on my arm wale >>
Meetings plannings #nothin RT @716_Rich: @Wale you doin a show or recording some heat?
Workin RT @VibeWith_LO: @Wale what you doing in my city ?
Love RT @bremonks: @Wale where's my love @