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Wale Folarin
Lmaooooo RT @itsLoddy: @Wale remember to offer to eat her ass after dessert no sooner no later
Been so long since a nigha went on a date .. I don't even know where to go no more
No RT @ECHOisthename: @Wale you copped those AF1's?
Love Ya back RT @laQueldania: I love Wale with all my heart 😩😍@Waleale
All the time RT @jay_doubleyoo: @Wale have you ever explored the idea of doing music with @ODDISEE?
I've been waiting for this to happen all my life Hip-Hop is alive in the #DMV @Logic301 @Wale @FATTREL @ShyGlizzy
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93 or 94 I think RT @iDarrick: @Wale what is Daniel Bryan's rating?
Kill... They got Lana trolling wit Putin on this joint lmao #wwe2k15
It says cm punk 12-13" or somethin RT @0gTyler: @Wale what you mean cm punk with a date? Is he not playable?
@Wale Got Off With "The Body" I'm Already Knowing This Next Album Bout To Be Serious
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Graphics meh but I know it's only cause they put extra emphasis on next gen version #wwe2k15
Gone too soon RT @IAmLebaron: @Wale I really like that you rep WWF/E. How do you feel about the Shield?
Cm punk is the only person with a date on his name . Austin only 90overall Roman 89. #wwe2k15
So it's doin all that loading stuff RT @CookieDahmer: @Wale how's 2k15 so far bruh? Dying to get into that Hbk v trip showcase mode.
I just opened it . Had to by an Xbox 360 RT @CookieDahmer: @Wale how's 2k15 so far bruh? Dying to get into that Hbk v trip showcase mode.
Triple H face run 2008 was real good
Mfs slept on @Wale ft @2chainz & @wizkhalifa - rotation that shit go crazy still
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Thnx to my good people at @2K @Ronnie2K got the new @WWE 2k15 bout to see what it's Hittin for
"On this day.. I see clearly " I got to go buy a Xbox 360 cuz the next gen versions won't be out till November
Cat is out the bag . Super excited to announce that myself and @JonJ_305 are the directors of
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Even funnier . Lmaoooo bruh RT @Trouble21Man: AYAT Ya Bish?: via @YouTube
FUNNNNNNY RT @Trouble21Man: Who's Faster: Superman or The Flash?: via @YouTube
Shoutout to the ones who respect the sneaker culture . Some of us come from that and have a genuine passion for it
idk what's worse @Wale camping out for shoes or the fact that he still try's to make music
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Yes cuz I thought it'd be dope to sit n talk wit the people . RT @cruzerrr308: @KiCKS0L0GY @Wale he was chilln tho
So today we learned sneaker sites will say anything for you to click.
Late night studio hustle
@Wale wasn't camping his photoshoot was down the block then he went to show some love to the people who were
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I'm not I just stopped by to kick wit the ppl . Had s photo shoot down the street RT @Korehi_: @Wale you rich. why are you camping?
O se' Luv bless Ya RT @ilove_2pac: @Wale Hope you have a good and productive day fave! 😀
🙏RT@MissAgboo: "Trust in no man but give it up to my Lord" -@Walee
May go see the clippers today . It's still #wizkidsFlow but I gotta see. Big homie @JCrossover dew work. Who in la tryn roll
RT @SwiftJames23: Wale - Razor (Bad Guy): @Wale this go hard man.. you gotta hear this
Album about nothing ? Can somebody send him the trailer? RT @SwisherSweetiie: make more shit like More About Nothin! @Wale
Rob me? You? U Sayin anythjng man RT @Lord_malc: @Wale don't tAke pics of your jewelry cause I might rob your trash ass
Oh cuz I enjoy things other than taking pics of jewelry to impress ppl like you ? Sigh RT @Lord_malc: @Wale this is why your trash now...
That's comin sooner Luv RT @Mz_ConcreteRose: But where’s the album?? 😭@Walee
NO. Lol I mean if he wanna go. It'll be Indy talent that I like . RT @AattMrmacost: @Wale randy orton going to be there?
First event will be in NYC for sure RT @one87Ars: @Wale nyc is where its gotta be at gotta make a statement
Just copped the homie @Logic301 debut album . Let's get it #dmv
@DreamChasing_15 it's all love jones till I perform as menace. Where I'm from little lads pass stones like bad kidneys. @Wale is a demon
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Thanks to my good fans for pushin me to do it. I'll be havin/hosting my own wrestling event early 2015! Stay tuned
Early afternoon @JCrossover for all the basketball fans . Check this out