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Wale Folarin
Ight good night y'all .. We drivin from Alabama to Nations Cap .. I gotta do chores for my mom tmrw so trappin in Largo .. Hahaha ✌️
Goodnight RT @Vileroses: @Wale stop showing off for twitter and text me back
On the tour bus . Readin riding thru Alabama RT @Papii_Fresh: @Wale what are you doing exactly right now
Yo @bobtheboozer89 u don't read that after u write it and thjnk "man I'm a weird freaked out nigga.. I need help"? U don't feel disgusting?
Countdown . Legends of wrestling . All the beyond the ring RT @Jmcquaid9: @Wale favorite thing to watch on WWE network?
@Wale you just showed so much love to bama. Good looking out.
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"Soul bruva one hunnit / how much charisma could another one stomach"-T.Trotter
Pay Me RT @DdashBo802: @Wale 100 bucks You won't tweet back
Pay me RT @LastKing_Victor: @Wale bet you 20 bucks you won't tweet back
Heyman by a hunnit miles RT @ItBegins2012: @Wale Bischoff or Heyman?
Hell na RT @BennieDaJett: @Wale you think Seth Rollins gonna cash in the money in the back contract at NOC?
😘😎R@i_speak_k_: aye, that pnd thirsty remix thoughhh > yes ba@Walele 😘❀️
Les get it RT @Chief_high: So imma have to start fuckin with @Wale after listening to his mixtapes
Fax RT @RickyNoRozayy: "Gas hoes, but I will take that ass home" @Wale straight πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Lesnar RT @paulodaking: @Wale Who do you think will win between John Cena and Brock Lesnar at NoC?
Thnx babe RT @__MeanAssGirl: I love you & everything you do boo 😘😘 keep up the good work , I'm proud of you �@Waleale
That's on the partynextdoor remix RT @Western_Wizzy: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯@Waleale: No astrology .. But a star in many hore's scope"
U know I'm just plain witcha RT @CocoaSmo_ochez: β€œ@Wale: No astrology .. But a star in many hore's scope” bye πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
No astrology .. But a star in many hore's scope
Alabama was crazy .. 7 fights tho? Lol roll tide 🐘
@Wale you had us SOOO turnt! I love you!!
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Now u focused on 2 ppl hair now RT @ryanmsb2: @Wale nigga your dreads been that length since meek mill had braids I just need a explanation
U a professional men's hair measurer ? Get it GURRRL πŸ’‡πŸ™… R@ryanmsb2b2@Walele why yo dreads won't grow
✊RT @SeeVettBallin__: @Wale love you for this
If somebody make a beat that feel like it Ill do it RT @jasoneg33: @Wale please do a part 2 of The Friends Strangers on #TAAN
Yo @Wale black heros a great fucking song #salute I can't hate no more I fuck wit the gifted
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I wish we all thought for ourselves man . U would thjnk I had relations with somebody joint..passion in. The hAtred is so rich
What I do to these ppl. Shyt lame RT @HoodCertified: Was gonna give PartyNextDoor a chance. Now? Nope. A friend of @Wale is an enemy of mine
#taan en route RT @Delatrap: nah deadass b, @Wale bodied that thirsty remix
RT @gabrielX__: Special teams how you throw it back fourth @Wale clever
Bruhhh @Wale is back at it again with that thirsty remix with @PARTYOMO !!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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#taan RT @blownbigl1121: @Wale if the body and this remix is fire. His third album about nothing. Is going to take the world
WHere we taking her? RT @_khristiana: @Wale when are we getting marry?
That thirsty remix with partynextdoor & @Wale was just perfection. πŸ˜»πŸ™€
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All love RT @SVILS: @Wale u that nigga man
@Wale nice Htown/Miracle reference!.. Keep killin man.
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@Wale ain't messin around no more remix is real
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#taan RT @c_hardy11: "It'll take a f*ckin miracle to get me to cheat" @Wale
Respect RT @YoungN_25: @Wale killed that shit bruh
RT @SpaldingSwave30: @Wale putting out fire lately tho οΏ½#taann
The @Wale slander is funny...but I don't think he playing no more...he's been dropping fire lately
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@Wale verse is great never disappoints!
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That @PARTYOMO and @Wale Thirsty Remix though.. Poetry at its finest!
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Swear I just gave my chair a lap dance=====> RT @Wale: "Thirsty" @PARTYOMO ft @Wale
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PND thirsty remix with @Wale just greatness! 😘#TAANN#EBMM πŸ”΅πŸŒœ
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