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Wale Folarin
Ths most ungrateful people are the most needy , for real for real
New stuff Comin from the kid RT @MrDerbs: #tbt @blackcobain not gonna lie, came to see @Wale but ...
Up early talkin to my OG @HeymanHustle learning a LOT
SAT OCT 18TH: @Wale MMG HOMECOMING MADNESS WKND [at] LUX LOUNGE **FREE ADMISSION** :: Text LOUD to 41411 now! #HU15 #HU16 #HU17 #HU18 123456
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I get this message all day every day RT @iCatchDreams414: @Wale The Gifted was a really dope album I judged it off rip
That's weird . But ok . Hi RT @TamirAhmad: @Wale why u always dodgin me notice a brotha man
The Album about Nothing. Coming Soon.
I rewinded Black Heroes bout 30 times to get the full affect, man this song is so bone chilling! #TheGifted @Wale
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@JRsBBQ think the people would love if you got @Wale on the podcast. would be a great convo
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Richard Swann Uhaa Ricochet @WWEBigE @XavierWoodsPhD RT @dickiediamonds: @Wale First wrestling talent you'd sign to your promotion?
Demographic 17 n up . RT @PAYNE_21: @Wale make it rated mature not have this rated pg stuff
@Wale and @JRsBBQ could expand the wrestling demographic and change the culture for the better. #doitforthekids
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@Wale @JRsBBQ Both of ya'll can definitely make this happen the world needs something new
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In s HEARTBEAT he'd be our HBK / Hitman RT @NoelAndMyself: @Wale btw make @KingRicochet your franchise lol that dude the future.
Mike Tonne and Tony Schiovanni RT @itsKontos: @Wale who would work the booth with JR?
Tony Schivonni RT @itsKontos: @Wale who would work the booth with JR?
Jr x @courtbauer equals success .. Just my opinion . Have @SPIFFTvFilms shoot it next level . We would be so dope
@Wale @JRsBBQ you and rosenberg with jr would be crazy .. vince russo was a fan was head booker during attitude era anythig is possible
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Yall let good ol JR know we can do this here together
@Wale @JRsBBQ absolutely, i have faith that your two minds together can make something great and very much needed at this time
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@Wale @JRsBBQ of course , especially with your influence through hip hop.. You can bring another crowd .. There's potential in you.
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"@Wale: If I started my own territory and had @JRsBBQ as commish/ head booker. What Yall think??? U think we could turn it up?"yes you could
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If I started my own territory and had @JRsBBQ as commish/ head booker. What Yall think??? U think we could turn it up?
RT @THESOURCE: Donna Goudeau, of the infamous "P-o-p, hold it down" Vine, was sentenced to 18 ...
I did actually the opposite of complain . I said I'll work harder on makin music . May I ask where did u get "complain" from
Facts RT @ComplexMag: Man, Ty Dolla got so many bangers. #HipHopAwards
@Wale it's not that you're not popular. You just refuse to change for the industry. You real for that so stay up with that poetic justice.
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Im not popular enough RT @C_Topps: @Wale lol why they ain't let you at the awards show
Yeah U trolls have too much power and they don't think I'm popular. So yeah Thx RT @BramptonsMogul: @Wale even BET know you trash salute
NO they didn't allow me 😢 RT@King_Brendenn: Is@Walee at the#BETHipHopAwardss
U ever have a nigga say they was gon do somethin . NOT do it . Then owe u money ? Owing someone money is a principal thing not a money thing
I want to buy myself a few birthday presents .. Any jewelers in la fwm
La jewelers where Yall at
Ricochet be knowin RT @KingRicochet: This jawn is hot soup! @Wale…
@Wale i really dont see how or why the WWE didnt reach out to you for the games soundtrack. smh @JohnCena
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Where the girls who play 2k FOR REAL I wanna play one of Yall online right now .
Shyt keep deleting RT @Tribbster26: Hey @Wale you been able to play your my career online in 2K15? My shit still ain't working.
Can't wait RT @FuckPauly: You gonna cop WWE'15 or nah @Wale
Ppl only say that shit to get replied to RT @DavarisTurner: @Wale why you mostly only respond to "hate" tweets?
RT @DavarisTurner: @Wale why you mostly only respond to "hate" tweets?