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Vinod Khosla
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CORRECTED. As software eats the world, it's now eating > 1/2 of all biz IT spending. #2MA @erikbryn @pmarca
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Scientists found the origins of the Ebola outbreak — by tracking its mutations:…
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Before any success, after any failure, your family are the ones who will always be there for you
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@vkhosla You pivot when things no longer feel true in the methods and direction you were headed.
Retweeted by Vinod Khosla - a bit old but an approachable and well-written look at how deep learning is being applied to NLP.
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CK12 for textbook supplementation, for self-study, for skills builder, for extra credit & for diffrenetiated learning
RT @bipulsinha: .@nutanix The next big Silicon Valley technology giant. Congratulations team!… >Great fun
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@vkhosla At what point do you stop trying and realize you need to cut your losses? Probably the hardest decision to make
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Looking for feedback from entrepreneurs: when should you pivot on strategy/vision? On tactics? when should you stick with it?
I am always reminded in tech startups if you survive long enough you give yourself a chance to get lucky; survival & try the unusual!
Cool! 800 Balls Shape-Shift Into a Perfect Spiraloth; designers are self-proclaimed math geeks with an artistic bent
Watch 800 wooden balls shape-shift into a perfect spiral
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There’s a brand new Square Cash! Here’s 24 hours of Cash flying across the country. #CashMe
Retweeted by Vinod Khosla Why Silicon Valley Will Continue to Rule Tech Economy. I believe it can be replicated if critical mass is acheived
a cycle of hardware begin in watches, wearables, mobile health, autonomous cars, drones, 3-D printing, sensors— +IOT
The average worker in Silicon Valley generated 50% more output per year than the average U.S. worker in 2012
5 Ways Digital Health is Impacting India…
Hey @RaghuramRajan - why is the RBI shutting down payments innovation in India? cc @vkhosla @RBI_India @PMOIndia
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@vkhosla Disappointing, Uber in India has been a refreshing and a cost-effective alternative compared to the other providers
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Why shutting Uber down is poor regulation by India’s central bank
Disagree with discrimination tale from people who couldn't make it; Saw some against asians in 80's but 90% gone now
@vkhosla it should've read, 'Embrace 3D mock-ups for surfaces before jumping to 3D CAD (and 3D Printing)' (2/2) @FastCoDesign
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What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains cool video, not that I fully agree.
In the MLB, there's an expansion of the strike zone in three-ball counts.
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I applaud the FDA's forward thinking in approving AFIB app & keeping safety balance. Taxi vs. Uber regs regressive
Fin inclusion is an obligation & an opportunity. Regulations should act as enabler for innovations like mobile money
Apps serving serious clinical needs. AliveECG app runs algorithm to detect atrial fibrillation, a precursor to stroke
2014: C-Path algorithm good/better than a human doctor… 2012: @vkhosla Do we need Doc or Algo?…
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you are ignorant of the law and the facts
A case of 210 Hampton Creek Just Cookies requires 2,000 fewer gallons of water to produce versus conventional cookies
cookies w/a smaller environmental footprint & still delish! now avail through food service @hamptoncreek #justcookies
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The 1,000-robot swarm | Cool!
Pacific Legal Foundation: Supreme Court (Summa case), nobody can assert a public trust easement over Martins Beach
Hampton Creek takes crack at breaking up egg industry - SFGate
Low-Salt may pose health risk but AHA sticks to low-salt target; Where's their data? Practice or science of medicine
How This Algorithm Detected The Ebola Outbreak Before Humans Could ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community
Remote robot-assisted echocardiogram reduces waiting time for diagnosis for patients who live in a rural communities
Implanted neuronal stem cells generate neurons and synapses, becoming a functioning part of mouse brain | KurzweilAI
This wetsuit makes you invisible to sharks. Here's how it works: #SharkWeek
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Y Combinator reminds investors that it has a zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment
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Fact I learned from Salt: A World History (summer reading): The first U.S patent was for a process to produce salt
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"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." --Stephen Hawking
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IBM’s Watson Groomed as C-Suite Advisor | MIT Technology Review
The Rosetta space probe, after 10-year journey, makes rendezvous with comet - The Washington Post