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vir sanghvi
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Some sensible advice here not just for Pakistan but for all of us who care about liberal values.
If this is how Pakistanis delude themselves then what hope is there ? The Taliban have already won . So sad.
'Pakistan's resolve to defend itself'? Ha! The only people Pakistan has to fear are other Pakistanis.
And Pakistan says Hafeez is just a harmless guy it can't prosecute! What hope for Indo-Pak relations? Zero I think.
They sacrifice their lives so we can live in peace . Respect !
More charming responses to my tweets mourning those who died in the aftermath of the demolition. Here is one :
A very good morning from the edge of the Indian Ocean !
Sometimes there is an air of peace around a palm tree at the edge of the ocean at dusk. Hard to explain!
Congrats Femina on a terrific anniversary issue. God knows where you dug up all the old photos to fill 3 pages on me!
This the guys profile. He may think Che was a member of the Hindu mahasabha.Does not sound very bright.
And so another day begins as our cultured and civilised Bhakts say good morning in their own lovely way!
The things we do in God's name! Nepal's Slaughtered buffaloes after the sacrifice.
For all those who asked the burger was brunch at Qube,Delhi.The eggs were the first course.
To continue the hamburger discussion, this is Delhi's best burger!
A word of advice dear loonies. It's your right not to like Nehru. You don't have to invent bogus justifications.
It just gets sillier and sillier !
Ah the joys of civilised debate about Nehru on Twitter !
Modi and the aggro robot? Sounds like the PM has been hanging out with the trolls on my timeline.
The top 0.1% hold 22% of America's wealth, about the same share as the bottom 90%…
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Breakfast at Qube at the Leela Delhi ,
Lufthansa Airlines to pay Rs 20 lakh to Indian passenger for downgrading his ticket…
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The panel at our rocking session on the future-or lack of it- of the media. At Literature Live in Bombay .
In conversation with Kareena Kapoor. The finale of the #Mintluxuryconference