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vir sanghvi
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Happy birthday @SrBachchan ! But you are now at the stage where you don't get older, just more legendary ...
My HT column NRIs and Indian politics. Why do resident Indians get so agitated when the two mix?
My HT column… Do NRIs who have chosen to take foreign passports have a right to meddle in Indian politics?
Rude Food Finally, India has a world-class, modern Oriental restaurant of its own, thanks to Chef Vikramjit Roy
Dussehra greetings to all! May good always triumph over evil.
Dearest @surekhapillai , many many happies to you on your birthday! #libransrock
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On the deeply flawed judgments, in my opinion, of the SC on coal allocations, etc; in FE/IE
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My legal dept taking action against fake tweets in my name. I condemn any attack on freedom of press, including manhandling with Rajdeep.
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Finally, a full eye witness account. Shameful!…
Willing to bet that organisers and even Modi will disown the idiots who attacked Rajdeep. So trolls: relax and wait for your leader's cue!
Top TV anchors rush to the US & all the biggest stories break at home:Jaya goes to jail, Maharashtra alliances collapse, etc.Love the irony!
Surely this can't be true. MT @sanjeevsanyal White tiger in Delhi Zoo to be put to death? Why - Because a human jumped a fence @jojiphilip
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Really ? Stop hijacking our boats then and pretending to offer relief to drowning Kashmiris .
Finally ! Well done! Gujarat CM: 'We will cancel the license of any Garba that does not allow Muslims .'
Car bombs explode on the streets, his own home is under siege,US drones bomb his country and still Sharif focuses on Kashmir at the UN!Mad!
Any nation owes its leaders some protection but let's not lose all perspective and delay citizens for hours in the name of VIP movement.
Order enforced in June to control prices of cardiac and diabetes drugs quietly annulled. Seems huge pressure mounted by big pharmas. 2.d
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Decontrolling prices of cardiac and diabetes drugs (just before PM's US visit; coincidental?) is not good news. 1.d
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My ToI Q&A: W/Booker Prize contender #NeelMukherjee on Bengal, bhadralok, money, Maoists & why he's so angry: "…"
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Isn't it time we closed all zoos anyway ? Animals don't belong in cages . Far better to let our kids see their first tiger in a sanctuary.
A dreadful incident has happened at Delhi zoo, but personally feel sharing the tv grabs in bad taste. Spare a thought for the boy's family.
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Need AB- blood URGENTLY at #Safdarjung Hosp for a friend's brother (Hit & run victim) PLEASE RT #Delhi @dtptraffic @TrafflineDEL
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Is it just me or is there a problem with text messages on airtel today ?
Final re-plug: Modi, Xi and the Chumar hijack ... My piece for @TheAsianAgeNews…
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Am I the only person to find Orange Is The New Black truly tedious ? May be it is a guy thing but cannot see what the fuss is about .
12.25pm @newsxonline rapport btwn Indian Pms and USPrez frm Nehru to Modi. Anecdotes by @virsanghvi ashoktandon comments frm Madelin Albrite
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My Brunch column… If you photograph every moment as being 'special' soon there will be no 'special moments' at all!
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My article in The Times of India: Vedic learning is no one's preserve, everyone's pride… via @timesofindia
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Re: Little Bilawal's outburst . Why do so many peaceniks continue to believe that Pakistan's civilian politicians are India's friends?
Bilawal : ' all of Kashmir is ours'. Don't know about that but most of Surrey certainly is given all the benami land his family owns there !… Don't u just love how polite and eloquent they are...
Ah! Back to being trolled by sanghis while liberals crawl into the woodwork. Normal service is restored and the world is back to right!
It's because liberals chose knee jerk hysteria over nuance that we lost the secular battle and Modi won. Don't make the same mistake again.
@virsanghvi not just because the @PMOIndia cannot be a narrow sectarian but because this is what the country wants. YOU HIT THE BULL'S EYE
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My HT column The by-election results strengthen Narendra Modi by defeating the party's lunatic fringe
Reminder: can we bring back black money from abroad? Can India Recover ? News X at 10.30 am.In ten minutes !
Modi believes a development agenda wins votes . That is why he gains when the crazies lose . It is about expediency not liberalism!
After years of being trolled by sanghis refreshing to be attacked by liberals ! Read the piece without knee jerk responses please !
Good morning ! At 10.30 am on news x :can we bring back the black money stashed abroad?Part of the Can India Recover ?series.
Behind the smiles Why the border dispute with China will not be resolved. #XiInIndia #ModiXiMeet
Ok Scotland , vote for Independence today . Remember what the English told India : Partition is always the best solution !
@virsanghvi @twilightfairy It's ridiculous. Just got back from lunch at Cyber Hub and swore I won't be returning anytime soon.
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Always astonished by the vehicular chaos at cyber hub . Why can't DLF get it's act together ? This is just sloppy and incompetent .
Sorry Mr President, but saying Isis isn't Islamic is like saying Mel Gibson isn't Catholic; religions don't include just the ones you like
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So Yogi Adityanath, BJP's star campaigner in UP, might need new tactics. #LoveJihadFail
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Hats off to the Sikhs.Doing yeoman social service in the Kashmir valley irrespective of caste/creed.The MOST secular ppl in India.#respect.
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