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Our special #VMAs channel is live! Fire up Vine to see the show from a whole different view
Experience the #VMAs in a new way. Keep up with real-time highlights and see official Vines from @MTV
Dark outside? No problem. Shine the new Vine torch and you’ll always have light for your vines
Pro-tip: The backspace feature makes it easy to quickly undo your last shot
We just released a big update - and made a video for you. Thanks to our friends @UsTheDuo for the great music
Questions about the latest update? Find answers in the Vine Help Center…
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Learn more about the new Vine camera + more powerful tools to edit and shoot great Vines
Just testing out the new @vineapp features! What do you think?
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The new Vine camera is available now on iOS. Update and get it while it's hot!…
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A new Vine camera gives you the freedom to create a Vine any way you want. Shoot, import, edit & share - fast…
Stole a kiss from grandma
Now, after you watch a Vine on the web, you will see a few related Vines we think you'll love. Prepare to go down the Vine rabbit hole!
Surreal how different the sights are, depending on which way you look. #Ferguson
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The evolution of sharing content
.@ShawnMendes Congrats! Keep rocking on!
I won ! Thats insane !!! Thankyou guys so much ! Holy poo 🙆❤️
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